Man killed, baby hurt as rockets pound south
Ynet reporters
Published: 20.08.11, 23:31
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1. we must stop seeing Iron Dome as our protector
zionist forever   (08.20.11)
Iron Dome as done a great job so far but at $50,000 a shot we can't afford to keep relying on Iron Dome and also as good as it is one day its going to miss and somebody will get killed. The only long term solution is for Cast Lead 2. The original Cast Lead should have been a victory but thanks to the fact it took place during an election campaign and Livni was trailing Bibi in all the polls and everybodies campaigns were on hold the woman who wants to be the next PM talked Olmert into agreeing into an unconditional Israeli withdraw. Result was IDF didn't get to finish the job properly and Hamas rearmed very quickly. Now its time to repair the damage done by Olmert, Livni and Barak.
2. Israel
pasquinel ,   canada   (08.20.11)
Watch out for comdenation from UN and boat people. Meanwhile let Gaza and company have it, who cares what they say. You have my support.
3. Reading Talkbacks
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.11)
Part of the reason I read talkback, is to see the extent Keyboard Generals can tell the government here and even the professional army officers how to do their job better. What stands out for me is the way people who live thousands of miles away from Israel, go even further . they fight for Israel with soundbites and brave words, whilst unlikely to have served in an army, or known war. If you folk are intent to help, do so abroad, with action and not words. Israel can do with all the support focused on bringing out its side of the argument with reason and facts not spouting some emotional drivel
4. eh ! What are we waiting for to strike with FULL POWER ?! !
Rev ,   Ramat Hasharon Israe   (08.20.11)
Shame on u Barak and Netanyahou !!!
5. it's Israel's babies who suffer from the state terrorism
observer ,   Egypt   (08.20.11)
6. Condemn when it's Israel, praise when it Gaza
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.20.11)
Is there a difference between an Israeli baby and a Palestinian baby? Are they not both innocent babies. Why when a Palestinian baby gets killed by directed air strikes, you are happy. But a random rocket from Gaza kills a baby, and it's the worst thing ever. We are all humans. Open your eyes. RIP.
7. What is the Israeli government waiting for?
Mikey   (08.20.11)
Start hunting the terrorists, kill them and leave none of them alive. Target every house they occupy. A message must reach the Arab terrorists. Claim such a high price they'll tremble in fear before even start thinking about launching rockets.
9. Netanyahou lies big time
Ripsnort ,   USA   (08.20.11)
This prime minister sits on the side of a bed of one who is wounded by a missile. He vows Israel just beginning to hit back. This rig lies. Israel will do absolutely nothing but fire missiles into tunnels and empty warehouses while the terrorist shoot aimlessly at towns with Israel. And this is the man who swears that Israel will hit back hard. Who can take something like this seriously?
10. Ehud ,Desperate Man Crawling
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.20.11)
He has proven a complete failure as Defense Minister.
11. #3 Reading Talkbacks
June ,   Ashkelon   (08.20.11)
Well said !agree with you completely!
12. Shame on ACRI and the other NGOs
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.20.11)
Here are Salma's brave Palestinians committing clear and indisputable war crimes. Palestinians are indiscriminately firing anti-personnel weapons at Israeli civilians. This is a non-debatable fact. Palestinian war crimes today. And the sad and pathetic truth is that the corrupted directors of ACRI, Peace Now, B'Tselem, the Ford Foundation, the Carter Foundation, Physicians Without Borders and other alleged "human rights" organizations will remain silent in the face of these war crimes. Israelis will bleed and die, and they will continue to raise funds for their pet project: "Arabs who call themselves Palestinians". According to these supposed "human rights" organizations, Israelis have no human rights. These same NGOs will not call for war crimes trials for Palestinians behind the attacks. They will not call for any boycott. They give their tacit approval to these war crimes. Shame on them all. Especially on ACRI, which proves time and again that it has failed at protecting our rights and should be shut down and replaced by a real civil rights organization.
13. #6 look at #8
Ellen ,   Israel/US   (08.20.11)
There is the explanation and answer to your question. You do NOT find Jews celebrating when Arab babies are killed.
14. #5, you're the one to talk when you let
CJ   (08.20.11)
Terrorists have a cosy hub in your country, letting them shoot RPGs (and rockets not long ago) on civilians from you territory
15. #8
AL ,   Tel Aviv   (08.20.11)
You IP address has been noted. We will visiting you soon
16. bloody salma ! shame on you !
Daniela   (08.20.11)
17. how many years training needed to pulverise these savages
Josh   (08.20.11)
Why the hell does this govt of ours NEVER finishes a job fully.the 67' war is over; everybody was a hero 44 years ago. now we need someone capable of doing it. or we will have a slaughterhouse,How many more babies must be hurt or die? WE WILL HAVE ONE OF THEIR ROCKETS MAKE A DIRECT HIT ENENTUALLY. Then what? spend a few millions destroying their tunnels?. We and the rest of the world call them the underdog, and their offensive is still going, while we keep bragging about our iron dome. As I said numerous time before, we have a bunch of idiots in charge,
18. What are we waiting for?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.20.11)
Shabbos is over. Clobber Gaza.
