Hundreds march in TA against HR contractors
Yoav Malka
Published: 23.08.11, 23:20
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1. HR is an unnecessary plague
Gur2   (08.23.11)
First of all it's a league of feminazis, they must be stopped, they have severely destroyed economies all over the west.
2. The "hundreds of thousands" are down to hundreds.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
It's fascinating to watch a relatively few thousand demonstrators magically become "hundreds of thousands", according to organizers and their media friends. Now, it appears, the "hundreds of thousands" are magically being shrunk into mere hundreds.
3. idiots!
4. this is another example why the protests must end
zionist forever   (08.24.11)
Just about everyday somebody comes up with a new demand to add to the list which they expect the government to agree to or they will bring down the government. This really is starting to sound more and more like communism. The so called tycoons are the evil bourgeois elite who represent everything thats wrong with Israel. The government is bad because it has good relations with these evil tycoons. Now they want another union ( like we don't have enough trouble with the Histadrut ) so they can fight for better working conditions. They might have pictures of houses on their shirts but this has gone way beyond affordable housing which is what people were so supportive of when this all started. They are even starting to call this a revolution. It reminds me of the end of the Soviet Union the poor in Russia were saying we want communism back because under communism we were all happy and we don't like this new capitalist system. These idiots seem to think that when Israel had socialism were its golden years and we should fight against the establishment until we can return to those better days. I am really dreading the next election because I can foresee a coalition of that will include both Meretz and even the Marxists of Hadash and they will bankrupt the country in the name of social justice.
5. Definition of HR contractors
Klu Less   (08.24.11)
Sorry, I'm not privy to the meaning of HR contractors. Perhaps HR is a mnemonic for Human Resource? If so, I don't understand why there's a march that opposes HR. Or maybe the marchers are Facebook® friends with Dilbert®. Please enlighten.
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