Cairo: Israeli flags torched outside embassy
Roee Nahmias
Published: 19.08.11, 18:07
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1. Now Egypt Knows . . .
emanon ,   USA   (08.19.11)
"You lie down with camels, you get fleas". Egypt welcomed the islamic brotherhood. This is what they get for getting in bed with terrorists: dead people.
2.  IDF killed five of its members, believed to have mastermind
split ,   US   (08.19.11)
Believed ??? ,...
3. Israel must take the Philadelphi strip, destroy ALL tunnels.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.19.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.19.11)
The Egyptian population really are a bunch of easy to manipulate morons. I'm sure the terrorists know this and find it easy to run a false flag opt, and blame Israel. They know the people have been conditioned for decades to believe anything bad or wrong that happens, on Israel. After all, these are the same idiots who believe the Mossad is causing infertility with hair products. The biggest suckers on the planet, have to be the Arabs. Talk about no common sense? The Pals kill Egyptian soldiers, and these fools are protesting the Israel embassy. There should be an award for stupidity. But if you look it up in the dictionary, it states, see the Arab Media.
5. when israel grows someballs then i will move there
but to let this go on all the time is stupid. i dont blame anyone for not wanting to move there the government doesnt give s hit about the land or people
6. Never peace!
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (08.19.11)
with this shiety people.
7. #6, arent egyptians...
courtney ,   usa   (08.19.11)
8. Al Jazeera report taken from the protocols. Good grief man.
Al Jazeerah ,   Kaybar, Earth   (08.19.11)
IQ anyone? Al Jazeera caught stirring the masses against the Jewish state, again. They better not have a license in Israel. They should not have one if they do. Reckless racist journalism at best, racist, complicit in popular jihad at worst.
9. Say goodbye to the cold peace.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (08.19.11)
I believe that well educated people in Egypt (a minority) understand the blessings of peace with Israel. Unfortunately, most of the population consists of brainwashed Anti Semites who obtain their information unidirectionally and are institutionally brainwashed to hate Israel and Jews from an early age. Hence, I predict all out war with a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt within a year or so. G-d help us all!
10. blinded by Israeli media, why?
observer ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
Israeli Apache helicopter shot dead four Egyptian policemen and wounded nine other policemen. Egypt summoned the Israeli ambassador, protested! and demanded investigation. Egypt stopped short of reporting to the UN security council, why? Israel breached the Two parts of the treaty; namely limited military presence on areas on BOTH sides of the border, and secondly application of the UN resolution 242; no talk with Palestinians or Syrians and no addressing of the refugee question. WHY? Israel will not go away with it. Killing Egypt's children wont go anymore unpunished.
11. Huge unanswered question: Where did attackers get a car?
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.19.11)
No report that they stole it from existing victims. Did they hijack it from victims not yet identified? Did they drive it across the border crossing with Egyptian approval? Did traitors in Israel position it for them? Bizarre that no information has been released on this critical item. Obviously, the facts are being withheld from the media - its way too important to be overlooked. Are you on this story, YNET?
12. #5
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
Thank you for not making Aliyah...stay where you are....we really do not need your kind in our great Country.....
13. Delebrate escalate !
Caliber man ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
ًI ask IDF to restrain as this new deliberate escalate meant to destroy the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel opening the dam hill war again !
14. how you got to this point??
John ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.19.11)
This is what happens when you are so greedy, back in the late 80’s you had a chance to sign peace agreements with all your neighbors (Lebanon-Palestine-Syria) and doing so could lead automatically to have peace with all Arab nations BUT instead you never played honest and thought we can get more, off course because you are the stronger here. As a result of the irresponsible actions and bad strategies most the Israeli governments had, here what you are getting now, you have no safe border, not from the North, South or Gaza. So you are living in a piece of land surrounded by people that will use any opportunity to attack you and it is your fault. Greedy is bad, learn you can’t have it all, live with it. Suck to be Israeli, suck to be you.
15. Egyptian police might be involved in terror attacks
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.19.11)
...just like I foretold few hours ago,Egypt now in in the hand of extremist and will help terror cell to infiltrate Israel...Arab spring is a dream invented by western newspaper " experts" .....
