Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Let IDF into Sinai
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.08.11, 13:06
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1. Lebanon/ Gaza Israel - Afgan Pakistani Border
A lesson to be learned from leaky border areas where Al - Quaeda or other familiar terrorist groups are are allowed to roam freely without government hindrance is clear. The border / wall needs to be built as soon as possible and the terrorists must be hindered from operating freely and must be constantly chased from setting up positions and territory in which to launch attacks.
2. Imagine
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.19.11)
Even with the tourist sites and energy resources of Sinai, Egypt stayed dirt poor. Worse, Sinai has become a foothold for Iran and Islamists endangering Israel and Egypt. For the US, Sinai has become a strategic threat situated between the Mediterranean, Saudi Arabia, and the Suez Canal. Imagine that Israel did not surrender to the demands of America's second worst president. Sinai would be a stable tourist heaven, the Bedouins would be Israeli citizens with good health care and education, Israel would be strong, stable and in no danger from attack by the Arab dictatorships. The fact is, the "peace process" brought nothing but pain, war and death. The fact is that the "peace process" damaged not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia, the US and even the simple Arab citizens.
3. It will be like Lebanon
JJ ,   SA   (08.19.11)
fir IDF in Sainai
4. Some thoughts.
Jules   (08.19.11)
I think the "Arab Spring" is another expression for just a destabilization of the Arab World. Israel is no longer a universal enemy, the dictatorships are crumbling and shaking. Someone will have to fill the power vacuum that will be arising from one spot to another on the map of that region. If Israel has a chance, it must be done, or the vacuum will be filled by some other forces, with 99% degree of probability that it would be just radical Islam, or even simple anarchy.
5. take back sinai
seth ,   us   (08.19.11)
since Egypt seems to be choosing the middle ages and islamo-fascism, Take back Sinai.
6. With respect to the author....
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.19.11)
Pharao aint gonna let that happen. What and ruin the "Arab Spring"? Sarkies aside, I guess that the the deamonization and expulsion of the residents of Gush Katif finally has that wooden stake pounded thtough it's cold and basically dumbassed heart. Hilarious clintoon it NOT going to support this idea of an IDF controlled Sinai, on behalf of her incompetent masters. No. This festering limb will have to be treated with the knowledge and medicine of the 1800's. Wait until it's almost too late and then amputate, i.e., all out war(again) with Egypt.
7. WRONG Suggestions!
Abi ,   Germany   (08.19.11)
First of all it is important to understnd that Sinai is an Egyption land which is part of the Egyptian soveriegnty! Sentences such that "We let them send their forces in, now it's their turn to show some flexibility." is misleading! IT IS not part of isreal. Second, letting more egyptian soldiers into sinai is the right thing to do rahter than sending Isreali troops which will only complicate the security situation in the area considering the tensions it will create. It's like sending US soldiers over the boarder to Mexico! Isreal is to be blamed for such actions! The egyptian front has been the most secure one till now and allowing in enough egyptian forces will make things better! The peace treaty has been in place since loooong time and has not been violated from the egyptian side! It's good for isreal for once to respect the Soveriegnty of its neighbors!
8. -let IDF into sinai comments-
Yousef Esmat ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
I read the article later mentioned on the subject and i have the following comments on the information stated Being an egyptian born and living in cairo i belive i have some insights which i think you should consider  you mentioned that IDF have allowed Egyptian troops into israeli borders to pursue terrorist before , I can assure you this never happened, if you would mention date and reason for that alleged incident i would be more than happy to recheck and correct myself To further add Israeli's prime ministers and IDF have stressed over and over on the soverginty of israel over it's land and in amny cases this was the sole justification for many actions of the IDF on other borders, to mention a few : the turkish AID boats floattila when israeli forces attacked the activist on the , and the shootings on the Israeli syrian borders last month when some activists tried to march into israel  This makes the later assertion (that it's only fair to let IDF forces in Sinai occasioanly to a return a courtsy that was granted to egytpain forces )a false one The claim that the Egyptian army is allowing terrorists into the Israeli terrotories is obsurd ,to draw such generalization based on the personal interpetation of one event is highly questioned , and my guess it's only meant to stir the public emotions which i believe that article is trying to do intentionally  Now generally speaking i believe that the media in ISrael is trying to exagerate the impact of those attacks along with the role of The Egyptian army and Egypt in general This is a very common tactic used by authortorian regimes in the midde east, to provide the illusion of a foriegn force lurking in the dark. And hence lure the  public away from whatever justifiable demands they may have : mubarek did it, al assad and finally i think Bibi is doing it. I mean honestly what better way to stop israeli protests , justify more fundingto the IDF than the rumor of a threat from the Egyptian side , Biggest country in Middle east in terms of population and land .a well equipped army second reciver of US military aid . Reading thar article and others online on different ISraeli newspapers mace me feel like am reading an Egyptian newspaper in the Mubarek Era before the revolution and made me realize how blessed we are now with him gone It seems that most articles are focused on creating an atmosphere of fear .making the public more inclined towards accepting that they are in grave danger and making them less worried and concerned about social demands However i do share one fear with you is the fear of a war breaking out between egypt and israel....I believe  this will be devsitating to the whole middle east...including israel, Egypt is not hamas with some rockets to shoot everynow and then on civilians , there's an army matching that of the IDF equipmenet  wise with israel keeping a tech edge on the egyptian ones on the other hand the egyptian    Reserved forces from civilans can add up easily to  10 million soldiers ...this can't tell you if a war broke out who will win eventually but it can certainly indicate who willl lose both countries will, economies crippled for god knws how long, make no misatke US is already suffering from a slowing economy no country will salvage the situation I am urging you and other writers- like we did with Egyptian ones before revolution- not to mislead the public yet support their legitimate  demands. Make no mistake the egyptian revolution is a beacon  of hope to the region finally egypt will have a free balanced political and social will  ,that can bring the whole region to peace a balanced and fair one which will only reflect on the lives of the public .
