Fire Barak before it's too late
Moshe Dann
Published: 23.08.11, 00:12
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1. A government that cannot
John Prophet   (08.23.11)
protect its citizens is worthless!!
2. Protect me!!!
Israeli Citizen ,   TA   (08.23.11)
Moshe Yaalon would be an excellent replacement.
3. Dann is only Israeli commentator to call for Barak's head
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (08.23.11)
Besides him, not one Israeli pundit, and not a single Israeli politician outside the Ichud Leumi faction (which, objectively speaking is a fringe party) has made the same call. And that despite all of the grave errors on his part, both old and recent, enumerated in this article. The only conclusion: Israel is screwed.
4. barak and turkel
alexi   (08.23.11)
turkel has still not said who gave the paintball orders. Barak has served a long time and apparently had success as a commando. But as opposed to sharon and eitan, he is very reluctant in land battles, is very quick to offer concessions and apologies and harms israel's soveriegnty and is slow with the iron dome whose deployment should be rushed 24/7. he was against the syrian nuclear hit and now wants to open up the camp david accords allowing egypt to put a big army right on israel's doorstep. he has bibi's ear whose confidence is not strong in himself. Yaalon is much better but bibi has tunnel vision. Barak is not a good land general and as such is not good at defence for general war strategy. He will not fully respond to terror. remember the 2 soldiers who were lynched in ramallah without a direct response. Even vilnai would be better than barak. he is not up to the job.
5. Leftist agenda?
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.11)
What the right fails to realise is that if Israel does what it did in Gaza before, it is going to be hammered internationally. The world is generally sick of watching Israel kill thousands of civilians. What it's done so far, kill the people behind the attacks is justified. But very little will satisfy the blood lust of the author.
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.23.11)
Are you trying to tell us Barak is a putz.?
7. Barak poses a huge threat to Israel. Fire him NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
Dann is right on target. Barak is not only an incompetent. He is an appeasing incompetent, who hurts Israel with almost every decision he makes. Dann has noted some of the more damaging ones. For Israel's enemies, Barak is the gift that keeps on giving. There is little doubt the lunatic I.D.F. proposal to arm P.A. terrorists originated with Barak and his allies. Barak is a huge threat to Israel. Fire him NOW!
8. an eye for an eye must be enough...
eporue ,   europe   (08.23.11)
...its that helplessness, that any terrorist attack can never be really avenged, what makes one loosing all his conscience ? is it that helplessness, what makes muslim extremists also losing their conscience ? you CANT fight extremists with violence... extremists are always born out of violence or grievances... you can apply violence, but it will lead only to more support for the extremists... you as a historian - cant you see that ? the perpetrators have to be punished, and "reduced"... but with blunt violence you will reach the contrary...
9. An Author With Facts And A BackBone
Chevy ,   Brazil   (08.23.11)
Lieberman For PM
10. Very well written. Now it must be enforced.
Y R ,   Florida, USA   (08.23.11)
11. no 1, which is why i would never move there or anyplace
else that will not protect its citizens
12. You are rather kind to Barak in your description.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.23.11)
It would have been more accurate if you had included: moron, idiot, simpleton and jack**s who is constantly wringing his hands, disaster after disaster with: I did not know, I did not think. He is paid to think and know so if he can't do that, he should be removed from office. Actually, that is the very reason why Washington loves to do business with him and Livni. Just watching his insipid grin makes you sick. He enjoys destroying Israel, that's what.
13. incompetence to the Nth degree....
les ,   canada   (08.23.11)
moshe, i wish i could have written the above. i believe the prime minister is blinded by the personel friend ship and loyalty, and not acting in the best interest of the country. i sure hope he'll wake up, and act before it is too late for israel.
14. Serial bungler par excellence.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.23.11)
Ehud Barak should be labeled ''hazardous to Israel's health'' ..... This guy should be required to wear a clown costume. There's no need to repeat all of Barak's blunders, the article has a pretty good list. You always wonder who Barak really works for - it's certainly not for Israel. I'll tell you the truth, when Netanyahu made him DM, I freaked. I didn't vote for Netanyahu & this appointment confirmed my decision. That someone like Barak could be in any position of authority really shows how dysfunctional our political system is. It's about time someone publically called for his dismissal.
15. Israel's warriors turn Chicken
Eli ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
Israel has a reoccurring problem, some of its greatest warriors all seem to turn into wimpy leftist apologists as they get older. Perhaps we should keep them young and tell them to retire at 50.
16. Fire Barak before
jacques ,   nsw   (08.23.11)
would any body realise that Ehud Barak is actually is Ehud Barch from the past?
17.  What does it say for Natanyahoo if Barak
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.11)
is culpable as alleged?
18. instructions to my friends in Palestine
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al Quds   (08.23.11)
Please take out Moshe Dann immediately, we cannot afford to have such truthtellers around here. Any collateral damage is ok, remember, I will never commit any reprisals against you, dear friends.
19. Fire Bibi too
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.23.11)
He is the idiot that has kept that worthless moron on. Barak is the worst DM ever.
20. i totally agree!
ralph   (08.23.11)
21. fire barak
moron ,   galut   (08.23.11)
medals without victories--tape his mouth even if you dont fire him
22. Replace Barak with Ya'alon now!
BJL ,   usa   (08.23.11)
Barak only cares about beating up and purging Jews from Jewish land. Ya'alon cares about Jews first!
23. *then* we are at the mercy of our enemies
Stan ,   USA   (08.23.11)
24. don't fire ehud barak
yonatan silverman ,   tel aviv israel   (08.23.11)
no israeli is better equipped professionally to be defense minister than ehud barak but he is a picasso at lip service
25. amen.
Steve   (08.23.11)
26. Prime Mininister Netanyahu
Israeli 2   (08.23.11)
knew exaclty why he choose Barak as Defense Minister. He always wanted to be soft and left on defense, showing the world one image yet another to Israel. The PM is responsible for us having this DM period!
27. What I don't understand
Vlad   (08.23.11)
I understand that Israel has a parliamentary government, and you have to appoint cabinet ministers based on the distribution of votes to the parties. But why couldn't Bibi have given Barak a harmless role like Infrastructure or Transportation Minister? Why task him with defending Israel's national security?
28. Fired, please and thanks, he is a threat to Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.23.11)
29. We need a few more good men like you, Moshe.
George Brown ,   New York   (08.23.11)
30. I agree totally. Barak's not doing the job.
I do like FM Lieberman however who's one of the few sane and competant people in the government. Ehud Barak bringing Netanyahu down.
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