19. #6 Lebanonsnide, apologist for terror
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.20.11)
These "random rockets" are terror attacks intended to murder Israelis. Obviously the Palestinian terrorist residents of Gaza could care less if a Palestinian baby gets killed. Human life is cheap. They martyr the baby and pray for a powerful response from the IDF, then cry for sympathy on a world stage. You proudly play a role in this charade.
20. norbus #3 speaking of drivel
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.20.11)
I would include you in that. As a retired IDF officer and former US Army officer I know a thing or two about warfare. Give me 48 hours and I would put a stop to these war crimes, because that is what they are. I also would not endanger any of our troops doing it. We know how to do it, we need leaders that will allow it.
21. LebanonPride #6 there is a few differences
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.20.11)
Your buddies are TARGETING our children, they are their preferred target because they can't shoot back. We target the ones doing the attacking, and they hide among their children. That is the biggest difference. Our soldiers stand in front of our civilians to protect them from your monsters. Your terrorists stand behind their civilians to protect themselves from our shooting back. As for being human - you sure haven't proved that by your cowardly actions.
22. IDF mobilizing yet for a ground incursion?
AGM-142   (08.20.11)
Time to root out the Hamas from their tunnels under hospitals and mosques.
23. LebanonPride
galilean ,   Israel   (08.20.11)
If you were still living in Lebanon we would be neighbors. But because of the hatred of all of Israel's neighbors we would never be able to meet and become friends. Do you not realize that Israel is defending herself here, and not seeking to intentionally kill anyone's babies or their mommies or their daddies? On the other hand, our enemies seek to hurt and kill as many Israeli babies and their parents as possible. Are you aware that even though the PAL' s hate us and teach their children this hatred in their schools that we Israelis have saved hundreds if not thousands of Gazans in Israeli hospitals?
24. Israel – the only exception in human history
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (08.20.11)
The real question is why does Israel have to be the only exception in human history when we who are an overwhelming military power are not using it to stop rocket attacks on our own civilian population. We invent Iron Domes, build shelters and safe rooms and at the same time provide electricity and send supplies to the Gaza Strip from where the Grad rockets originate. It is quite bizarre to say the least. This of course does not mean that Israel has to react the way Britain did during the Blitz and the V1 and V2 attacks and create another Dresden, but surely the number of targeted Hamas terror infrastructure targets could be increased by an order of magnitude.
25. no other choice, but an incursion into Gaza
S von Brevern ,   Brighton UK   (08.20.11)
There should be no doubt, but a full and strong military incursion into Gaza. This should be the only option available to Israel, befor more people and children are killed and maimed. It should be the Prime Ministers duty to protect his people and that this is undertaken without any more waisting time. Or is he afraid how Obama would react. He would not stand for it in his country Strange that one has not heard anything from him. He might be pleased about the continuous attacks on Israel.
26. #8 - he who laughs last laughs longest - expression!
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (08.20.11)
In a few days you will be crying. Time to smarten up. Islamic terrorists are like mice and rats, they come out and attack and when the cat arrives they hide in their holes.
27. Ehud Barak fails again
Mike Druttman ,   Israel   (08.20.11)
Israel's pompous Little Napoleon and Defense Minister has again shown us all just how useless he is. No real response to these viscious Gazans firing their rockets at defenceless people
28. the best way for all above to stop is by us doing Teshuva
29. #6 Yes, we are indeed all human.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (08.20.11)
But there is an underlying question you deliberately fail to touch upon, between bouts of conspiracy theories claiming that Israel directed the terror attack against itself in other talkbacks... The question is twofold - intent and nature of the target. The terrorists intended to harm civilians, and did so - their targets were civilian first and foremost. They did not target military forces, and neither did the "random" rockets. Random rockets are accurate enough to target a city-sized target, and that's where they were aimed - and cities are *civilian targets* as well. Contrast this with Israeli forces' target strike against PFLP leadership. Yes, there were civilian casualties, but the nature of the target was *military*. That the military and civilian in Gaza are in constant mix is not the fault of Israelis, it's how PFLP and other such groups operate on a regular basis - paramilitary groups that blend in with the civilian populace. And looking through the Geneva Conventions' rules on military conflict, a military target in a civilian environs remains a military target, regardless of the fact that said target utilizes the civilian populace around it as camouflage and shielding. That children die in war or any kind of conflict is horrible, but I can say with some degree of certainty that Israeli forces try *not* to kill children. I cannot say the same about Palestinian armed groups. In fact, from where I stand, it looks like they look for such "targets of opportunity" as they view all Israeli civilians as potential combatants and enemies.
30. To josh livni, sharon, mofaz, olmert ran from gaza
jason ,   haifa israel   (08.20.11)
They left the border wide open for iran to bring in tens of thousands of long range rockets. Israel will never be the same because of that decision and livni was justice minister at the time. To blame the current governement when they voted against withdrawal from gaza and the philadelphia route which gave gaza to iran. Israel voters are to blame for then electing olmert and that cancer kadima whose leader livni says obama should continue to pressure israel.
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