A disaster called Obama
Yigal Walt
Published: 23.08.11, 21:47
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1. Arabs blame America for all their problems
and Israelis blame Obama for all their problems...
2. This article is pure ignorance
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.11)
3. The article is SPOT ON, NOT as #2 Asserts
Obama LOST THE MIDDLE EAST, as all modern democrats do. Hell, Clinton/Gore HAD OSAMA BIN LADEN IN THEIR HANDS AND LET HIM GO! THAT ACTION LED TO 9/11. Deems have THE worst foreign policy agendas ever known...since JFK got us into Vietnam, every dem president embarrassed the US and caused MASSIVE bloodshed of innocent people as a result of their idealistic STUPIDITY. Obama only ACCELERATED the Dem foreign policy weakness and damaged the entire planet, not to mention the Common American. Great article: O-BONEHEAD is a one termer period. But it will take quite a while to undo this mess. Unless a senior statesman like McCain stepped in, we're pretty screwed. Now's not the time for experimenting with our presidency. In fact...I hope we never experiment with that position again.
4. Case study for psychologists.
Thomas ,   USA   (08.24.11)
Historia est magistra vitae (Lat.) "History is the teacher of life." If you watched old movie reels you could see that some demagogues have mesmerizing, magnetic power upon mass of people. Watching Mussolini, Hitler, or Lenin public speeches with closed eyes only one can immediately discern the absolute inane stupidity and ignorance in their ideas. Next, turn off the sound and watch their comportment, body language, and gestures...you will see that adult people turn into frenzied zombies just like young girls at a rock concert. Same with Obamao. A man without credentials, without achievements and only Marxist-Leninist education but magnetic personality and body language was capable to create adulation which is reserved only for demigods. And the Black Messiah was born. Anything he utters is written by others on two teleprompter because he's unable to speak coherently on his own.
5. Horror of Obama shouldn't have surprised anyone.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
This article is right on target except for one key item. Every thinking person should have known, right from the start, that Obama was a disaster. Expectations of Obama's "great promise" were totally delusional. Obama never accomplished anything notable before being elected U.S. President. He befriended terrorists, radicals and extremists most of his life. Think of Obama's statement that in 20 years in Reverend Wright's hateful church, he "heard nothing" hateful! Would any person of normal intelligence believe that? All the signs of the Obama horror were right in front of everyone's eyes. However, many refused to see them. Nobody should have been surprised.
6. #2 Dan. Harrison J Bounel is not a disaster???
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.24.11)
Please expand on your statement. Show us the "ignorance". I won't exactly say that Harrison J Bounel is doing a fantastic job!
7. OBAMA-A man of ideas but little else
Roy ,   USA   (08.24.11)
There comes a point when the picture comes into focus and that time is now. Obama , the arrogant elitist, is abundantly ineffectual when it comes to decisive, principled action. He retreats and goes mum, deliberating about how he would like to appear and be perceived.before he acts. Not the stuff that makes a true leader, but a self-centered egotist who has repeatedly led us into dire situations.
8. Obama : an anarchist president ?
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.11)
It took the courage of innocence in a young boy visiting the palace of the vane king to declare the king has no clothes. likewise Yigal walt faced the demon and called Obama a disaster
9. Obama is large and in charge
Steven A. ,   Bay Area, USA   (08.24.11)
Obama will be blamed for the U.S. economy, just as he gets credit for the Arab Spring countries falling like dominoes. Israel is not high on America's priority list right now, except to a few Christian fundamentalists. This is a good opportunity for Israel to get its own house in order by focusing on social services and fighting corruption.
10. #2
Emanuel ,   USA, CA   (08.24.11)
Dan from the state of Tel Aviv; you are the ignorance guy, you have no idea what are you talking about
11. Absolutely Right, Yigal Walt!
Israeli 2   (08.24.11)
12. #1 and #2 you're both wrong
JB ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.24.11)
Sorry, but Americans rightfully blame Obama for our problems, and no this article isn't ignorance. It's an understatement. Obama is not only the worst U.S. President ever, he may be the worst President of any country. We'd be better off making our decisions using a magic 8 ball.
