Egypt: Israeli apology 'insufficient'
Published: 21.08.11, 03:55
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1. Israel must prostrate itself before
Stephen in New York   (08.21.11)
Egypt and beg forgiveness. I might add that if Egypt were fulfilling its treaty responsibilities , the Eilat attack might not have happened.
2. How did 20 terrorists get across the Egyptian border?
Lisa   (08.21.11)
There's no way this attack would have happened without the authorities in Egypt (at the very least) turning a blind eye, if not overtly helping them. They ought to be apologizing to us!
3. TOUGH!!!
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.21.11)
IF there is a next war... this time Giza will burn. Cairo will be rubble. Now be good little Arabs and say "thank you for your apology and we are SORRY for allowing Eilat to happen. Further we are sorry for letting our cousins, the Hamas and Gazan, continue to arm themselves and kill Jews. We are sorry. Please forgive us and do not reduce Cairo and Giza to rubble."
4. Israel should recall our ambassador now!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.21.11)
5. Egypt
David ,   America   (08.21.11)
Go to hell!
6. "not in keeping with the state of Egyptian anger"
William ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
In other words, even though the deaths were a mistake and regrettable, the Egyptians are already angry and vengeful, so nothing short of blood would appease them. Friend or foe, they're still violent desert tribesmen at their core.
7. Apologies
Mokum Alef ,   Amsterdam   (08.21.11)
Apologies not sufficient? Yawn ... Anything short of Israeli self-destruction will fail to satisfy the flag burners. It's all so predictable ...
8. "Not in keeping with the Egyptian state of anger"
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto   (08.21.11)
What? Yet another day of rage? How about a month, or a year, or a century of rage? The solution isn't another abject apology from the Israelis. It's a sustained and very lengthy program of anger management for an extraordinarily dysfunctional people.
9. And what were those 'policemen' doing?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.21.11)
They sure were doing their jobs. Egypt owes us far more than an apology - they are REQUIRED to not allow their territory to be used to attack us. That is an act of war and Egypt is guilty.
10. Egypt should apologize
Rosie   (08.21.11)
I cannot understand why Barak needed to apologize to Egypt. If it was not for their cooperation with the terrorists these attacks would have been prevented. The Egyptians are partners with all the terrorists. All these plans were done in front of their noses.
11. Egypt
SteveR ,   Dallas USA   (08.21.11)
Israel should be demanding an apology, not giving one. These attackers came from Egyptian territory. If 20 terrorists crossed over from Mexico, from underneath a Mexican army position, into the US and killed 8 persons and wounded 40 more and somehow Mexican troops were killed in the subsequent fighting at the border (and it is still not clear how these Egyptians were killed), no apology would be forthcoming from the US. The US would be demanding answers from Mexico.
12. Egypt responsible for allowing the terrorists to work there
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.21.11)
Egypt responsible for allowing the tunnels to exist. Of course Israel could have another war and keep the sinai this time. That would settle the matter.
13. Egyptians ... terrorists?
sk ,   USA   (08.21.11)
Could these Egyptians be somehow connected with those terrorists? Is it possible they chased from Israeli territory into Egyptian territory and then shot by the IDF?
14. Moses never apologized to the Egyptians
usa   (08.21.11)
Israel has become a joke of a state and a punching bag of the middle east. Every year you celebrate passover and still act like slaves in bondage to the Pharaohs.
15. The intruders came from Egypt.
16. Egypt my\ust apologize
R ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Israel should demand an apology from Egypt for the bloodshed caused by their incompetence. Egypt can't even control its own border nor protect its own troops from Al Kaida terrorists.
17. treacherous
Phil ,   USA   (08.21.11)
First it's Islamist Turkey and its anti-Israel Erdogan. Imagine, he allows a boatload of terrorists to challenge Israel's legitimate attempts to prevent weapons into Gaza. Then, after his Turkish thugs attacked Israeli commandos, Israeli soldiers had to defend themselves and shot the terrorists. Now, he wants Israelto humiliate itself by apologizing for defending itself against Erdogan's islamists. Will Erdogan reestablish any kind of alliance with Israel? You bet they won't. All they'll do is continue to be hostile to Israel. Now, Israel's apology to Egypt is outrageous. It will do nothing to improve ties and Egypt would cut-off relations with Israel if the US allowed it.
