Ahmadinejad: No place for Israel in region
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Published: 26.08.11, 15:44
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1. More Islamic calls for genocide, still silent NGOs
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.26.11)
Here's the leader of Iran calling for genocide and mass murder, and the so called "human rights" organizations remain silent. A sad indictment of Iran, of course, but an even sadder and more dangerous indictment of the NGOs.
2. Unity
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.26.11)
Is good to see unity. Finally, Ahmadinejad agrees with Abbas and Fayyad on something.
3. "liberation of the whole of Palestine"
daniella ,   israel   (08.26.11)
'forgetting the ideal for the ultimate goal of the liberation of the whole of palestine is equal to committing suice'... ahahaha i thought this was the arab's undoubted goal, and they still committ suicide
4. Less & less places for rogue despots like Ahmadinejad
Joe ,   Canada   (08.26.11)
5. Ahmadinejad
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.26.11)
You suffer from SMALL MAN SYNDROME....
6. for once the monkey speaks the truth
zionist forever   (08.26.11)
I don't imagine there is a single country in the Middle East that thinks there is a place for Israel in this region, including Israel because we know we are not wanted. Nobody is under any illusions that our neighbors want us there in any way shape or form. I am not sure there is a single country in the world that believes there is a place for Israel ( US included ). Israel doesn't have oil, the arabs don't like Israel and the palestinians want to stake a claim to it so we have two people fighting over one plot of land.
7. Nothing like a war crime to end the week
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.26.11)
What's a little genocide and ethnic cleansing to a Muslim. Heck I guess if we decided that there should be no Muslims in the region that too would be acceptable.
8. no room on map
moron ,   galut   (08.26.11)
this is why jordan is arab palestine and another plo state is a dagger at the heart of every jew everywhere.oslo is a self-inflicted defeat
9. You sick loony...than you don't have a place on this planet.
A Turkish friend   (08.26.11)
I am ashamed that my government has been kissing your evil a....and they will regret this one day. I feel it will be sooner than later though, from the look of things. Israel, there are many around the world who support you by heart. Stay strong and shalom.
10. Obama - !!! - ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.26.11)
Wake up, Time for Action has come, although You are very late !. Arn.
11. He is right. this is the Arab and Muslim plan.
Hadad ,   U.K   (08.26.11)
IBut God has got his plan to distroy this rat in this world and the world to come.
12. Ahmadinejad doesn´t have the guts to try it himself.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.26.11)
But, I´ll bet he´s more than happy to sacrifice his precious "Palestinians".
13. And he builds on the bomb and he builds
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.26.11)
and he builds...
14. "no room for Israel in the region"
William ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
He's right. With all of the violent, oppressive Arab dictators in the region, Israel's existence as the only real democracy there is making these regimes look bad. Arabs are demanding more democratic rights like Arabs in Israel have, they want the right to protest peacefully as they do in Israel, they want the right to indict and remove poor performing or corrupt leaders, they want economic and personal security and not a call to destroy yet another "enemy of Islam". In light of that, A'jad is correct. Israel is very dangerous to the Middle East dictators. Just like US and Western Europe was dangerous to Soviet States and Communism.
Israeli 2   (08.26.11)
16. repetitions
jackie ,   Florida   (08.26.11)
Heis just repeating what he has said many times before. He is also repeating what Arabs said in 1947 at the UN. And what both charters, that of Hamas and the PA, also state. For tht matter, te Koran authorizes Muslims to kill Jews wherever we may hide.
17. eliminate ahamadinejad
iraj   (08.26.11)
take this filthy microbe out.
18. The little monkey squeaks!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.26.11)
You know, it would be fun to drop something on Iran, just to show him which country is threatened with extinction ..... it doesn't have to be in a populated area.
19. To: Jackie at No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.26.11)
We don't hide. Hezbollah and Hamas, on the other hand, do. Usually behind women, children and the elderly. Standard operating procedure for terrorist scum, evidently.
20. USA will do nothing
Richard ,   Boca Raton, USA   (08.26.11)
My government, the United States of America, will say nothing about these disgusting anti-semetic, hateful remarks. The liberal government-media will not print these remarks, nor comment on their meaning. That is because our president is Muslim by heritage and Barak Hussein Obama does not support Israel, nomatter what his rhetoric is. If Obama is not thrown out of office in 2012, the USA and Israel are in deep doo-doo.
DO NOT FEAR THE ugly LITTLE BEGGAR , DO NOT FEAR his BIG MOUTH WITH HIS many inadequacies and insecurities...and OBVIOUSly a VERY small GENDER...he's all mouth, no backbone, a theocratic ass-kisser-who survives by sucking on and stroking his masters. LIKE DYING GADAFLY, DEAD SPIDER HOLE HUSSEIN, SLIPPERY SLOPE ASSAD, THIS LOSER/SCUM WILL BE GONE IN LESS THAN 6months...GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD GARBAGE= and he is a primary Mossad target...wonderful!
22. NGO to consider avoiding
Abraham ,   Santa Barbara, USA   (08.26.11)
Brian, great point. Where is the condemnation from Jimmy Carter his NGO, the Carter Center? Oh, that's right, the Carter Center has all those "Gold Donors" who donate more than $10 million annually to Carter's NGO. The Cater Center's Gold Donors include: Saudi Arabia, the al-Saud Family, the Emir of Oman, the Kingdom of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Morocco, and the Bin Laden Group.
23. the little bearded monkey Is SCARED
moockmood, You are the one who headed for a CRASH COARSE with ??? Your secret NUCLEAR WEAPONS program is the OPEN. Anything you and your baba tells you to say is a LIE, iran is a DESPOT Nation, disconnected from the WORLD, this is what you wanted, BUT THE People of iran??? Hashem Has Plans for You and arabs just like you. Shabat Shalom
24. Are the US and the EU deaf or what?
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.26.11)
Here we go again. Dear Monkey wants Israel wiped off ( I wonder by whom ).
25. Ahmadine: no place for Israel in region
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav   (08.26.11)
Ahmadinejad:you are by far the , prince of darkness, there are shadows all around you ,but Israel is still and will continue to shine,i afraid it is you who have no place in the region,it is filled with darkness and i pity you.
26. Haman is back, after we made Hanin Zoabi our queen Ester
Hadad ,   U.K   (08.26.11)
27. .
Avi ,   Spain   (08.26.11)
The end you will see......
28. Mephistopheles' mad man of the M.E.
carl   (08.26.11)
Another speech done by this vicious dog fed by his Sow. Another spectacular oratory by the master of microbes (being one himself), delivering his favorite ' song and dance " allah ubber alles "; preaching to his pal Assad to slow down on his slaughterhouse operations and telling the Russians where to go. For 7 years he has been telling the world about Israel's whipping of the map, Israel in his last gasp, Israel final hour is here, Israel , Israel, Israel.....Satan's obssession. Unfortunately, for his predictions, the amazing 7 years results for all to see are here, except for his stupid, worthless, inconsequential decadent reign. Israel is thriving,it's economy is booming, his banking system superb, tourism is up and so is his export. All this while his vile gods are vomitting bodies of his favorite sons who, with full fury kill, slaughter, burn each other at a furious pace all over the M.E. Ahmadinejad, the swill of mankind, with his old, used, tired, rotten tirades. No one listen to him, looks at him any longer. -- Boring, Boring, Boring !
29. Ahmadinejad is a PRO-ZIONIST PROPAGANDA.
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.26.11)
30. The mahdi has professional jealousy
Omri ,   TA   (08.26.11)
He has genocide envy. That is why he tries to belittle the holocaust. He wants the first place prize.
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