13. I am not sure....
Merca ,   Barcelona.SPAIN   (08.24.11)
Obama is the worst USA president.To reach Carter levels that did give way to Khomeiny and islamist revolution whose effects are lasting until now is almost an impossible task although Obama keeps on.
14. George W Bush jr
alois ,   sweden   (08.24.11)
GWB was in fact one of the greatest leaders the US ever had. I miss him. He was an AMERICAN leader with an american ATTITUDE. Obama is a talker and not a doer and is dangerous to peace, progress and the world. The world needs a strong US. Obama is weakening the US. Obama has to leave office next year and be replaced by a new active president with high moral standards like GWB.
15. too late now!
16. #2 Dan
Lazerbenabba ,   London England   (08.24.11)
Your 5 words regarding this insightful article only serves to illustrate your own woeful ignorance. perhaps next time you might explain the reasons for your sad comment.
17. I wouldn't put it quite so bluntly, but
Erik Stern   (08.24.11)
a lot of what you write is perfectly true. Although, for the record: 1. The war with Iraq made Iran strong. 2. The above was the reason why Israeli military experts were against that war. 3. Bush could have done more to control the wild loans catastrophe that was left behind by Clinton (the original sinner, who force Freddi & Fanny to give out loans to those who can't pay them back in the name of "housing for all").
18. pretty Please
Ken ,   AUstralia   (08.24.11)
Get Obama out of there. NO second wrecking machine Term Nessesary.
19. Yes it is a terribly ignorant article:
Galen ,   Sac, USA   (08.24.11)
And some facts for you talkback sycophants who eagerly agree: 1 Bush policies of war in Iraq and Afghan cost US around 1 trillion dollars in debt, and an additional 40-80 billion per month presently, oh and he signed TARP. 2 Obama continued George W Bush tax break policies, which add up to 700 billion in lost revenue, and continued the military operations in Iraq and Afghan, so criticizing Obama and praising Bush is pure hypocrisy on the economy and on foreign wars. 3 Libya liberated itself with minimal US forces and money (guess who funded most of the military ops?), we'll see how it turns out in the next decade, so not an Obama failure but not a triumph either. 4 In contrast to Iran, there is no world or US will for military regime change (like N. Korea, see point 2 and 3) just because hundreds were killed or tortured. Obama was not silent on massacres just politically hesitant, and there was nothing the US could have done anyways (just like Syria-even worse than Iran right now) except voice protests and enforce harder economic sanctions with Europe. Which leads to 5. Egypt, whose former President, Mubarak, obviously order attacks on protesters and Egyptian police have always tortured people. So his regime had to go, it was time, he was old and corrupt. He may have been a peacemaker and a middles east realist and an actual arab friend to Israel, but Israel doesn't get to have a best friend in "more" democratic Egypt. And news flash, democratic muslims still don't like Israel, so nothing has changed except the leverage the US has with the Egyptian military. Question: who is more likely to have military conflict with Israel, Egypt or a Iraq? Which country is being more influenced by Iran (the article's author would probably fail these questions)? The author doesn't even mention Lebanon, just to show how little he knows about forming credible arguments. Bush liberated Afghan from the Taliban and al-qaeda? Laughable, so much so that author should take a vacation of his own to the south Afghan and then to Iraq. 7 Obama failed to mend Israeli-Turkey ties? Wow, that's chutzpah right there, I guess Obama is to blame for everything... So here's the main point: Obama is not Israel's best friend nor is he the enemy: he resolves issues diplomatically first and his approach has been naive but sincere, using political leverage after he fails to get peace and then leaves the problem alone if that fails. Israel may be right and predicted many of the problems in mid east that sincere diplomatic efforts will backfire on the US and then Israel (hint: Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran) but then again killing and converting all who oppose you is more a Arab muslim thing. Israel has to be sincere too (yes even with the palestinians) even when right and shouldn't spend so much time trying to spin (like fox news on Obama) the truth (like that those egyptian soldiers were possibly killed by a suicide bomber or a planted land mine or something else that doesn't make Israel look bad). Learn something? or will u talkbacks just keep being dismissive idiots?
