West anxious over Libya's chemical weapons cashes
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.08.11, 23:23
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1. libya.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindland etc.   (08.24.11)
if a wmd-arsenal is to be found (in libya), they should immediately be handed over to the un!
2. Do a search
Devorah   (08.24.11)
Everything says the chemical weapons are in Gaza and Lebanon. I'm sure Susan Rice would be shocked if she learned this lol. Thanks, Obama.
3. with our luck
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.11)
on thier way to the dirty pigs of the "Palestinians" so they can kill lots of Jews here.
4. some came to Gaza
ace   (08.24.11)
5. An excuse to keep NATO in LIbya.
Chris.B ,   Australia   (08.24.11)
The lies continue If there was a credible military threat from Ghaddaffi NATO and the US wouldn't have destroyed his country for oil. A lesson to other leaders who arn't under IMF control keep your weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. 1 sjoerd van der ruud: So the U.N. can blackmail the nations
Rivkah   (08.24.11)
with WMD's? Ever notice most of the countries in the UN are Muslim? Is the Muslim Mahdi going to be a UN SEC GEN? Could be. Executive Order P.D.D. 25 by President Bill Clinton that has not been reversed gives the U.S. military command to the UN SECGEN if a US President dies in office during a national emergency. THEN the UN will blackmail the nations for sure after softening them up a bit with US nukes. Go to to see what cities the ELS Scripture codes show could be nuked and by what nations. General Electric now has a lazer method of creating uranium and when that secret is stolen, even the mafia will have nukes to blackmail cities and nations which the ELS Scripture codes indicate will happen unless YHWH is merciful and averts that.
7. libya
sas ,   israel   (08.24.11)
kadaffi not dumb as obama. sure those weapons are already in the wrong hands........about time the west wake up to reality.
8. So Kadaffy was destroying his stuff ...
John ,   Alaska   (08.24.11)
And now that he's effectively out of the picture, we're wondering about the now-uncontrolled rest of it. Real question at this point: Does _anyone_ know of a foreign-policy decision that President Obama has made that actually turned out to help America? Actual foreign policy, not simply authorizing the people fighting the war on terrorism to do their job by killing OBL. Because AFAIK, _every_ thing he's done has weakened the US, strengthened the hands of Islamic jihadis, or both.
9. #6 Rivkah
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.24.11)
Another conspiracy theory? Come on. You haven't even explained to us how you want to create an earthquake with a 3.6 MW electromagnetic signal (HAARP). 3.6 MW is the power of 50 VW Golf, i.e., not that much on a global scale.
10. #6 Rivkah
Security Guard ,   Atlanta airport   (08.24.11)
Hi Rivkah! Remember me?
11. Could they be with Sadam's WMD's ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.24.11)
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