IAF strikes Gaza as rockets continue to pound south
Ynet reporters
Published: 21.08.11, 12:55
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1. Results of Security Cabinet meeting.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.21.11)
Netanyahu called an urgent meeting of the Insecurity Cabinet at midnight. The Minister of Indecision was the first to speak. Then, Minister of Defenslessness, Ehud Barak gave Obama's advice to Netanyahu. The Minster of Appeasement agreed with Barak. The Minister of Red Lines assured everyone that no red lines were crossed yet. The IDF was represented by a delegation of lawyers & bureaucrats. To ensure a broad consensus, a representative of Meretz was present. He advised burning Israeli flags in solidarity with Hamas. The Kadima representative blamed Netanyahu but could not explain why. Coffee & pasteries were served & the cabinet discussed cheese bourekas as opposed to fruit-filled burekas. The cabinet meeting was adjourned when a majority voted that cheese bourekas were much tastier. All agreed that everyone would give a speech the next day.
2. "just sit tight" Barak says; in a week they will tire...
Tevye ,   Chelm   (08.21.11)
We arent starting any heavy action against Gaza; we wouldnt want the world opinion against us. Besides, we have "Iron Dome", which intercepts at least 25% of the rockets.... So instead of 10 deaths, there will be just 7.5 deaths, which is totally acceptable of course....
3. Courtesy?
vitenberg ,   Paris   (08.21.11)
Courtesy" with hamas? Is it a joke?
4. Excuse me, but ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.21.11)
... is it politically incorrect to ask why we are not pounding the hell out of Gaza? What are we waiting for? A real tragedy? Raze Gaza to the ground. Then take it back, and build it up. The Arabs -- oh, they're going to Egypt where they can live like the primitive and backward people they are.
5. Terr, very funny, and a bit exaggerated.
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (08.21.11)
Terry, very funny, and a bit exaggerated. We had two Grad attacks this morning. Another day of sirens and the safe room. But the real question is why does Israel have to be the only exception in human history when we who are an overwhelming military power are not using it to stop rocket attacks on our own civilian population. We invent Iron Domes, build shelters and safe rooms and at the same time provide electricity and send supplies to the Gaza Strip from where the Grad rockets originate. It is quite bizarre to say the least. This of course does not mean that Israel has to react the way Britain did during the Blitz and the V1 and V2 attacks and create another Dresden, but surely the number of targeted Hamas terror infrastructure targets could be increased by an order of magnitude.
6. Iron Dome yes but not enough money to protect Beer Sheva!
Jim Yakamoto ,   Of Israel   (08.21.11)
There are just not enough Iron Dome Units! That was the point made by Carmela Menashe on Israel Radio 2 this morning. "Beer Sheva is a big town and there is not enough in the budget to protect everyone". Amazing, this Government AND its predecessors since 1967 have poured billions of dollars into the territories and given the Ultra-Orthodox everything they want but there is not enough money to protect the periphery! No doubt that if Ariel was threatened by Grad rockets the funds would be found to build enough Iron Domes to protect the whole of Judea and Samaria! So, the fact is that those of us who live in the periphery, both in the north and in the south, must understand that we are on our own. There are no Iron Dome units in the north so those who live in Haifa and the north must learn to protect themselves both from Hezbollah and from our Government's neglect! Remember that when the sirens go off in the north you have between 15 and 30 seconds until the first BOOM!
7. The Jes in the Warsaw Ghetto were dying en mass while
Al   (08.21.11)
the gentry were playing Mozart and discussing world government. What has changed? Can someone tell me please. I just got off the phone with my kids. The general malaise in Isreel society is so evident that people are fatalistic. In effect they walk around in a daze. They cannot fathom why the government and the army does not react in the least. I fear for you Israel..I truly fear for you. As to my sons...I fear for them more than ever. Its at times like these that I truly question wether my sons made the right decision. As much as I try to pine for Israel thru this website, I at times am losing hope. We Jews are at times crack ass dumb. We keep repeating the same mistakes time and time again. I appeal to the lead as Israel is about to face an incredible war of attrition. 1000's will die as Israel refuses to rreact.
