Fire Barak before it's too late
Moshe Dann
Published: 23.08.11, 00:12
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31. Mr. I am sorry Ehud Barak.
All of Israel is also sorry that it has Barak as a minister of defense.
32. Barak/history/solution
Irv ,   usa   (08.23.11)
The author is 100 percent correct about Barack and the terrible history his decisions have cost Israel. The REAL problem is the SYSTEM of coalition governments! Let the Prime minister who wins form their own cabinate. Its as if the ceo of a bank must appoint 5 competing ceo's to his board of directors. Where do u think their loyalties are. The same with Israel's coalition governing. If the voters elect a Prime Minister from any party let the elected Prime minister bring their management team in. If they fail vote them out. If they succeed vote them back. Don't expect them to be successful with political enemies on the board.
33. Barak
Benjamin ,   Greenville   (08.23.11)
Bravo!! It is about time that someone called for Barak's resignation. Dann is spot on. Unfortunately, Netanyahu lacks the spine to do it. Rather it is easier drop some bombs on Gaza.
34. Bibi is at fault for Barak's disasters
RAYS ,   N.H. USA   (08.23.11)
After all, BIBI is PM. He is responsible for keeping Barak in the government. This is a terrible failure on the part of the PM..Barak has been a disaster for Israel. He should go regardless of "politics". Bibi should be above this.
35. Ehud Barak is a failure
Rachel ,   US   (08.23.11)
Moshe Ya'alon for Defense Minister!
36. the guy is worse then biden
JL   (08.23.11)
37. this is by far the most important article
Julie ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
produced by YNET. Most revealing. Barak must go and he must go now. Israelis deserve better than this sawed of little arrogant runt of a man. He is so full of himself and empty of Jewish loyalty.
38. Fire Him NOW !!
Yossef   (08.23.11)
39. I hate about Israel its recycling of stupid old politicians
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
40. your list is too short ...
very Worried citizen ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
You forgot, (or prefered to not mention): Allegations for corruptions in the "ÄMutot"" prior to the elections, Denying any responsibility for the Helicopter crash where over 70 soldiers died, His giving control of his companies to his daughters just prior to assuming office (this being investigated by Lindenshtraus - but "forgiven"due to his high ranking role in office), And many other items not known or publicized ...
41. I agree with you Moshe Dann
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.23.11)
Too bad there aren't more people in politics like you. Our country would be in a considerably better shape. You have actually covered every single aspect and facet of the phenomenon called Ehud Barak. I couldn't have said it better. Just like you Moshe, I have questioned myself, at least 100 times: whose side is Ehud Barak on? Is Ehud Barak a traitor or genuinely stupid? In either case he is dangerous to our country. If Barak was a responsible man he would have made sure that Hezbollah and Lebanon would have been turned into a pile of rubble, sand, dust, gravel and ruins. Instead, Hezbollah has more rockets than before. Israel should have never agreed on any Arab presence or state for that matter in the land of Israel. Israel should expel the Arabs from all of Israel, including Jerusalem, Golan, Judea and Samaria and Gaza, and then annex Judea, Samaria and Gaza. With regards to Egypt - seal the border completely. With regards to Lebanon: destroy Hizbollah and Nasrallah.
avi kraft ,   Israel-Usa   (08.23.11)
To every Israeli who values his lkife and the life of his children you must join in a campaining to remove this cancer before it destroys the whole state of Israel. I dont have facebook or I would start a facebook campaign. Perhaps some one else will/ Le Bibi known that his career is over unless he gets rid of this albatross
43. Barak = marshmallow fluff
A ,   Belgium   (08.23.11)
He should never have been given the Minister of Defense job. In fact, the best Barak could do would be to possibly raise sheep on a hillside somewhere. If/when Lieberman is elected PM, he should also keep the Defense Ministry for himself, or get the meanest nastiest, patriotic SOB he can find for the job. Someone who wont hestiate to level a complete hamastan city for every rocket that falls in Israel, or will answer a demand to "apologize" with a "kiss this!"
44. Barak & LIBERMAN
Dotan ,   Canada   (08.23.11)
There are 2 in the government that need to be OUT. It is Israel's nightmere that Bibi needs them & their followers to maintain the government. Go to the streets for this reason. It is the security of our beloved COUNTRY.
45. YES, BARAK MUST GO, a.s.a.p.
Emperor ,   USA/Israel   (08.23.11)
He is a total disaster, his smug smile drives me against the wall; the incompetence that Moshe Dann describes is self-explanatory. And yes: Boogie Ya'alon would be great for the job, as would Barak's nemesis, Gabi Ashkenasi, who early on recognized the incompetence of his boss.
