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Netanyahu vows additional retaliation
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.08.11, 18:55
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31. conflict/crisis in western-asia.
sjoerd ruurd ,   everywhere   (08.20.11)
the conflict in western-asia continues since the 19th. century until now. the attack in the negev/naqab area came not unsurprised, because this conflict unfortunately has not stopped yet. both sides/parties are responsible for the conflict/crisis in that world-region: the fundamentalistic islam-movement and the revisionistic, ultra-nationalistic zionism, fundamental, ultra-orthodox, religious judaism and it"s leadership of retaliation over and over again with it"s unwillingness until now to find a solution with the other side, vice versa. both parties do not need to consider themselves as the complete innocent side. if this conflict becomes a threat/danger/disaster for the rest of the world/humanity/mankind, then the united nations organisation has the task/duty to avoid this, if necessarily with all it"s power and capability, at the service of the entire life, world-population, humanity and mankind. FOR A/THE WAR-FREE, PEACEFULLY AND SOVEREIGNITY FOR THE ENTIRE EVERY PEOPLE AND MANKIND, ALSO INDIVIDUALLY/EVERY INDIVIDUAL EVERYWHERE AND ALWAYS!!!!
32. #6 seamongrel - Do something useful
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.20.11)
You go in and check it out, just think of yourself as the canary that miners used to check out dangerous gas in the tunnels As far as I am concerned, you're as dispensable as a canary, though in this instance we would be using a rat
33. #17 Barak - That was an easy question
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.20.11)
It is called the "Price is right", the Arab brothers sell each other out for the good old $$$$
34. seadog1946
daze ,   US   (08.20.11)
With your astute observations and ability to get to the bottom of things, you may want to contact the police chief in dubai. He could use a guy like you. And remember, he's a general, so he might make you an admiral
35. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.20.11)
What is "Isareli?" Are you that completely illiterate? That said ... do you think this is some kind of funny game? It isn't. We've been living it for over two thousand years and you need to keep your very non-clever mouth SHUT. Get it? Or do you need a little one-on-one tutoring? Can do. Can do. You won't like the outcome, but we very definitely CAN DO. Imbecile.
36. Hitting back
Avi ,   NYC US   (08.20.11)
As usual IDF retaliates with the bombing of tunnels.That is really harsh. I'm sure the Arabs are shaking of fright. When will Israel get rid of Barak as DM. Paratroops get killed and they hit tunnels. How pathetic
37. RE: Mr Prime Minister
Avi ,   NYC NY   (08.20.11)
Ve ata idiot
38. They knew beforehand
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.20.11)
If I understood correctly from the news they'd known about these people for some time.
39. Too little , too late
ruvain avram ,   albany NY   (08.21.11)
mr.netanyahu is the perfect example of locking ther barn door , after the horse got out. Israel's IDF has been slow to the draw for many years of eliminating this plague! of terrorists. They all should have been terminated with extreme prejudice. Too late now.
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