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'Ground operation in Gaza possible'
Maor Buchnik
Published: 21.08.11, 15:02
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1. hahahahah * hahahahahaaaaaa
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.21.11)
2. not ground operation !
don't let our soldiers became new Gilad Shalit. hit them from above.
3. Make effort for more democratic Israel
Helanie ,   Thesaloniki   (08.21.11)
Killing civilian is not a method of solving problems.
4. weak pseudoleader pussies
Rafa   (08.21.11)
disgusting weaklings, idiots, clowns.
5. Unless we cut the head of the snake now, it will bite us...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.21.11)
...with much more venom later...!! It is time Egypt and Israel collaborated in the cleaning the cesspool called Gaza now!!
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.21.11)
All talk nothing else from the coeardly politicians of Israel is a great encouragement to Israel's enemies. They understand that the poodle Netanyahu can't get permission to do anything substantial from is master who is away on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.
7. YES!!!!
david ,   uk   (08.21.11)
I'm bored at the moment, i want something exciting on the news to follow!!
8. welcom
dodo ,   gaza   (08.21.11)
Weclom to hell here in gaza . We are gonna drink from your blood .
9. If there ... don't come back without Shalit (End)
SE ,   Boston, USA   (08.21.11)
10. So tell me again,....
Gideon Reader ,   Mobile   (08.21.11)
Howzat "disengagement thingy" working out for ya'? What? You never head of it? Never supported it as THE means to peace, love and total happiness, everafter between the occupyin' JOOOOZ (Litvak pronounciation) and the alleged Palestinians??? Never heard of OSLO??? Must be something in the cottage cheese.
11. are you kidding me
Jared ,   oromocto Canada   (08.21.11)
level gaza! thes terrorists need to be shown how to behave since they clearly lack the integrity or the ability to act in a way befitting a territory rying to get statehood...hamas palestine...your all jokes
12. 'Ground operation and Mr. Barak.
Miguel Oliveira ,   São Paulo & Brazil   (08.21.11)
There is absolutely no possibility that Mr. Bib, Mr. Marak and & will sanction such action. Meanwhile, as per one of your Updates headline: "Barak: We will decapitate those who operate against us". I fully support his tough talk. However, it must immediately be followed by very extreme deeds. The MAIN ONE: Mr. Marak must self-decapitate now. Then, Tzahal may TRY to deal with the enemy without.
13. 'Ground operation in Gaza possible'
Ground operation in Gaza unnecessesary; wipe them out from above!!!
14. Ground operation in Gaza
Ariel ,   Toronto   (08.21.11)
Note : Please pick up Gilad Shalit on your way out!
15. 'Ground operation in Gaza possible'
ON ,   Norway   (08.21.11)
I pray to God that Israel will know the best way how to deal with Hamas etc.!!!
16. Don't do a ground operation
Carsten Schmidt ,   Old Europe   (08.21.11)
What a stupid idea. Do everything else, such as stop providing the terrorists with electricity, gasoline, building materials, phone services etc., cut off financial support, bomb infrastructure and terrorist headquarters etc. - but don't go in! CS
17. Sinai Gaza Libya middle east reality RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (08.23.11)
Sinai Gaza Libya S G L middle east reality ??? any way good luck with coming up with a viavble even non viable solution better a stale mate than to live like this only America could make a treaty that could would make life a horror for Jews Israelis living in America I suffer a mental horror like you do when you are a poor Jew the world knows how to pick up on you from every direction top bottom right left inside out whatever as for the five 5 Egyptian border troops killed probably died leading the attacking terrorists back to safety across the Sinai Gaza Israel border they were killed guiding the terrorists back safely across the border not just innocent bystanders like Egypt Cairo claim RIGHT Egypt supports Gaza Hamas like Jews suppoirted the Haganah Palmach in 1948 when the British controled Palisteine Israel RIGHT blood is thicker than water the Red Sea may part but Arabs do not RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
18. you`re wellcome
cristian ,   calafat, romania   (08.26.11)
:)) Dodo, you`re make me leaf! When the military are going to be there, you are going to hide in the center of the earth!
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