46. Save the Yehudim from the Ehudim
Joe K ,   Silicon Valley, USA   (08.23.11)
Barak: Trust Syria to Keep it's Commitments (while in uniform during period of sinun while on his knees sucking up to the Laborites for his political ambitions). Barak: Share Jerusalem with the fate of the holy sites in the hands of the Almighty. Barak: Leave Lebanon in a hurry. The list goes on and on. Vomit this Napoleonic gurnisht who is a legend in his own mind out of power before he destroys Israel. Wake up Israel, you trust jerks whose blatherings can run a factory of hot air balloons, not protect our people.
47. Moshe Dann is being kind, #40
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.11)
Dann should have given the readers a more complete list of Barak's incompetence, stupidity and corruption. #40: recently Barak's friend Haim Ramon publicly confirmed that the amutot allegations were true and that Barak was Israel's most corrupt politician, worse than Olmert and Sharon.
48. Someone from Egypt
Abu-Bakr Naeem ,   Cairo, Egypt   (08.23.11)
This guy who's so called "historian and journalist" does not recognize that Sinai is an Egyptian land .. and that one step inside it by Israeli soldiers is considered a war declaration against Egypt. Your weakness and incapability of saving your borders is not our business. What happened 5 days ago in Sinai made the whole Egyptians rise and call for canceling the peace treaty. Maybe you have a peace treaty with the Egyptian government but you know that you have 85 million enemy in Egypt. You can't beat Hamas who send you homemade rockets, so don't play with us because we hurt .. we're Egypt .. I think you know what I mean.
49. discrediting critique of Barak is worse than no critique
Miron ,   USA   (08.23.11)
Foolishy lamping together everything is not the way to hold someone accountable. Barak need to be replaced with Gaby, immediatelly. The man who wasted enormous Israeli resources attempting to engage Israel in attack on Iran against interests of peace in region. Is the same man who failed to enter Sinai when Israel interests of life and death were on the line. He is not responcible alone for this. PM Netaneyahoo, who spent his last week in a safe heaven of protected vaults, while allowing terrorists shoot Israelis at will, because of own lasiness and indecision needs to bear responcibility for his lack of professionalism in office.
50. Barak needs to GO
Rosie   (08.23.11)
Barak only know how to apologize. His apology caused many problems. With all his apologies he makes the Israelis look like they are responsible for all the problems. All the newspapers only mentioned the apology and not all those that were killed and wounded. He is a real looser. Needs to GO.
51. barak has his priorities, e.g. career, perqs, privileges...
dante ,   uk   (08.23.11)
one has to be understanding, barak has a lot of things on his mind. too bad that his major concern is...himself. doesn't leave much time for the drudgery of his job. well, too bad.
52. Barak
gadot ,   herzlia   (08.23.11)
he is more interest in making money,buying apartment.
53. worthlessness
colin   (08.23.11)
Finally the press has realsed that the cowardly groveling backstabbing barak is only a liability to Israel. His yellow bellied actions have proven how useless this swine really is. Is there one action he has done for the good of Israel orits population ?Yet the Corrupt Bibi is more interested to keep his seat in the knesset with the coalition of the underhand lieing,untruthful false barak. The next eletions will dispose of this scum.
54. Barak's Real Sins ala Dann
Joe ,   Israel   (08.23.11)
1." Barak was, of course, an enthusiastic supporter of former PM Sharon's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria in 2005 – " 2. "...they allowed an IDF soldier to bleed to death at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, rather than rescue him from Arab mobs." 3."Promoting leftist agenda" With all due respect for Moshe Yaalon, his forte is not the formation of a comprehensive defense strategy, which is the first requirement for a good minister of defense.
55. barak
steve ,   usa   (08.23.11)
unlike livni and peres who are simply misguided leftists who believe appeasement is the answer, Ehud Barak is more pf a traitor. He repeatedly undermines the State and every time he does, innocent Jews die. Do you think for one moment he reflects for even one moment on the gruesome deaths his arrogance and incompetence caused last week? And soon, Bibi will have to go because he won't cut the Traitor Barak loose.
56. Fire him into direction of Gaza
Ariel ,   Europe   (08.23.11)
Israel can not afford to have this man in any important position .He is the weakest link .GOODBYE
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.23.11)
Everything he touched has been a disaster.
59. Without any doubt!
Rםמ   (08.23.11)
Amazaing to read the summary of Barak's blunders. Amazing to see him on channal 2 admitting about the failures of the defence system which caused the loss of lives by the terror attack in Eilat. Our survival in this area can only be assured when intelligence, the army and the secret services do functionate properly for which Barak is responsible. It is prefered that Barak goes than that our entire nation has to go
60. Send this article to Netanyahu.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.23.11)
The PM has an e-mail address - send him this article & ask him to read the talkbacks. Enough is enough - Barak has to go.
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