Popular Resistance Committees claim truce in effect
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.08.11, 13:23
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1. ''Once upon a time ......''
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.22.11)
That's usually how fairy tales begin.
2. It doesn't help, if PRC declares truce.Hamas is responsible!
Yael Schlichting ,   Haifa - Israel   (08.22.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.22.11)
Meaningless tripe called the shell game, one group (i.e. PRC) declares a truce while another group under a different name continues the rocket fire. The result is the rocket fire never stops, but the press keeps printing about a truce (from various Pal terrorist groups) that doesn't exist. Making any IDF attack appear as an instigation by Israel, when in fact the rocket fire is continuing. A clever tactic that the Pals have used for at least 30 years with great PR success. But there is NO CEASEFIRE, rockets are still being fired at civilians, that is what should be reported, not the fake ceasefires by the PRC.
4. Trust PRC ?As far as the Arab mouthpiece, the BBC !
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (08.22.11)
Everyone knows Hudna means they will attack again when it suits them,while the BBC will lie, distort and tell half truths about Israel at every opportunity.Then use taxpayers funds to cover up the Balen enquiry into their prejudiced unprofessional behaviour. Vale Brtiain,hello Londonistan
5. We should do the same
R ,   Israel   (08.22.11)
Perhaps Israel should call a cease fire using the same rules that Hamas uses: Call a cease fire, and then keep firing.
6. No way!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.11)
Israelis in Israel should not agree to a ceasefire.
7. gaza truce
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (08.22.11)
It is obvious today that the Palestinians are in command of the situation. they determine the pace /and if should Israel escalate or not. they decide to shhot or not. It is totally an unilateral decision and no connection to Israel. This is no deterrence - and any consideration of Israel's response. The might of the IDF is being undermined by it's leaders. the faulty polocies of israel has allowed Goldstone and Turkey to reduce Israel to a paper tiger.
8. Why did they start in the first place?
No, Israel should totally ignore all this and continue relentlessly until these filth are no longer able to hurt anyone.
9. #6
Palestinian   (08.22.11)
How about you move to south Israel! Then maybe you ask the Israelis for escalation which will cost Israelis and Palestinians lives...
10. im good to kill and then ask for ceasefire too
Ester   (08.22.11)
u dont need to be einstein for that -.-
11. Israel retaliated against Gaza without any proof.
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (08.22.11)
When the Israeli army spokeswoman Avital Leibovitz was asked by journalist what proof there was, that the Popular Resistance Comittee was behind the terrorist attack near Eilat, she claimed that Kalashnikovs and Kalashnikov bullets were used and that these are commonly used in Gaza. Is this the kind of evidence based on which Israel justified its retaliation against Gaza?? So far 14 Palestinians from Gaza have been killed. Among them at least 5 civilians, of whom three were children (2, 5 and 10 years old respectively) and one was a doctor working in the intensive care unit of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. As time goes by it becomes even more unlikely that the Popular Resistance Committee was responsible for this attack. The PRC itself denied responsibility for this action and the site of the attack was more than 300 km from the Gaza Strip! It is becoming more likely that the Israeli army/Shin Beth hasn't got a clue who carried out the attack. And that makes the reflexive retaliation against Gaza all the more irresponsible. Not only did Israel carry out acts of state terrorism by killing innocent civilians, it exposed its own civilians to a barrage of missiles after the bombing raids over Gaza. I hope that this cease fire will hold for the sake of the Palestinian and Israeli civilians.
12. truce without israeli participation
moron ,   galut   (08.22.11)
who believes that?
13. Cease fire ?Cowardly and STUPID
RAYS ,   N.H. USA   (08.22.11)
If Israel agrees to a cease fire with Gaza terrorists it encourages TERRORISTS everywhere.
14. temporary halt
Niss ,   uk   (08.22.11)
So that can regroup get more rockets and start again
15. These unilateral self imposed token ceasefiress
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.22.11)
Are absolutely useless and meaningless This is falling into the Four Step Hamas Dance of Death - (Hamas and Israel Dancing Partners!) Hamas Attack Israel Expect Israel retaliation Accuse Israel of aggression Announce ceasefire NEXT Hamas Attack Israel Expect Israel retaliation Accuse Israel of aggression Announce ceasefire NEXT Hamas Attack Israel Expect Israel retaliation Accuse Israel of aggression Announce ceasefire NEXT Hamas Attack Israel Expect Israel retaliation Accuse Israel of aggression Announce ceasefire NEXT The cycle can only be broken with a proper UN bokered ceasefire OTHERWISE Israels counter attacks continue And by the way...Just what does that pompous Anti Israel Hamas Apologist UNWRA official the Grandiloquent Gunnes saying now?