8. #5 Mladen, Beersheva.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.21.11)
My sister lives in Beersheva so I take these attacks very seriously. You're sort of preaching to the choir with me - I don't care what we have to do to stop these attacks, I would bomb Gaza 24/7 & I wouldn't be very fussy about collateral damage. My little satire was not all that exaggerated - sometimes ridicule has more truth in it than we care to admit.
9. Terry: you are the best
David ,   NJUSA   (08.21.11)
But Israel deserves a better g'omt and I don't mean Tzipi the Parakeet
10. (7) All
tiki ,   belgium   (08.21.11)
Don't worry, the "gentry" will take notice and react 'forcefully, the 'moment Israel will start to retaliate and defend herself. Than the (negative) reactions, the Anti Israel demonstrations (including all the blessings) will be out in full force. Israel has to decide if it wants, to defend it's citizens or to play nice to the world (in vain anyway).
11. Israel must retaliate so that Hamas feels it
Spencer ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Instead of saying that Israel "will take tough action" stop talking and TAKE DRASTIC ACTION against the whole of Gaza. The time for talking is over. Demolish Hamas. Bring them to their knees and when they come crawling for mercy, finish them off once and for all. Enough is enough!
12. Why not win the war?
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (08.21.11)
13. Thunderous silence
Elad Lending ,   Yahel, Israel   (08.21.11)
these past days from the New York Times, and much of the international media, not to mention governments. Just wait until the IDF strikes back. Suddenly they'll find their voices, and they'll pontificate about how the response is not "proportional" and that all sides should exercise "restraint." Oh the hypocrisy.
14. # 1 Confused!
mba ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Terrry, I am somewhat confused. In short you are stating that the ministers are inept and even frivolous in fulfilling their duties. Who appointed these ministers? I think it was Bibi. I tend to agree with you that the government is inept, yet when the the protesters took to the streets you and many others accused them of only wanting the government to fall (elections). After reading your talkback I think you have also reached the same conclusion (albeit for different reasons). PS: where can I find borekas with fruit filling?
15. As long as Destruction Minister E. Barak is running the show
Chaim ,   Migron   (08.21.11)
we can expect the bombing to continue. Time to get rid of this pusillanimous spineless coward whose biggest enemies are the Jews building in their own homeland and Ehud Barak's favorite mission is destroying them!!!
16. # 4 Sarah B___ch
mba ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Last week you vaporized Turkey. This week you desire to raze Gaza. All because we highly educated, superior Jews can't overcome some "primitive and backward people". To defeat your enemy one has to know him and not underestimate him. This is exactly what you are doing here. Dehumanizing your enemy is a short cut to defeat, just ask any military leader.
17. #16 So what do you suggest if
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.21.11)
The enemy is in Iran and the proxi foot soldiers are in Gaza? The foot soldiers are tasked with murdering Israeli civilians as a diversion while Iran takes control of Syria.
18. Netenyahu listen your citizen's reform demands
melissa ,   trabzon   (08.21.11)
Netenyahu should make reform in his cabinet and send peace message to all neighborings.Killing innocent humans is not method of solving problem.Mr Netenyahu listen world's peace callings
19. to no 16
gdfathermax ,   tel aviv israel   (08.21.11)
sarah b is correct in her thinking.The whole country is calling for a strong response.What you fail to understand is that if Israel does'nt react aggressively the whole world will see it as weak. The currency will fall. the economy will be put into crisis. I believe there should be less talk from the government and much more action.
20. The silence of the NGOs
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.21.11)
The double standard continues. Palestinians commit war crimes, and the alleged "human rights" organizations are silent. Yes - Investigate their funding. In fact, investigate why they are in fact only "Arab rights" organizations that ignore war crimes against Israel. If necessary, close them down since they are obviously not "human rights" groups but pro-Arab or anti-Israel lobbying groups. Don't believe me? Take it directly from Amnesty International: "Whether or not attacks actually result in civilian casualties, they are in violation of international law, which also prohibits attacks aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. The patterns of attacks and statements by members and leaders of Palestinian groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Such attacks constitute war crimes." Amnesty International report:ISRAEL/GAZA OPERATION ‘CAST LEAD’:22 DAYS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION July 2, 2009
21. Where is Iron Dome?!?!?
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (08.21.11)
We have an almost foolproof system for intercepting these rockets but lack sufficient batteries to deploy around the country. Why? Because instead of investing in Iron Dome or the Egypt border fence, this idiotic administration has been pouring funds into the wretched settlements. Don't blame the 7amas dogs; blame Netanyahu and the reich-wing maniacs in his government.
