Arab MKs seek Africa's support for PA bid
Moran Azulay
Published: 25.08.11, 17:03
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1. Abusing their freedom
chris ,   wales   (08.25.11)
There's the evidence of an Enemy Within! These Arabs are abusing their Freedom by stabbing Israel in the back. every Israeli,left and right,should be Angry about this!
2. Okay. Okay.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.25.11)
If they are all that hell bent for leather to create a fictitious state, remove them from the Knesset and send them packing to that fictitious state.
3. Big difference
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (08.25.11)
There is a big difference between being democratic and being stupid. This people are actively working against Israel and should be kicked out. Democracy is fine but treason is not acceptable, they don't like it, let them go away from OUR country.
4. Oppression and occupation
Simon Avrom Ordever ,   Lagos, Nigeria   (08.25.11)
Ask any African on the street, be they Muslim or Christian, and they will tell you that the centuries of oppression was suffered at the hands of the Arab invaders of their continent.
5. change the electoral system & we get rid of these traitors
zionist forever   (08.25.11)
We change the system to one where we have a single party rule alone for a set period of time rather than coalition government and we will get the arabs out of the Knesset. We will have 3-4 mainstream parties and the arabs won't have enough numbers to form a party so the treacherous arabs will be out of the Knesset for good at last. For now we need strict rules on what MKS can or cannot do and harsh punishments if they break the rules. The likes of Tibi & Zouabi think they can do what the hell they are like because they are arabs and not letting them have all that freedom is discrimination. If they break those rules they will be punished based on a 3 strikes and your out system. 1) First offense your suspended from the Knesset. 2) Second offense you get an even longer suspension. 3) Third offense and your expelled from the Knesset and not allowed to be put forward as a candidate at the next electiton. If they stand again after their one election suspension and they offend for a fourth time its a lifetime ban from the Knesset.
6. We seek support to remove Arab MKs
Levi ,   Karmiel   (08.25.11)
Think about someone doing this in any other country.
7. Is it possible...
A ,   Belgium   (08.25.11)
to throw ministers and their parties out of the Knesset? If it is, why hasn't it been done yet? What do arab knesset members (NOT Druze) have to offer the Jewish state anyway, besides as was mentioned in other posts, back stabbing and treason? Why aren't Israelis protesting THIS instead of cottage cheese? And before anyone questions my right to be critical, I did 15 years in the reserves including having rocks thrown at me, I had a skud from Irag fall 400 meters from my house, and both my sons served, one in Hebron and the other in the Gaza war. My daughter is now serving in the IDF. So yeah, I know what I'm talking about.
8. By the Way...
A ,   Belgium   (08.25.11)
doesnt "Sarsur" mean pimp (the noun) in Hebrew?
9. How do we let them use us like this?
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.25.11)
It's beyond understanding. If Tibi etc want to vote for a Palestinian state we need to make it clear that they go live in it.
10. Why should Africans support Pally State?
William ,   Israel   (08.25.11)
The Arab MKs' argument makes no sense. Yes, the Africans themselves know oppression very well. They also know genocide and exploitation by outsiders very well, as the Jews do from Arabs. Africans feel the terrorism and oppression by Arabs in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc. The "Palestinians" are trying to make an argument that Jews are outsiders like Europeans and that's historical untrue. Unlike Africans, "Palestinians" have repeatedly used terrorism to commit genocide against Jews, and many times refused many offers for peace and a State in the past. European colonialists had no history in Africa prior to arrival while Jews came from Israel thousands of years ago - a fact that many Christian Africans acknowledge and support. "Palestinians" are betting on support from disenfranchised 3rd world countries while they live high on the global welfare hog and Africans continue starving.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.25.11)
What a waste of time. we all know the Resolution will be vetoed, end of story. But I do agree with Sarah, if the Arab MK lobbies for a Palestinian state, he should be ejected from the Israeli government. Send him to the WB or Gaza. CASE CLOSED
12. Haha
OJLeb ,   Canada   (08.25.11)
Good to know the Arabs in the Knesset didn't forget where their loyalty belongs. Why would they help your country kill and oppress their own people? You're stupid for thinking they ever would.