16. Hamas makes decisions....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.22.11)
not the government of Netanyahu and Barak. They decide when to start the killing of israeli civilians and when to stop it, not Netanyahu.
17. truce in western-asia.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankind-nationality.   (08.22.11)
now can be spoken between the 2 sides and with un-mediation about a palestinian state, agreement, peace etc.
18. to nr. 11.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankind-nationality.   (08.22.11)
this talkback of/from you hit the head of the nail. i thought.
19. Ignore it and keep attacking
steve from raleigh   (08.22.11)
In fact escalate it and tie to Gilad Shalit's release.
20. CCCCCeaase firrre?
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (08.22.11)
More lies from the world best liars of al time. Hitler's allies, the pals.
21. Who is responsible ?
Tom ,   US   (08.22.11)
The IRGC is responsible. Let's face it. Hamas, PRC, Hizballah, whatever are just fronts. We all know who is in charge. The IDF is facing the IRGC. Period. End of story.
22. Israel & PRC
Paul K. ,   Phila. USA   (08.22.11)
Only hard hitting the responsible people would make them understand that peace can be negotiated with a pen and a handshake. Enough is enough
23. Not a bad ploy on the part of the Gazan
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.22.11)
terrorists ! They fire rockets by the dozen and then declare a ceasefire " . Our PM and a useless Defenese Min dither and realize, in their weakness, that if they respond world opinion - again- will drop on them like the missiles do on our southern cities.
24. I' ll move there so pay my expenses and
Excaliber ,   TA Israel   (08.22.11)
I am on my way. That will include a shelter, 4 bedroom house with swimming pool, garage and workshop. My guess is you won't put your money were your mouth is .
25. #11. Ben
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.22.11)
I disagree with everything youve written - apart from the last line! But hey - thats not a bad start! Whilst you passionately believe everything that Hamas tell you - so I passionately disbelieve anything Hamas says when it comes to Israel Remember Ben these are people avowed by their Charter to never seek a reconciliation with Israel but to raze Israel to the ashes. So in what context is a Hamas cease fire? A cynical temporary breathing space...until the next salvo or terrorist attack? Clearly like you I try to work in my own small way to promote constructive understanding and cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians - but with Hamas - I get worse than a brick wall - just lies, distortions, insults, threats and overt racism..Not much of a partner for peace?
26. 11 Since when did you give a damn about Israeli civilians?
Martin ,   UK   (08.22.11)
Of course it was the Israelis who carried out the terrorist attacks against their own people on the road to Eilat. The government needed to divert attention from what is happening on the streets of TA, at least that is what some of your ilk claim. Your precious terrorists are never responsible for anything bad, they are wonderful, caring people who wouldn't harm a fly.
27. Definition of Ceasefire, Israel ceases, Hamas fires
Emma ,   London   (08.22.11)
28. cease fire
Yoel ,   Israel   (08.22.11)
Do Hamas now decide when to call for a cease-fire?- what the hell is wrong with you gyys! Blow them to hell anf fire on them as they do to us.this is no cat and mouse game- As you sow so you reap. We will have no mercy: Kill us and we kill you.
29. Not British but Palestinian Broadcasting Authority
Ruth ,   United Kingdom   (08.22.11)
Totally agree with you Peter, the BBC is a national disgrace. It is filled with left-wing, Israel hating idiots. Jeremy Bowen should be renamed Hamas' Official Spokesman and the BBC should be renamed the PBC - the Palestinian Broadcasting Authority. And I have to pay them £145 a year for their nonsense.
30. No 15 The UN is the stooge of the Arab League
Martin ,   UK   (08.22.11)
The UN will never broker a ceasefire as long as they perceive that the Arabs are winning. They couldn't even condemn the rocket attacks because Lebanon blocked it. There is an automatic Islamic majority in the UN so Israel will never get in justice there. If Obumba gets re-elected, even the US will turn even more on Israel, he is the best friend the Arabs have ever had.
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