Anti-Israel protests held in Cairo, Tehran
Elior Levy
Published: 26.08.11, 20:51
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1. Arabs can't change their stripes. Pitiful and dangerous.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.26.11)
Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. For those of you who don't know the French expression, it means as much as things change, they stay the same. Such is the so called "Arab Spring", which is really turning into the latest round of dictatorship changes in the Arab world. The Arabs generally are not friends of "human rights" unless it's against Israel. They are not in favor of "Peace" unless it means a peaceful "Palestine" and no Israel. And they are of course against the "apartheid wall" and in favor of armed attacks against Israeli civilians - and they call these war crimes the "legitimate right to resist the occubation". It's all full of crap, of course. There is no Arab Spring. There is no freedom breaking out all over the Arab world. What we have is more bloody Arab rabble rousing, dictators clinging to power by force of arms, and Arabs spending their time calling for genocide against the Jews instead of freedom for themselves.
2. We should be protesting any ties with
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.26.11)
egypt and for annexing our liberated territories, not cottage cheese! We should protest against ehud buraq and his ineffective defense of Israel. We should protest that the government does not order arab demonstrations to be broken up with the maximum force. Use whatever it takes to teach them that they cannot protest or riot on our land.
3. The desire of the Muslim-Arabs in 1948 has not changed:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.26.11)
In 1948 they went out to wipe the tiny nation-state of the Jewish people off the face of earth, and today they are ready to do the same thing. The only thing that stops the Muslim-Arabs for realizing their intent, which we must never take for granted, is the Jewish people's stead fast stand against this desire, within and without the Jewish people's nation-state of Israel; and, the strength of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in defending our national home. Yet, some in the world, are eager to hand over these forces a "state", one from which to continue to attempt to extract gains from Israel until it is no more... What a cynical world!!
4. Solutions
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (08.26.11)
That "people" outside Israel protest in their own countries doesn't bother me. It's their right. Now "people" trying to enter Jerusalem illegally is a totally different matter. They are organized (they cancelled other "events") so catch the organizers and put them the other side of the Sinai border.
5. Maybe Jews should
Yosi   (08.26.11)
demonstrate against Arab countries, which seek to annihilate Israel and strip Israel from its Jewish roots, making it a giant, brand new Muslim Holy site
6. Islam = False Religion.
7. yes i promise you
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.26.11)
give us back 67 with al quds as capital and all refugees believe me back to israil and we will love you and we will have peace i promise you
8. Tehran and Cairo - two useless capitals
William ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
Tehran and Cairo both need a scapegoat to redirect criticism from their own incompetence.
9. "Palestinians throw rocks and bottles..."
William ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
and now you see the reason for the checkpoints and wall in the first place - Arab racist violence. Neither checkpoints or wall existed in 1999 and unfortunately it cost hundreds of Israelis their lives when Arabs launched terrorism in one day through yet another failed Intifada.
10. well, it is rather routine than breaking news
bob ,   canada   (08.26.11)
11. Sad
jn   (08.26.11)
Once again the great muslim peoples have found something to rally against. Forget corruption, education, technology, water issues, poverty and a better life. The main issue is Israel. They will never grow up.
12. #6: Not mad about it either but 1.5 billion Muslims .....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.26.11)
don't agree! Nor does Europe, the USA, Most of Asia and the President of the United States was born one too! So, nameless, like the saying goes, "Huston, we have a problem" and we had just better used to the the idea that Islam is not going away. The good side is that neither is Israel or Judaism and we kick butt better than they do!
13. Million man protest?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.26.11)
In Teheran, Cairo, Bangkok and Indonesia? The interesting one is Bangkok. I'm very pleased that they have taken a break from selling six year old girls to perverts, however. If they can keep from returning to that rather despicable trade in babies, I'm more than happy to have them protest against Israel every damn day of the week. Thailand. Really. Wow. As to the rest -- one million unwashed and illiterate idiots living in primitive countries. Yawn. Where's the sports section?
