Report: Gaza groups agree on ceasefire
AP and Elior Levy
Published: 21.08.11, 19:23
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1. cease-fire
David ,   Rosh Haayin   (08.21.11)
Really?? Israel has not even started to strike and should not even listen to this nonsense! This round was clearly started by the terrorist in Gaza. We should push them into the sea and be done with it!
2. it is over when Israel says its over.end
Barney ,   USA   (08.21.11)
3. When playing with fire, expect to be burnt; and when...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.21.11)
...intensifying it, expect to be consumed by it...!!
4. Time to show Israel believes in ACTION not Words
meir elazar   (08.21.11)
As Arabic rhetoric flows about Israeli river of blood in the streets of Tel Aviv and elsewhere, it is time to show that we do not engage in flowery meaningless rhetoric. When Shalit was kidnapped we bombed the hell out of Gaza. Over 1600 Gazans died for that act of terror against us. When Hezbollah repeated the mistake 3 weeks later we bombed the hell out of Lebanon. It is now time for the cabinet to conclude deliberations and destroy Gaza. The first message should be the destruction of EVERY mosque in Gaza since they use them to stockpile weapons, train terrorist, and use them for command centers and deployment bases.
5. Cowards
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.21.11)
They have no problem firing missiles at civilian populations in Israel, but when Israel pounds them -- oh, they cannot scream "cease fire" fast enough. Doesn't feel so good when Israel takes the battle to the scum, does it, scum? I think we'll continue for a while. It feels really, really good to see you squirm and, frankly, you're getting your just desserts. We'll continue a little while longer, if you don't mind.
6. Cease fire, on off on off on off on off
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.21.11)
They had a "cease fire" while they continued to send rockets. We responded very gently each time. Then they killed 8 and we responded appropriately, Suddenly Hamas calls off their so called cease fire. Now they want it back, and Israel must just go along with them. Opps Sorry, you've made us so dizzy we just cant stop.
7. Ceasfire ... Or Next Stop Tehran
Ron ,   Boston, USA   (08.21.11)
Either there's going to be a ceasefire or this thing is going to end in Tehran, via Lebanon, with a lot of dead people along the way, most of them Arabs and Persians.
8. Gaza
Marianne ,   Ramat hasharon   (08.21.11)
This time it is over when Israel will say it is over and not when Europa and USA will say it is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Please
lena ,   usa   (08.21.11)
Israel, don't stop until Shalit is returned
10. SEVERE damage to terrorists need to be done before ANY talk
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.21.11)
of a cease fire.
11. classic barak
mohson   (08.21.11)
no casualties reported when air force bombs empty field in gaza. This is classic barak. Hamas is more deterred when youblow up 12 gas stations and wipe out 3 police stations with 100 cadets inside. No other conclusion than ehud barak is ehud olmert in uniform.
Malone ,   Hfx   (08.21.11)
Take them out now,all of them!! It's time to take out the garbage. No cease fire until Israel says so. How I wish Lieberman was the PM.
13. Sparing their people from war...
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.21.11)
"The Islamic Jihad...are trying to spare our people from the agony of war...However if it's enforced upon them...the resistance must protect them with all its might." They (IJ, PRC, Hamas et al) are the ones forcing war on the people and then they 'protect them' by hiding behind and among them. Their usual drivel.
14. How much did it cost to bomb the "open area"?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.21.11)
That cost should be deducted from Barak's salary as well as the cost of every attack on "open areas". More extravagance.
15. Too little, too late. Time to give Gazans THE BOOT
Drive them into Sinai...right into their "brothers" arms. After all, MOST Egyptians are saying one of the main purposes of their "revolution" (lol!) was to destroy all of the peace agreements with Israel. So be it: let their bottom of the barrel military go to bat for them. It's about time Egypt and the Arabs stepped up to TAKE IN their brethren.
16. This whole business out of Gaza has gotten episodic
Cameron ,   USA   (08.21.11)
17. Arabs start wars, then cry and play victims when see defence
same old culture!   (08.21.11)
18. Only Jews
yaakov ,   New York   (08.21.11)
Only Jews would consider a ceasefire at this point. If they do this they are an absolute embarrassment and deserve to be removed from office. I do not take soldiers going into battle lightly but if there is not response from this PATHETIC government, who knows how many more lives will be in danger.
19. Hamas definition of cease fire:
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (08.21.11)
Israel ceases, Hamas fires.
20. Internet warmongerers: Priceless
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.21.11)
Seriously, seek help.
21. Ding!
Baruch ,   Marin County, CA   (08.21.11)
And just like that. Good triumphs over evil. Hmm, sounds like a plan. Hey, all you Israel haters out there. Guess what. You're idiots. All you do is sit around and hate Israel, while your own brothers in Syria slaughter one another. Big tough guys, y'all are. Pfuh.
22. Cease-fire
Yankelev, PhD, Msc' ,   Palm Beach USA   (08.21.11)
It's about time that the cowardly Israeli government stop a "sick little tail wagging a big dog" - unleash the entire IDF might against hoodlums that try to enforce their"conditions" for a cease-fire at their "pleasure". Shame and treason on the corrupt Israeli establishment, especially Barak - the worst "defence" minister ever! Impotent blubber-mouth !
23. Zionists enjoying their relative superiority
crazyworldthis   (08.21.11)
Nobody except the israeli's would act with such contempt (sending army to arrest elected MP's of the native populace) and then get away with it. Not so much as a word of condemnation from the international community. When the natives stand and fight for their dignity, with hugely inferior weapons, they are deemed terrorists. Straight out of Avatar movie. Let's hope it also ends like avatar, with the invaders being driven out of the land
24. Cease-fire????
Spencer ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
Don't under any circumstances agree to any cease-fire. This terrorista started this now it's up to Israel to finish it. Bring them to their knees. Take out the terrorist leaders. Make targeted killings the order of the day. If Israel's intelligence identify an arms factory or cache then bomb it. NO MERCY>
25. actuially
alsky ,   toronto   (08.21.11)
its the arabs who invaded to take jobs created by British and jewish Palestinians
26. 21:25 iron dome intercept rocket over askelon
someone in the media said something about cease fire ? oh ,terrorists are not that reliable it seems,what a surprise... who would have thought.
27. #20 Typical terrorist doublespeak
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.21.11)
What good is a ceasefire if PRC won't comply? It's basically worthless. Carry on!
28. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.21.11)
Actually, sweetheart -- you're next. Oh wait -- not you -- you're in Canada, aren't you? Relatively safe. Seriously .... tell your family and friends they need to seek help. Priceless, isn't it?
29. #12 Macho Malone...Get lost idiot...
Avi ,   Israel   (08.21.11)
30. Signs of apeasement by dictators & zealots are worthless
Joe ,   Canada   (08.21.11)
As Bashir Assad demonstrates every day in Syria & as other extremists propose 10 year Hudnas when short term tactics may help their long term strategy, the last Hamas ceasefire proposal is just a fraud which suits them at this time when they are supposed to soon go with the Fatah at the UN to ask for Palestinian state recognition. These dictatorial regimes & the other irrational religious fanatic groups are by definition unable to live in harmony with anyone who does not submit to their will. Democracy & tolerance are inherantly unaccepable threats to their very existence &/or ideology. At best they need to be isolated & made unable to export their evil. At worst they have to be restrained by force since they cannot accept any compromise.
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