13. One pimp and 2 harlots = Brothel
Avram Goldsmith   (08.25.11)
Propabaly they promis to Africans 72 virgin option, which my friend from #4 acknowledged.
14. Stupid Israel
Matthew Lusia ,   Arnhem, Holland   (08.25.11)
Why do Israelis accept this situation true enemies of the state within their own government. It seems that in Israel you can even start a terrorist party or an nazi party and get in the Knesset. I'm planning my Aliyah within two years, but when I read articles like this I start to question myself if that is a right move. Kick these terrorists supporters out of the Knesset, or even better out of the state. Just imagine what weird it would look, if a US senator went abroad to demonize the US. It's a good thing to give Israeli-Arabs the same rights as Israeli-Jews, but this is just crazy.
15. Why doesn't Daphna Leef and the protestors protest..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.25.11)
...the Arab Trojan Horse of Israel - the Arab Fifth Column inside Israel? It is clear that they are 'Israeli" Members of Knesset - Israeli only in name. But they represent in reality the "Palestinians" and the Arab world. And they are allowed to sit in the Knesset? Speaking about oppression and occupation: I agree that people should fight and struggle against occupation and oppression. The problem is that there is no such thing as a "Palestinian" people nor a "Palestinian" state ever in recorded human history. The land is called Israel. Israel was occupued by Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Byzantine Empire, Arabs, Crusaders, Turks/Ottomans, the British and the Arab Republic of Egypt occupied Gaza between 1948-1967 and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria between 1948-1967. Israel has been almost liberated by the Jewish people. Now it remains for Israel to liberate Gaza, Judea and Samaria from the Arab occupiers - the "Palestinians" - the Trojan Horse of the Arab empire. If African states took democracy and liberation seriously, they would support Israel, western democracy and the Jewish people's ancient history in their ancestral homeland of Israel. Africans fought European imperialism. Now Africans should side with us Israelis against Arab imperialism.
16. Never will you get my vote!
Zionist ,   South Africa   (08.25.11)
17. They are not Israelis, they are Palestinians
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.25.11)
So...take them back their Israeli nationalities and passports. Apply the "Persona non grata" law to them. Give each of them a one-way ticket to leave Israel within 48 hours.
18. Arabs have used Palestine to divert all UN assistance and attention to Arab Refugees
Prince ,   Nigeria   (08.25.11)
Arabs have used Palestine to divert all UN assistance and attention to Arab Refugees at the expense of suffering Africans
19. No matter what the Zionists did to us
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.25.11)
we the Palestinians will remain forever ONE PEOPLE.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.25.11)
What these 3 MKs are ASKING might be unpalatable to many,including me,but that doesn't mean that what they are DOING is reprehensible.They are upholding their right to freedom of speech in a free,western liberal democracy.This is what gives the State of Israel the moral high-ground above the Arab states. These 3 MKs are NOT the only ones who can state a case.Israel's government is free to state the case for rejecting the PA's UN bid to these very same ambassadors,including blunt statement of the implications for them of taking an anti-Israel stance.3rd world countries have a lot to lose and they ought to be reminded of it. And if Israel's government isn't doing that,it should be. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
21. Do not allow anyone who did not serve
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.25.11)
in the I.D.F. to sit in the knesset, vote or work in government! Put these arab m.k.s in prison with or without a trial. They are the enemy within along with the hara-dim m.k.s.
22. #19 One (fake) people, with no state.
23. Arabs MKs
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.25.11)
So, how could MKs who oppose the state of Israel, actual be a member of Knesset? Theese dogs actually bites the feeder!!!