16. time to rise up ! all of ISRAEL n JEWS FROM ALL OVA
salom aleikim ,   earth   (08.19.11)
KAHANE WAS RIGHT. LET THE JEWISH NWO BEGIN ! take arms and lets crush there primitive animals and send them to there allah. for too long we have taken shit from other peoples of this world, they blame us for there own mistakes kill our people including kids... time the world fears the name JEW !!! time to take what is ours and put the rats in there place... believe me O Israel war is coming to our people again and this time we win or we all die... saalam inshallahh
17. Hope you people read the full article
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.19.11)
As usual, you are dead wrong. Hamas? Nope. PRC? Nope. Just like with Norway. Just like with the previous rockets. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Racist and ignorant is all you really are. Now Egyptians are pissed off. Way to go, Israel, way to go. Yallah now Sarah will call for war, Ben Jabo will meantion me "hiding" in Canada, William will call me a liar. It's getting old, loool
18. #14 john
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.19.11)
Hi john. Get your head out of the sand. It is the "Pals" along with Lebanon and Syria (both Iranian puppets) that never wanted peace. Israel WITHDREW from Gaza and South Lebanon, remember? There are peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, remember? Your comment "Greedy is bad, learn you can’t have it all, live with it. Suck" should be directed at your friends "Lebanon-Palestine-Syria" and Iran.
19. # 1-6 CAN you read??????
Respond   (08.19.11)
Right or wrong: the protests is about Israel killing Egypt officer and soldiers.
20. autopsy of three dead policemen at sign 79 in Sinai
observer ,   Egypt   (08.19.11)
denoted that those shots can't be from stray bullets.
21. #10 blind man
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.19.11)
You have an overactive imagination resulting in absurd flights of fancy. In other words, your post is nothing unusual coming from you. Try harder next time.
22. #17 lebanon, #20 blind man (& Mark.Georgia)
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.19.11)
Lebanon: all your posts are the same and you leave a page when someone gives you a straight answer. Well with apologies to Mark from Georgia, here is his post which suffices as a response to all your posts, past, present and future: (Blind man; you and your fantasies are also included): [or actions] Thanks Mark!
23. A note on al jazeera......
Mattan ,   JEW S A   (08.19.11)
this 'news' station was praised by hillary clinton, i saw her on tv here in the states saying that it is the only honest news station that actually shows the news rather than talking points. can we put a gag order on this b**ch for life. i wish obama would replace her with someone more credible. i wish we could replace obama aswell, 2012 is almost here, thank g-d.
24. to # 16.....
mattan ,   jew s a   (08.19.11)
amen to that. seems some have forgotten. never forget. it is easy for the world to target the weak jew. its time to live up to our real heritage and kick some *ss.
25. to lebanonpride......
Mattan ,   Jew S A   (08.19.11)
what exactly do you have to be proud of? look who controls your country. psycopathic bearded monkies from iran.
26. The Mid East Solution
dogengenjo ,   USA   (08.19.11)
This may not be a popular decision with many, however it is a permanent fix with the unrest of the Mid East Fascist regimes and those citizens who've been brainwashed to bite the hand that feeds these idiots. First give Iran & Syria one month notice for all women & children to leave in 30 days with the aid of the largest Red Cross & Green Cross help. Then drop a few nukes in the shape of a Chevron on both Syria & Iran, and take these radioactive countries over, devoid of terrorists who believe a vagrant was the second coming of Christ. Then call merge two countries into one, and call them "The United States of Chevron". I guarantee their will be a whole different Mid Eastern Attitude to the trillions of dollars of aid, these countries have received from the USA, and turned around only to bite and bad mouth our own hand that takes our own country's welfare & places it second to foreign ungrateful illiterate nations, & ungrateful terrorsist.
27. No.14 John fom Canada your mistaken i think it sucks to be
Mike ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
you from toronto where mostof the city is filled with people like you running away from there country. It must suck to be you where you live and hide in your rented apartment never having to walk out on the street and say helo to anyone. Your all alone in your litle corner it must suck A!!
28. I am so disappointed. I thought egyptians love us...
29. #22 Addendum to #22
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.19.11)
This was meant to be in post #22: from Mark of Georgia in another TB: "Save the crap, what do you care about proof? With the flotilla in 2010, there is overwhelming proof on video. Yet Turkey still wants an apology? With Hariri killing there is excellent circumstantial evidence to indict Hezbollah but you don't accept it. With people like you, unless there is a video of catching the Arabs in the act (and even then i.e. flotilla) it doesn't count. You'll simply say Israel didn't show all the video, or faked some of it. Of course with no proof you make those accusations. Yet if Israel is accused without any proof you immediately accept it as a fact. The bias and double standard is obvious. So go cry me a river, I don't care.The IDF doesn't have to keep you up on all their ongoing investigations." [or actions]
30. #10...You may read and write......
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (08.19.11)
You are obviously one of the Jew Hating multitude. Is your media non biased? If it's war you want....we will be sad to oblige you...but we will defend ourselves. If your police aid and abet terrorist groups then you are part of the problem not the solution. Hence, the gloves come off and you may become a martyr.
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