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IDF investigation: Egyptians took part in attack near Eilat
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 24.08.11, 13:28
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1. Sounds like Egypt owes *Israel* an apology
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.24.11)
2. REQUIRE (!!!) Egyptian Apology!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.24.11)
3. why am i not suprised?
bruce david ,   hula valley israel   (08.24.11)
4. good work. now get this into International News...
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.24.11)
5. i think we'll skip this one
bbcnews   (08.24.11)
and wait for the next anti-Israel story.
6. Terorist atack
flora ,   israel   (08.24.11)
Well done Israel
7. I DEMAND!!!
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.11)
I DEMAN AN APOLOGY!!! The terrorist State owes all of Israel an apology for killing OUR civilians... OR we burn Giza to the ground. Do not like it much huh? EGYPT!!??? Now apologize!!!
8. :-) good
Dketerstov ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
9. We always apologize for being right.
Yehuda   (08.24.11)
10. Hogwash
Reda ,   Egypt   (08.24.11)
11. Barak apologized to Egypt any way : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.24.11)
12. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.24.11)
13. The "burning question" is,.....
GideonReader ,   USA   (08.24.11)
..Was the Egyptian Minister of Uncrollable Rage involved in the procedings?
14. revisionist, zionist, idf-investigation.
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   life/mankindland   (08.24.11)
an one-sided, unilateral idf-investigation is for me not enough to be an (as much as possible) objective investigation to get convincing and legal evidence. an instance of the un should do the investigation in this case, because several were/are involved in this incident.
15. 'egyptians perpetrated attack'
moron ,   galut   (08.24.11)
arafat was egyptian and so are gazans-jordan is arab palestine
16. #11
Oscar ,   Fort Worth/USA   (08.24.11)
Israel wants peace. Arabs want war. Arabs win. There is war Israel wins the war. Arabs cry for help. UN condemns Israel. Israel stops the war. Israel wants peace... and the cycle repeats itself. You can be proud of it..
17. You're so right!
Max ,   Revivim, Israel   (08.24.11)
18. #14, what like the Goldstone report?
Danny   (08.24.11)
19. since when arab nation ever apologized
ghostq   (08.24.11)
for anything, they demand something they never did. as for the findings, no suprise there, but now Egypt is part of terror striking country. only a matter of time untill inner power struggle will make it worse especially in election time.
20. why should we believe that?
Mohey ,   Egypt   (08.24.11)
It hasn't been the first time we hear lies about killing soldiers by mistake at the Israeli border. Isreali goverment is based on War and that's what will end it soon. isrealis should think like Egyptians and get love from them when really they know what they are like.
21. #14. Who the hell are you?
Thomas ,   USA   (08.24.11)
"idf-investigation is for me not enough" who the hell are you? Who cares little Israel hater what you think. Nobody: go back to your home at Haaretz where you can vomit your crap unhindered.
22. When are we going to build divisions for
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.24.11)
the border with egypt? We need tanks, a.p.c.s and artillery as well as combat aircraft. Stop wasting money on non Zionist groups and bringing over elderly new immigrants! Start to build up the southern command now. We need armored divisions and not hara-dim yeshivas or leftist groups.
23. So, all of a sudden ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.11)
...silence from Egypt. I think that Israel should go to the United Nations and demand a much-deserved apology from Egypt. We can always threaten to take back Sinai if they refuse ....
24. Bernie Madoff Investigated Himself
Poor Abused America ,   NYC, USA   (08.24.11)
and concluded that he did no wrong and acted beyond everything possible to do good for everyone! btw, Lehman Brothers, Goldman and other Wall Street elites concluded the same regarding their own actions.
25. Barak will again apologize to Egypt
Dan Kelso   (08.24.11)
This time Barak will apologize to Egypt saying we know Egypt was behind this terrorist massacre of Israeli civililian, So i apologize for Egypt being a terrorist country.
26. #20
Yosi   (08.24.11)
Surprising comment from an Egyptian to say Israeli government is based on war, when it was Egypt that has attacked Israel every time and started a war. And why not believe it, last thing Israel needs is an enemy Egypt, and first thing that Hamas and other Israeli hater factions need is Egypt to become enemies with Israel.
27. so, now what....
tiki ,   belgium   (08.24.11)
Is Egypt going to 'apology to Israel for murdering innocent Israelies by Egyptian citizens? Is Israel going to allow more Israelies to be shot for no reason by Egyptians (without consequenses) as for 'not to damage further relations with Egypt who are under a lot of 'strain by their 'peace loving people to break the PEACE with Israel. WAR is 'always prefered over peacefull coexistance in the Arab world.
Ahmad Cohen Ibn ,   Mousa HaLevy   (08.24.11)
After too many battles, apologies, and 10000 rockets, Can't we just get a divorce and go our separate ways. I'll stay here in my house that my father and his father built. You go back to the desert where you came from you nomadic parasite with no morals or values.
29. #20 because
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.11)
Because it was the Egyptian government which identified the dead terrorists as Egyptian, including one who was already tried and jailed in Egypt for murder of Egyptians.
30. #14. Idiotic post. The 3 dead men were IDENTIFIED.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.24.11)
How is that for revisionist? That point says a lot about your ignorance and hate. Sounds like you want to revise the findings to suit your hateful bias. Facts roll off your back like water off a duck's back. Israel put forward proof which was accepted by Egypt. All you can put forward are silly thoughts. You silly man - you're full of nonsense.
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