Poll: Tent protestors worried about future
Tomer Zelzer, Calcalist
Published: 27.08.11, 08:37
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1. HEROES. Keep fighting the low-wage-high-expense CANCER.
5th generation ,   Israel   (08.27.11)
The hopes of the best of this country are riding on you. The goverment will try to wait you out, wear you down. The rest of us can only pray that you won't give, and that real change will come. The evil that has infiltrated a nation that was to be a haven from evil is unsustainable.
2. they want instant gratification to a complex problem
zionist forever   (08.28.11)
They have set their goals to high and are expecting to much to soon. Fuel, electricity prices are going up but these are beyond government control because the price of imports has gone up and the price hike is naturally being passed onto the customer. In cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem it doesn't matter how many affordable homes the government builds it will never be enough and ordinary people on an average wage will never be able to afford to buy there. Thats part of the evolution of a city and governments can't control that, the only solution is for Israel's to learn about commuting and live further out into the suburbs where property is cheaper. Bibi has said he intends to invest in public transport to make this sort of thing easier. A good place to start would be to increase car import taxes and invest the extra in public transport. Monopolies do need to be broken up and state owned companies privatized also something Bibi is very keen on doing. The real problem is one the government can't do anything about and thats the low salleries compared to other parts of the world. The government can increase minimum wage but that doesn't drive increase the paycheck of the people earning above minimum wage. The protestors hate him and see him as a stooge to big business but Bibi is the best one for the job right now. Bibi understands economics whilst Labor and Kadima are going to start reckless spending to get votes. If Bibi is allowed to make reforms at a slow but steady pace the protestors are not going to see any overnight changes which reckless spending will give them but they will see improvements and carried out in a responsible way so we don't end up like Greece which doesn't benefit anybody. Time for the protestors to decide do they want instant gratification by creating a false economy or do they want economic stability combined with change over a long time.
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