Fire Barak before it's too late
Moshe Dann
Published: 23.08.11, 00:12
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61. Israel is insane to have Barak as her Defense Minister!
Nurit Greenger ,   Los Angeles Californ   (08.23.11)
If a preemptive military operation in Sinai was cancelled due to a fear of infringing on Egyptian sovereignty than we are at the mercy of our enemies. Barak poses danger to Israel's existence! And Israel is insane to have him as her Defense Minister!
62. #6 Brak the Putz
macktheknife   (08.23.11)
Without question Barak is a putz. There is only one place for him and his treachery and that is isolation in a dark cell somewhere.
63. I see the Disengagement has went well
Levi ,   Karmiel   (08.23.11)
Sure has increased Israel security. At least we got our soldiers out of harms way now they can just go straight for us and kill us. Cheers. Such a great success.
64. facts lead to a conclusion
anita ,   ein tzurim.israel   (08.23.11)
Dann's fact can be checked out one by one to be precise and the conclusion should be obvious even to Netanyahu! Barak's endangering errors and their price outweigh his contribution to the coalition !
65. Barak the Madman
macktheknife   (08.23.11)
There is no question about it, Barak is stark raving mad. He must be to make the blunders he has made over the years. He has certainly brought Bibi to his knees who is now considered a useless Puppet. Besides all the blunders Barak is (and has made) I fail to understand why this incompetent nincompoop is still allowed to continue with his blunders and putting the IDF soldiers in front of such grave danger. Shove a rifle into Barak's arms and shove him off to the borders of Gaza.
66. he's an idiot with initiative- he shall step down
Not all is power ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
Israel is in much more danger under the incompetent hands of people like Barak- who happen to be also arrogant, so he makes nothing about this criticisism
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (08.23.11)
You have been publishing some articles in the past few days, that deal with our reality and concerns us all. One could call it responsible journalism. For a long time we have seen totally inept people like Barak holding on to positions of power, they are not worthy of. This is all due to a very dysfunctional voting system, that has plagued this country since the beginning. Once put in position after elections there is zero accountability for individuals like Barak. To make things worse, he has no ability to feel remorse or to learn from made mistakes, due to his ego. He lacks the decency to step down and admit his failures and give a more qualified person the change to take his place.
68. Precisely!
tz ,   Jlem   (08.23.11)
Let him be well but not at Israel's expense. He liked the business world. He should go back to it!
69. Don't forget what he did at Tzaeilim!
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (08.23.11)
As chief of staff he literally flew away in his helicopter from the horrible training accident at Tzaelim leaving injured and dying soldiers! If this doesn't reflect on a persons character what does?
70. #48 actually
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.23.11)
Egypt allowed Egyptian agent Arafat to smuggle weapons from Sinai into Gaza, in violation of the Oslo Accords. Egypt allowed smuggling of weapons through Sinai into Gaza so that Hamas can shoot Israeli civilians. Egypt allowed the terror team to pass through Sinai and attack Israeli civilians. Under Mubarak, Egypt armed itself to the teeth and trained each year to attack Israel. At the same time, Mubarak tried to disarm Israel from her strategic weapons. If anything, it is Egypt that declared war on Israel, but Israel preferred to ignore it.
71. Do you know how to count?
Daniel?#2? ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
It doesnt look like ehud barak is a popular and grata persona And nope- DANN is not the only one to call for the guy's head as you can probably see
72. Barak is one of the best men Israel has and needs to stay.
Ernest S.   (08.23.11)
What needs to be criticised are the failed negotiations because they are not even happening. Some articles got so much slant to them they sound like some attorney trying to convince people on a stand that is total nonsense and not focusing on the actual isssue at hand. And they are exactly these kinds of attitudes that give Israel and Jews a bad name.
73. the guy is a used match
ernest- go call mami ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
Barak: QUIT
74. Stop wasting money on Israel
mad hiddy ,   burlington, canada   (08.23.11)
maybe America is tired of paying your bill, Israel? The people in the USA are so in debt because they constantly pay your tab. It's costing the world a lot of money to keep the Arabs from wanting to kill you, so maybe you should just play nice? How about that?
75. #48, yeah you did a great job
Danny   (08.23.11)
in 48, 56, 57 and 73
76. Barak--Bibi's gravest mistake
M.C   (08.23.11)
Barak is a disaster for Israel. He hasn't a clue what he's doing. What's happened to his new 'Independant' party? We hear nothing of it. Does he have the legal right to hold this position, who is he representing? Bibi made a very short sighted mistake in appointing him to this position, and will make an even bigger one when it comes to Sept when trouble is expected and soldiers are likely to be called up Bibi has the obligation to the people of Israel to fire this man without further delay and replace him with some one with competence, His failure to do this could loose him the next election. He needs to address this issue now.