9. -let IDF into Sinai 2
Yousef esmat ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
I am urging you and other writers- like we did with Egyptian ones before revolution- not to mislead the public yet support their legitimate  demands. Make no mistake the egyptian revolution is a beacon  of hope to the region finally egypt will have a free balanced political and social will  ,that can bring the whole region to peace a balanced and fair one which will only reflect on the lives of the public . We have a powerful army that is working hard to clean the mess left by mubarek in Sinai  not an easy job and  no one else can do it and they are doing it . Mubarek regime was a corrupt one that flourished on fueling hatred within the egyptian society either internally or externally . It's shameful to see the Israeli goverment doing so Needless to say myself (like most egyptians)condemn those terrorist acts near the Israeli border and the death of civilians anywhere in Israel and Palestine ,however these incidents should not be used to silence the public or create a deviation from the public demands in both egypt and israel
10. I think its a Declaration of war
Ali ,   October 6 City Egypt   (08.19.11)
11. Egypt will never agree.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.19.11)
At least, not voluntarily. We'll be lucky if the Egyptian military doesn't aid the terrorists, even arm them. In case you didn't notice, the military & Muslim Brotherhood cooperate & the Egyptian army is infiltrated by Islamists. Popular opinion in Egypt would explode at such an arrangement. My opinion, for what it's worth,sees a different problem. Gradually, we will allow Egypt to re-militarize the Sinai. Sure, at every step, they'll ask us. Can we refuse when they say it's to improve security. But the end will be that we have an hostile Egyptian military directly on our border. If we have to violate Egypt's sovereignty in the Sinai, so be it. Don't kid yourself, we have nothing to lose with Egypt now, our relations can only go downhill (as if they weren't lousy enough with Mubarak). We wouldn't be the first country to use the doctrine of ''hot pursuit'' or carry out clandestine operations for self-defense.
12. Camp David Peace treaty deficiency
Karim ,   Cairo, Egypt   (08.19.11)
The author fails to recognize the most obvious reason for the security challenges in Sinai. The reduced number of infantry and absence of mechanized infantry in zone C as stipulated by the Peace Treaty upon Israeli requests have led to such a situation. 750 soldiers divided on 3 shifts along with vacations yields around 200 soldiers to cover the 200 KM border as well as the mountainous area in Zone C, meaning that every 1 KM has much less than a single soldier. It's also important to note that Qaeda didn't even exist in 1979 at the signing of the treaty. Today with with the influx of militants from Gaza being fueled by the occupation and the dismal living conditions along with a much more sophisticated weaponry, the revision of Camp David restrictions on Zone C is a must. Egypt must be allowed to possess at least 5000 soldiers along with tanks and APCs. Without the increased forces, Egypt can never clear out central Sinai as requested by the author. The allowance of Israeli troops in sinai is out of the question and will never be a possibility.
13. reconsider the camp David
instead of letting the IDF of in Sinai we should reconsider the camp David and let Egypt defend it's borders correctly and let the Egyptian Army inter Zone C with their full force.
14. Killing Egypt's children will not pass unpunished anymore
observer ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
Jewish blood is not saltier than Egyptian one.
15. No! Defend the border from your own side of it
Fedup   (08.19.11)
Israel is the only state that can't manage to do what every other state does. Defend itself without invading other countries. What's up with that shortcoming? Why should we buy defense systems from such losers?