24. fantacy
gates ,   nigeria   (08.25.11)
start heading to jordan and eygpt where u belong now that there are still opportunities for u to fight for it
25. To nr 21 - We human beings don't exist to "serve" anyone
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.25.11)
There mere fact that we are Jews in our Jewish homeland and having Israeli citizenship and being loyal to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state would be enough for people of age and with an academic degree to vote or sit in the Knesset. In the USA and most European countries, one doesn't need to serve the army, navy or air force in order to vote for or serve in their respective legislative institutions. True democratic rights should come naturally and independently of army service. I'm conservative and a nationalist - you know that. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Claiming that one needs to serve the IDF in order to get qualified jobs, or sitting in the Knesset or voting for the Knesset is not only undemocratic - it is stupid, immoral and unpractical. Not all Jews of Israel were born here. Many Jews from the disapora have come here full of dreams. They settled in Israel after the age when IDF draft people. Where are they supposed to go? If they can't live in Israel with full democratic rights then why bother being here? All of them are human beings with feelings and dreams. Aren't Jews supposed to have voting rights or sitting in the Knesset or having qualified jobs because they were born in the diaspora and therefore didn't serve the IDF? I'm telling you plainly and simply - you're playing with fire. Being patriotic, loving one's country and preserving it as a Jewish and democratic state is one thing. But Jews oppressing and discriminating their fellow Jews simply because they were born in the diaspora and didn't serve the IDF is simply discriminatory, evil, malign, stupid and unpractical. Useful, qualified and loyal Jewish/Israeli citizens with dreams and visions will be wasted and squandered. IDF exists to serve Israel. If someone is born in Israel and is physically capable of serving IDF - he/she will serve - including the Haredim. If someone is born in Israel but cannot do the military service for medical reasons or wishes to postpone military service due to academic studies - this should be granted. If Jews from the diaspora settle here in Israel and they make aliyah while they are still eligible for being drafted into the IDF - they will serve. If they make aliyah after the drafting age -they will not serve. And everyone will enjoy equal rights in Israel. Remember: Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon all served the IDF. They weren't exactly brilliant Prime Ministers. Serving the IDF doesn't make you loyal to Israel or capable for the job.
26. To nr 20 - "Freedom of speech" does not include...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.25.11)
...1) Jew hatred/anti-Semitism 2) Rewriting/stealing 4000 years of Jewish history/identity in Israel and claiming the Jewish state in the name of another ethnic group of people - namely Arabs 3) Arab demographic warfare. No democracy should allow ethnic minorities to demographically take over the host nation from within. The most valuable function of democracy is right to live - survival. If democracy means "absolute" rights for the minorities at the expense of the host nation being stabbed in the back and at the same time the host nation being handcuffed and prevented from preserving and defending their country, then "democracy" sounds more like "unilaterally made decision for collective and national suicide in the name of democracy". In other words: a democratic collective national suicide. One civilization destroying another civilization from within - thanks to "democracy". Democracy is supposed to grant you freedom - not to make you a victim or slave to political correctness. 4) Democracy does not entail granting people the right to demand money and services from the state and stabbing the government in the back at the same time. 5) Democracy does not mean having the legal/political right to destroy or change the host nation's specific ethnic character from the inside or the outside by threats, insults, political propaganda or political pressure, political ideology, mockery, racism, rewriting of history, demographic warfare, violence, terrorism, cooperation with the host nation's arch enemies, cheering when the host nation's people are being slaughtered in wars and terrorist attacks or applauding missile/rocket attacks on Israel, or visiting an enemy state hellbent on Israel's destruction and so on. 6) Serving the Israeli Knesset must entail LOYALTY to a Jewish and democratic State of Israel - as the original, ancient, historical, present, future and eternal homeland for the Jewish people. Ethnic minorities are precisely what the word implies: they are minorities - in a foreign land, just like ethnic minorities in European states are strangers, foreigners. -They can be granted equal citizenship rights but they also need to be loyal to their country. The same goes with Arab MK:s
27. #19 One people disunited & destructive
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.25.11)
The video of Hamas men tossing Fatah members off buildings and shooting them in the back while their children watched comes to mind. The missiles and bombs being fired at Israel prove Palestinian statehood is a farce.
28. to 19
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.25.11)
Yes, salma...And now be a good tarzan: clime on the highest tree around and shout it loud..That will make it true...
29. to no. 26 - Excellently proven point !
Jennnie ,   Israel/US   (08.26.11)
You have said it, Alexander ! Kol Hacavod...Nothing to add or take away...Israel doesn't and shouldn't have the luxury of having active enemies in the Government of the Jewish State... There is no example of such travesty in any other country in the world...Tibi and Hanna should be expelled immediately and investigated for treason & cooperating with our enemies at the time we are absobing havy blows from them...What is wrong with this government ? !
30. Arab Knesset members
Ronnie ,   Philadelphia USA   (08.26.11)
Deport them and cancel their citizenship.
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