77. Exactly how was Barack suppose to know RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (08.23.11)
I realize that a lot of Jews Israelis think Barack is to blame he left the door open to allow these terrorists to infiltrate across the border how was he suppose to know where they could would cross if you hot shot criticizers are so smart you go guard the border he is doing all he can I am sure he did not want those 8 Israelis to die those 35 to be wounded he is trying to do his job as are all I.D.F. people America lost 30 troops when a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan did they want that to happen in war there are casualtys we all know that I place my life on the line every day I walk out of my senior apartment in to a local anti Jew anti Israel world as a minority we need stick togather not attack each other criticize but add constructive criticism if you are all so smart the author of this article is a coward go fight in the Sinai Gaza if you can write this article RIGHT ??? I doubt Ynet will publish my post they have stoped publishing my posts they are cowards too RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
78. #9 oporue - It's NOT your eye
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
it was mine, so I will simply take out both of his eyes, so that he can't use the remaining one to do additional harm to me and mine They live by violence they will be eliminated by the same method Kibbitzers are a dime a dozen, your type 100 for a dime, you contribute exactly nothing, aside from criticism like a nagging mother-in-law
79. #75 Hiddy - Any additional comments?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
Israel isn't the only Muslim problem, they have them all over the world, in places where there are no Jews Check out the following for comprehensive details and body counts www.thereligionofpeace.com List of Islamic Terror Attacks Weekly Jihad Report Aug 13 - Aug. 19 Jihad Attacks: 48 Allah Akbars: 8 Dead Bodies: 303 Critically Injured: 594 Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace "Mohammed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29 2011.08.23 (Pattani, Thailand) - Buddhist monks are among the casualties of two bombings that claim two lives. 2011.08.22 (Baqubah, Iraq) - A 3-year-old girl and her father are shot to death by Islamic 'insurgents' in their home. 2011.08.22 (Gereshk, Afghanistan) - A child and a shopowner are successfully killed by Mujahideen bombers at a market. 2011.08.21 (Bajju, Nigeria) - Suspected Muslim radicals shoot two Christians to death in their homes, including a 5-year-old boy. 2011.08.21 (Makhachkala, Dagestan) - Children are among the casualties when Islamic 'separatists' set off two bombs at a grocery store. 2011.08.21 (Riyom, Nigeria) - Fulani raiders attack a Christian village, hacking six to death, including women and children. Go to the site yourself, don't forget to click on all the tabs, you have a lot to learn, it should open your eyes
80. #74, yeap you are right
Danny   (08.23.11)
After all the US debt is around 14 trillion and it's aid to Israel - to buy US weapons - is around 3 billion. Imagine, if Canada had that money they might have taught you how to count....
81. Bibi e-mail address
Moragh aust.   (08.23.11)
At one time I knew the addresses of all members of the Knesset. Since I last mailed my tuppence-worth, members and addresses have changed. How about forwarding me bibi's address. I would be glad to again send in my tuppenceworth. I'm taking you up on your offer Mike, please send me some addresses. Thanks in advance. All the best.
82. Excellent!
David Wilder ,   Hebron   (08.23.11)
83. To: No. 48
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.23.11)
Are you serious? We kicked your ass in 1948, we kicked your ass in 1956, we kicked your ass in 1967 and we kicked your ass in 1973. Think we cannot do it again? Face it -- Egypt is Israel's bitch. I think you know what I mean.
84. #77 He is supposed to know
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.23.11)
that's why he got the job in the first place, if he didn't know he should have left things as they were, status quo in a Matzav Achen!
85. Abu-Bakr / 48
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.23.11)
If anybody can kick 85 million butts it's Israel. As far as beating Hamas, It's only because they haven't really tried yet. When Israel quits trying to spare the worlds feelings and just does what needs to be done then Hamas will be taken care of.
86. Very well written, Moshe. For the first
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.23.11)
time in my memory, someone has outlined, in detail, all the mistakes and errors of judgement during Barak's catastrophic reigns as PM and Defense Minister. In the end, however, one must upbraid Mr. Netanyahu for keeping him in place in spite of his (Barak's) unhealthy (to Israel) missions.
87. That clown of a man Barak
Marie   (08.24.11)
must be tossed out this very instance. He is an horrific danger to Israel. Out with him now. Don't wait one more second!
88. Never thought I would say this but.....
Moragh   (08.24.11)
Get rid of ehud barak IMMEDIATELY. Never thought I'd say this, but at the same time get rid of BiBi also. He is as weak s water. What a slap in the mouth I got. Without further ado, make Lieberman rule the roost. Give him a chance. I think he would lead Israel with an IRON FIST, and that is exactly what is needed. DO IT people! stand up for your rights. Keep barak and bibi in office, and you will all die!
89. Fire Barack
Joe ,   Chicago USA   (08.24.11)
We can't fire the moron but can vote him out of office come Nov.12.2012. In the meantime we have to put up with Mr. Fumbles and God knows how much more damage the doofus will do.
90. Barak the squatters hero!
She gurl   (08.24.11)
Come on Bibi. Don't you have any pride?You have that pip-squeak useless Barak floating around causing trouble and not one little peep comes out of your mouth to chastise the creep? Where is your pride Bibi - don't you have any left?. And by the way, when IS your friend intending starting the "decapitation" fiasco?
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