16. TIME:
ALAN ,   USA   (08.19.11)
17. Who's behind Sinai destabilization ?
Essential-intel   (08.19.11)
See our recent post on this issue: essential-intelligence-network.blogspot.com/2011/08/globalists-escalate-their.html
18. Turkey does it in Iraq to supress the Kurds and no complaint
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (08.19.11)
from any other country
A ASH ,   TEL AVIV   (08.19.11)
20. what this all now revealed, dearl fedup #15, is...
eporue ,   europe   (08.19.11)
that israelis are dumb as bricks... you are very right with your comment, and i dont know of any people which wouldnt have screamed at their army and governments over this... just not in israel... there they blame the egyptians... gross... ultra gross...
21. It's never going to happen
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
We are protecting our own interest. The peace treaty puts restriction on the Egyptian troops level near the border and allow police near the border. We lost 6 soldiers in one day because of your army and the terrorists. It's your country mistake your withdrawal from Gaza was unplanned and disastrous. The borders have two sides why you didn't protect your side, like you are doing with the poor Africans that sneak through the border. It's your problem and you should fix Gaza problem that your country created it.
22. #11. I didn't make something clear.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.19.11)
We should absolutely NOT allow a gradual re-militarization of the Sinai by Egypt. We can't trust them with our security anyway. After the Egyptian elections, we will have a much more hostile regime to deal with. And, they will want to re-establish their control over the Sinai - meaning, they don't want independant terrorist groups they don't control. Since our Defense Minister is a moron, you can be sure he'll think it's a good idea to allow the Egyptian military into the Sinai. This stupid idea should be rejected (like everything else Barak says.).
23. Is it a declaration of war??!!!
Amr ,   Cairo,Egypt   (08.19.11)
What all of this non sense and misleading here "We let them send their forces in, now it's their turn to show some flexibility." You even can not defend your short border at least from inside with warning before attack ,soldier kidnapped ,2 failed operation against Hamas , How come you will defend full Sinia border ..Be realistic world changed.
24. 85 million Army
abad ,   cario   (08.19.11)
Sure if the deformities and physical faults Sinai easy Abaka needed to know that Egypt's 85 million Army military
25. blinded by Israeli media, why?
observer ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
Israeli Apache helicopter shot dead four Egyptian policemen and wounded nine other policemen. Egypt summoned the Israeli ambassador, protested! and demanded investigation. Egypt stopped short of reporting to the UN security council, why? Israel breached the Two parts of the treaty; namely limited military presence on areas on BOTH sides of the border, and secondly application of the UN resolution 242; no talk with Palestinians or Syrians and no addressing of the refugee question. WHY? Israel will not go away with it. Killing Egypt's children wont go anymore unpunished.
26. Ali #10 no you don't
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.19.11)
You do not think at all. If an opinion piece in a private newspaper is a declaration of war - then your country has declared war on us over 1 million times since the peace treaty was forced down our throats by the racist Jimmy the Peanut. As for acts of war - you have already committed those. By allowing you land to be used by war criminals for invasions and attacks on your neighbor you are committing an act of war. I nearly got to Cairo in 1973 and know that we can take the Sinai to the Suez in under the 100 hours that it took in 1956. Your lousy army isn't going to worry anybody.
27. just occupy and annex the Sinai
stas   (08.19.11)
Not only has Egypt no historic or moral claim to the Sinai, which became part of Egypt only in the 1920's, but practically speaking Egypt has turned it into a primitive jungle of lawlessness and terror. There is no reason for Israel to endure more insecurity thanks to weak and duplicitous Egyptian policing of the penninsula.
28. israel forces in sinai
michael livingston ,   philadelphia pa   (08.19.11)
I don't think this is likely to happen.
29. Sina
Cohen ,   USA   (08.19.11)
This killing is tragedy, but it is important for Israel to draw the right conclusions: while Egypt's situation is fluid right now, it is premature to say that we have lost a peace partner, and it is naive and counterproductive to think we're at the point where we're going to cross over onto Egyptian soil to conduct operations. Thing one, we should complete the fence. Anyone remember what happened when we built the fence in Yehuda and Shomron? A 99% drop in terrorism within green line Israel. Next, we should bolster deployment and readiness in the south. Egypt is in in some tumult -- hopefully it will turn out for the best, but they are clearly not on top of the terrorists the way they were previously. This is a tragedy, but let's not lose our heads and do stuff that compounds it.
30. Who is to blame?
max ,   washington dc   (08.19.11)
Is it the Egyptians and "OTHERS" who called for President Mubarak's removal? Is it those that removed the IDF from Sinai and Gaza? Is it Hamas who sponsors and provides safe haven for the terrorists and their murderous attacks? Is it many in the News Media that publicize propaganda and lies from terrorists and their spokesmen, while villifying Israel? Is it the UN which has turned into an Anti-Israel bashing gang of failed democracies? So much blame to go around and no one strong enough to deter the terrorists and protect innocent human life.
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