18. precious blood
Bob ,   Canada   (08.21.11)
Yeah, sure thing, that it was the greatest tragedy in the whole history of Egypt, or even in the world: precious innocent security officers under qualified and obviously absolutely unable not only to prevent infiltration through the very border they were supposed to guard, but even to stand out of the Israeli's way in pursuing the intruders. Now proud people of Great Egypt can conveniently use this tragic accident to refresh their eternal hate toward Israel.
19. Apologize?
Jeffrey Grill ,   Wichita Falls, USA   (08.21.11)
Israel should apologize FOR NOTHING! Did any Egyptian policemen/soldiers fire on the IDF and/or Israeli civilians? What is the Israeli government suppressing? The Israeli government needs to stop worrying about what will happen on 9/20/11 at the U.N. Most or all of Judea/Samaria must be annexed. The Philadelphi corridor must be retaken. There must be no excuse for Egypt to remilitarize the Sinai.
20. Egypt harbors terrorists...
b mezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (08.21.11)
that cross border and attack Israel. Cairo should be held responsible for the breach of Camp David accords. This is the main principle of USA's Bush Doctrine plain and simple.
21. So who needs to apologize for the Egyptian guards...
Deebo_ ,   Holon   (08.21.11)
... who were killed by Palestinian suicide bombers the other day?
22. Can someone get the apes out of the photo?
Yussef ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.21.11)
All I see are neolithic hooligans screaming OOGA BOOGA!!! Especially in the smaller picture on the top left of the article, LOL
23. Apologize?
Aryeh ,   Bat Ayin   (08.21.11)
Who the hell does Egypt and Turkey think we are? Obama? He is the apologizer not us. We do what we have to do to survive, we don't make apologies or bow to other leaders Where is their apology for being asleep when terrorists from Egypt blew up the gas pipe 5 times? Where is their apology for being asleep and not taking care of the Philidelphi passage?
24. The post at No. 4 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.21.11)
Having impeccable grammar and usage, I know enough to say "Israel should recall its ambassador now." Clearly, the imposter lacks both good grammar and proper usage. Oh, well. Some people just have deficient educations. OUTED!
25. What you get for even *thinking* of apologizing to Turkey
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.21.11)
What we're seeing is the result of Israel even suggesting it would cave to Turkey's demand for an apology and compensation. Now everyone thinks if they can just claim a grievance against Israel they too can demand an apology. What Egypt is really saying is "Grovel like a dog, infidel Jew!" And right on cue, Barak jumps to offer his regrets, ready to negotiate the terms of that groveling. And the very notion that Israel owes an apology for stating the truth - that Egypt is losing control over the Sinai - simply boggles the mind. Egypt needs to grow up and accept responsibility for their own failings.
26. The USA must apologize!
Jim Yakamoto ,   Of Israel   (08.21.11)
Egyptians and their terrorist friends kill Israelis and Israel must apologize? These terrorists came from Egypt and thus YOU are responsible for the deaths of our people! Hamas has a huge arsenal of weapons thanks to George W. Bush for NOT enforcing UN Security Council Resolution 1701 the terms of which were that Hezbollah was to be disarmed. The result was an on going supply of weapons to Hamas from Iran via Syria and Lebanon. President Barack Hussein Obama must take responsibility for the current situation. He BETRAYED an ally. Israeli, take note! He let Mubarak down and now chaos reigns and Israelis are dying. Thank you Mr. President! As for Egypt, well they must choose: War or Peace. If they tear up the Peace Treaty well, Egypt already in a pitiful state, will be totally FUBAR!
27. #22: What have you got against apes?
David ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
28. Did I miss something?
Zev ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Why should ISRAEL apologize? Weren't there reports that Egyptian soldiers fired on Israeli cars? Where are the sodiers when the rockets are being sent through the tunnels? Who shot the Egytian soldiers and if Israel did then why?
29. another backward state trying to submit israel
Nicky P. ,   Graz   (08.21.11)
another backward 3rd world country is now trying to force out an apology from israel. it is becoming sports which is meant to raise the low prestige status of these countries.
30. apology
Niss ,   uk   (08.21.11)
Israel said it regreats for the loss of the soldiers and will investigate with egypt US UN UK kill by mistakes and what if the invetigation will find tha it is not IAF bullets
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