20. Obam,the worse presidente USA could have in history
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.24.11)
Spot on,this article finally take down Obama mask... Make Obama term the shortest in American history and say NO to Obama in2012.... Who vote for him,anyway?who voted for this fake man with a fake smile and with fake promises...
21. Obama delusional
Robert LEE ,   Usa   (08.24.11)
I told you since the begining that Obama tenure will be nefarious to the US and to the stability of the world, including Israel, and each day that pass show me that I was right. Obama is worst tan Carter was during his times. He let fall all pro western rulers, and do'nt left a finge r to make fall the true anti western dicators lkike Ahmadi or Assad. Even for the US economy, Obama has only words to say.. no acts. Obama will be remembrerd as the worst US president in history.
22. Rubbish Op-Ed
Ian ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
This is the view of a few people that have the wrong end of the stick. Obama is definitely not worse then Bush, exactly the opposite. Just because Obama's agenda does not fit what these writers believe it should be, so he is no good a disaster? This article is a disaster, this countries policies are a disaster, end of story.
23. #2 Which bit is "ignorant"? Looks pretty enlightened to me
Dan, are you going to seriously suggest that Obama has done a good job; knows what he's talking about? You may thoroughly deserve to live in world run by "Obamas". But we dont.
24. The question is : What are the true goals of BHI ?
Ben Zion   (08.24.11)
If his true goals are to bring the western world down and to bring (radical) islam up - then he is quite successfull....
25. no dan from Tel aviv
if you lived in the usa, you would know and appreciate what the writer is refering to. i live here and i did not vote for obama but saw through all his baloney, he is the worst president. the only thing he did which was good was to catch osama bin laden. he is digging a hole for we amercians very deep and wide. he has managed to undo things and makes other things worse. icant think of anything bad enough to call him or the way he runs this office. no one likes him. he has not done anything that he said he would do to better the usa and whatever he did manage to do came at a high price like this healthcare system.
26. 17 is Correct
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.24.11)
Invading Iraq was a disaster that dramatically strengthened Iran by removing their archenemy and putting their Shiite brothers in charge. The article is way over the top and reads like something written by a middle school student. I agree that Obama has a made a lot of mistakes - I'm not defending him but I think the article is poorly written.
27. Stop blaming Obama. Pathetic
Sami ,   New York, USA   (08.24.11)
Stop blaming Obama. Pathetic. The Egyptians and Libyans had a right to democracy and they would have gotten it in the end.
28. Is this guy 4 real???
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (08.24.11)
Whatever you may think of President Obama; to say that Bush did a good job is beyond laughable. George W. Bush?!?!?!?! Not even his own mother thinks he did a good job. (That's on record)
29. Negociating with dictators
Joe ,   Canada   (08.24.11)
The Obama administration early on decided that a prime objective of its foreign policy would be to improve its image in & its relations with the Muslim world in particular the Sunnis. But in trying to execute this plan it committed the fundamental sin of negotiating with such bloody despots as Ahmadinejad & Assad. President Obama ignored the basic rule that all dictators (whose aim is first of all survival if not supremacy) are inherently unable to make any real concession without endangering their hold on their people & on their criminal immediate underlings. This is the same drastic faulty political thought that led Daladier & Chamberlain to deal with Hitler & Mussolini to no avail for France & the UK but to great advantage for the tyrants. So the US has lost time, lost prestige & deterrence & by inaction helped the dictators break the opposition within their borders & increased their potential to export terror. This said, the Bush administration also made some major blunders in Iraq that enhanced the power of Iran & was the only one party to push for elections in Gaza against the advice of the Fatah & of Israel & we know the results of this trial at democracy among the religious fanatics..
30. Outstanding article.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.24.11)
Yigal Walt should write more often.
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