Light rail finally rolls in Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 20.08.11, 07:00
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1. If the Palestinians had any sence of normalcy,
BK   (08.20.11)
they would be thrill that Israel is helping build a transportation system for them. Now all they need to do is get real and start building a link from E Jerusalem to the W. Jerusalem train. Quit bitching.
2. Israel has no need for "Palestinian" recognition.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.20.11)
Israel has no need for "Palestinian" recognition of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria or anything. This land is ours now and forever. Palestine is a fictional state, like Oz and Neverland, which never existed and never will.
3. It is not the business of arabs what we
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.20.11)
Jews do in the capitol of the Jewish state. We do not interfere with what they are doing in mecca or medina. All of Jerusalem is our capitol and nothing belongs to any other religion! Or cult!
4. Congratulation
Erik ,   Bergen   (08.21.11)
Congratulation Jerusalem.! look forward to try it next time i vists Israel.
5. Finally!
Aharon   (08.21.11)
6. Can't wait to use the light rail when I visit this fall
Jake ,   USA   (08.21.11)
Congrats on finishing the project, it will be well worth the wait! Good luck to the business owners along Yaffo, from the youtube videos I've seen, it looks like they are going to get a lot of customer traffic from the new light rail service.
7. 6
i ,   jerusalem   (08.21.11)
It will not help the local businesses much. It is a stupid toy that serves three neighborhoods and the center, useless to the vast majority of the city, and it took out way more bus access that it replaces.
8. #7, over time I believe it will turn around the area
Jake ,   USA   (08.21.11)
I lived near Rechov Yaffo in 04-05 and it was a somewhat trashy area. The light rail project has made some nice improvements to the landscape. Over time I believe it will greatly benefit the business owners in the area.
9. Late twice for work
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (08.22.11)
Due to the traffic lights I arrived late twice for work so I will have to go back to the bus until they fix the traffic light problem. Its so unfortunate after taking so long to start that they did not think of putting the tracks underneath the junctions then it would not have effected the cars or buses.
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