22. #1 Terry
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.21.11)
Just love your talkback, Terry! Brilliant. You should go public with this (well, maybe check what Big Brother 's reaction would be first!). But hang on an moment, wasn't the Cabinet supposed to be on a collective diet, so what's all this with pastries and burekas? Please, let's have the low-fat cheese dips with rice crackers.
23. "Only" in the south...
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.21.11)
It seems to me that as long as rockets ar e"only" falling in the south, that's acceptable to the government. After all, we wouldn't want to give the Arabs too much of a pounding and turn world opinion against us, would we now? Heaven forbid. So what constitutes the south - where deos it end? beer Sheva, Beer Tuvia.? Seems that until something hits Tel Aviv the government can be satisfied with hitting a few tunnels, a few arms depots and hopefull the odd targeted killing. Well, I don't find that acceptable, This is out and out war, in case the west and the Arabs haaven't got it. In war, the kid gloves come off. No proportionality, you fight a war to win, not just to teach the other side a lesson. So, IDF, please go in there and give Gaza hell. The safety of ALL Israei citizens is the first consideration here, not what world opinion would say since the minute we start defending ourselves and the palis start moaning, world opinion is against us.
24. To destabilise or topple hamas regime or not ?
That is the question. Has Hamas government anything positive left to contribute to either sides progression from attrition of innocent bystanders or should decisive action be taken to change the power formula. Increasing evidence to suggest that power banace amongst terrorist groups is changing and that Hamas has had its time.
25. GOLDSTONE - are you watching??!
jonathan ,   london/ israel   (08.21.11)
26. Barak is a political clown without balls
Replace him with a person who has proven past performance. Barak has only retreated instead of fighting. He is not the right person to deal with genocidal terrorists.
27. #14 mba - Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.21.11)
It's not just the Netanyahu gov't. that is inept. Almost our entire political class is inept, our politicians suck. Our political system only produces political hacks & jobniks, people with a bureaucratic mentality. I'm no supporter of Netanyahu, he's sadly the best of our lousy options. Certainly better than that dummy Livni or Obama stooge Barak. So, don't be confused - I'm an equal opportunity critic. My opinion of the protests stands, it was not aimed at finding realistic solutions, it was aimed at Netanyahu. And, it was financed & orchestrated by radical left-wing groups. I see fruit-filled bourekas at the supermarket, I go to Mega here in Eilat. I bought them once & found them to be inedible. While Israel is a leader in hi-tech, somehow we are unable to make decent baked goods. I can't even find a croissant or a pain au chocolat, forget a tarte aux pommes, not even a good bagette.
28. Advice from the heart to the Zionists:
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.21.11)
Make Peace with the Palestinians to enjoy your life Now! September is the last chance. remember , we have nothing to lose .
29. Advice to Salma - make peace with the Zionists
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.21.11)
September means nothing. It will be the start of intifada #3 and more bloodshed an pain and suffering. You will make war, not peace. Your leaders will continue to refuse to negotiate with us Zionists. We are not fools like you and your suffering will be 10 times what you try to inflict on us. You are just another brainless sheep who thinks you have nothing to lose. You have much, much to lose. You Palestinians are fools, and you continue your war crimes against us. We want peace with neighbors, not with war criminals. You refuse to demand that your leaders make peace with us. You will lose because we have already won. ---- "Whether or not attacks actually result in civilian casualties, they are in violation of international law, which also prohibits attacks aimed at spreading terror among the civilian population. The patterns of attacks and statements by members and leaders of Palestinian groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Such attacks constitute war crimes." Amnesty International
30. an eye for an eye
raver ,   israel   (08.21.11)
why do we waste so much money on sending our jets and drones to bomb gaza after all the rocket fire? we should do the following: they fire a rocket indiscriminately ... we should fire one back. indiscriminately. an eye for an eye! that would be classed as proportional by all concerned. even those one-sided criminals at the UN [United Nothing]. don't take aim. just fire it in the direction of gaza and who cares where it lands.
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