'I watched my brother die, helpless'
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 19.08.11, 16:07
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1. terrible. Bomb all Gaza right now !
2. My heart goes out to the families
Markos ,   Ethiopia   (08.19.11)
of those who lost love one in Israel in this horrendous attack by terrorists. Those who did this are not "militants", they are terrorists with a murderous cause which can NEVER be justified. Death to their(Hamas terrorist) ideology, long live the nation of Israel!
3. played dead for 90 minutes
observer ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
90 minutes and no Israel's security rescuers attended her, G-d knows what would have happened if she didn't call relatives after 90 min..
4. Hashem Yikom Et Damam
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
May G-d avenge for them and bring solace to their grieving families.
5. My sincere condolences to the families
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.19.11)
Rule number one in Israel, do not be in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Mike Caton ,   USA   (08.19.11)
Israel must now reoccupy Gaza after destroying all of Hamas' military infrastructure and he military infrastructure of other radical islamic groups there. It must not hesitate to kill all civilians who are seen as facilitators of these terroriists. It must do it NOW and in a totally disproportionate manner.To hell with the UN , EU, and Obama who has now embraced the Muslim Brotherhood. It is now or never.
7. Flora Gez, Shula Karlinsky and Moshe Gez and Dov Karlinsky
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.19.11)
May HaShem keep them in warmth. We must all pray for these victims this weekend. May HaShem extend his shield around us and Zahal and may HaShem strengthen the sword arm of Zahal. May HaShem crush Amalek... the Arabs of Gaza and Ramallah. HaRav Kahane was right!! HaRav Kahne Zedek!!!
8. No. 5
NYC Girl   (08.19.11)
Unfortunately, until the Palestinians give up their genocidal wet dream of annihilating Israel...there will never not be a wrong place and a wrong time.
9. Observer! SHame shame on you
IlanaB   (08.19.11)
life is nothiung to you-go away you are horrible. Just disgusts me. why did I even waste time writing your anonymous cowardly avatar??? |Ughh!
10. To: David at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.19.11)
11. Same
Ariel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.19.11)
Same feelings with innocent human beings killed in Gaza by IDF.
12. We are dealing with savage animals!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.19.11)
These terrorists are not human! They are worse than savage animals. Killing innocents in cold bold out of sheer hate is as inhuman and cowardly as you can get. Israel must understand that no peace is ever possible with crap like that. The only thing they understand is force.
13. Condolences
Poitcha ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
Heartfelt condolences to the family members ...
14. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.19.11)
Oh, shut up. The only innocent human being in Gaza is Gilad Shalit.
15. the Shalit formula is they demand
Barney ,   USA   (08.19.11)
1000 pali terrorists for each Israeli. They kill 8 Israelis that means 8000 pali terrorists should be taken out. simple.
John Mullet ,   United States   (08.19.11)
Amen brother!
17. and this is why i would never make aliyah
to israel because they do not defend their own land or people. i would never movethere. but never, maybe if they got some balls and learned how to defend themselves but not until then and dont hand me the crap freedom isnt free, the usa would bomb the shit out of them if this happen in the usa
18. Condolences to all the families
Frpole ,   Brooklyn   (08.19.11)
May Hashem comfort you with the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim. May your families and all of Israel know only happy events in the future. Hashem...bless the souls of these Jewish Martyrs who died sanctifying your holy name. Lord of vengeance appear and avenge the blood of your people Israel.
19. All Israelis should be permitted to arm themselves
Adam ,   Ottawa, Canada   (08.19.11)
The scourge of socialism has wreaked havoc on israel, hindering Israelis from being able to protect themselves. Forget the police and the military, Israelis should be able to protect their own families in the face of terrorist scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (08.19.11)
21. Bibi and Barak don't protect you
David ,   NJUSA   (08.19.11)
I'm shocked that after all this time with border crossings by illegals and other known border problems that the two leaders of Israel were so derilict in their responsibilities. For six months now they have seen Egypt deteriorate and let the border bleed. Where were your senior military commanders as well. Were they playing with themselves? There is no excuse as Israel had been warned by Jordan. Proper caution was not displayed by people in charge. Israel deserves a better leadership. I cry for Israel today and the beautiful people killed for nothing once again and again and again.
22. The guilty ones are the Israeli government
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.19.11)
and ranking officers of the security forces. They refuse to allow Jewish I.D.F. veterans to be armed to defend themselves. The security forces cannot be everywhere all the time. Besides that they are led by incompetent and cowardly fools. Long ago we should have hit gaza and the other areas under the control of the p.a. terrorists. Screw world opinion and let the streets of the terrorists areas be filled with blood. No more talking to them, except through the barrels of cannons and rifles.
23. Why wasn't that road closed?
David ,   NJUSA   (08.19.11)
I understand the road along the border is not the main road and could have been closed when warned. Were there any air patrols looking for these animals. What happened? Why are there dead and wounded when you were warned. You are a small country wWhere is the social justiceith large army, why don't you use it? Where is the social justice for the suffering now?
24. #17 and then stay in the u.s
Ester   (08.19.11)
i prefer dieing in my land instead
25. Israelis deserve a better gov't and I don't mean Tzipi the p
david ,   NJUSA   (08.19.11)
26. Lets hear from Tzipi the Parakeet
David ,   NJUSA   (08.19.11)
27. to nr. 11.
sjoerd ruurd.... ,   everywhere   (08.20.11)
this talkback of you hits the nail on it"s head. it is clever and well-thought, at my opinion.
28. to #11 and #27
Linda ,   Sweden   (08.20.11)
There is no comparison to accidently killing civilians in Gaza when aiming for terrorist or hamas militants and targeting the civilian population on purpose as done here, how can you ever set your mind in a way to think this is the same?
29. #11 Difference is Gaza aggression
Claudia USA ,   Tampa USA   (08.20.11)
Hamas was elected to lead Gaza. Hamas chooses to shoot rockets indescrimately into Israeli cities and then you all whine when Israel defends itself with retalitory action against the terror leadership. Can't have it all your way folks. No one is innocent in Gaza unless under 4 years of age. Then the propaganda of hate is already beginning. Most of us in America, 65%, support Israel and see things clearly. You can save your mindless comments for Haaretz.
30. Terrorism?
David ,   New England   (08.20.11)
Yahoo had a headline reading: US condemns 'terrorist' attacks on Israel. I guess when Jews are being killed, it's not really terrorism?
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