14. #7
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (08.26.11)
And we should believe you, based on exactly which promises you lot have kept? Nice try, Rashid. No to Jerusalem, no to refugees.
15. # 3 no wonder israel demands that the palestinians accept
Margie ,   Ottawa, Canada   (08.26.11)
israel's right to exist as the nation state of the jewish people, and that they accept a peace treaty as the end of the conflict and the end of all future demands. in the past israel has not always insisted on this, and therefore we see attempts by arab states to erase peace treaties or change them dramatically, e.g. plo, egypt, and take advantage of israel's good will. thanks.
16. You cannot have something that it not yours
raya ,   uk   (08.26.11)
You kill , you abuse, you use force.If you was peacefull neighbours believe me Israel was happy to open the boarder, give you Job ,Did you ask yourself Rashid - Why Egypt didnt want Palestinian, why Iran didnt want you ,They are like you - Muslims - so why they do not want you and do not give you citizenship and chance to live in this countries,I tell you why - because they do not want terror in this countries - for them you not exist.Choose other tactic - different from terror and I PROMISE YOU your life will be much easier and much happier
17. "Muslim rally against Israel" - is it really a news?
leo ,   usa   (08.26.11)
18. Rashid
Alice ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.26.11)
Not on your life. Your have no past therefore no future. As for us, The Jewish People, our past is the garant of our glorious future.
19. The rally in Tehran..
Sassan ,   Orange County, CA   (08.26.11)
The ones in Tehran are held by the religious vigilantes which kill Iranians. The Iranian people have no quarrels with Israel and recognize Israel's existence and sovereignty.
20. #7 Keep dreaming
Aharon   (08.26.11)
That will never happen. Plus IF you guys get a state, there is no point in having refugees come into Israel, what's wrong with "palestine" that they have to come into Israel for?
21. Rashid's promises #7
David M.   (08.26.11)
Dear Rashid, Do you really think that any Jew will rely on Arab promises? Some crazy leftists may be stupid enough to trust you, but the rest of us are smarter than that
22. WHEN, egypt cancels the peace treaty, make sure the sinai
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.26.11)
comes back, don't leave that behind as a gift to terrorists.
23. I am so proud to be a Jew!
Yossef   (08.26.11)
24. Arab spring = Muslims rally against Israel
Joseph.E ,   Givatayim-Israel   (08.26.11)
The Arab street demand for political & socio-economic reform is hijacked by Teheran ambitions for expansion , Pal-Arab thieves , swindlers , & Jihadists Muslim Brotherhood , Hezbollah , Hamas , Al Qaeida . Arab economy is at a low by their own arab crimes . Arab mirror is distorted , they see illusion of ego
25. Sinai
Matt   (08.26.11)
The big picture is this is like Mumbai a terror group trying to draw to states into war. A non state actor provoking two states into conflict, which they cannot conduct them selves. al-Qaida who are the US fighting in Afghanistan the Taliban, the Taliban were a state, al-Qaida act like a spawn, that is their MO. They do it all the time, Afghanistan, Mumbai via LeT, and now Sinai. They have drawn the Egyptians in there and slowly a larger foot print in Sinai, more risk of a misunderstand for a contact with Egypt, then they attack Israel drawing in Israel result some dead Egyptian Security Forces contact, perhaps it could have started a war, if ties were worse between Israel and Egypt you get the northern border contact and risk of full scale war. With Egypt and current ties, it is two allies shooting. So they want to be a menace in the Sinai to get more Egyptian troops into the Sinai and al-Qaida attack Israel so they are drawn in there and wait for an accidental contact. Maybe they thought they could provoke a war and misjudged it. If Israel goes to war against and does damage to Egypt, in the vacuum an Islamic revolution they will seize. But a state for who. Now Hizbullah has a state, maybe al-Qaida want to be a state. And that my friends is a person you know as al- Zawahiri. 9/11 (Afghan War) Mumbai steal a bomb, it is the same MO in Sinai.
26. Of course to be sure
Matt   (08.26.11)
You have to kill either al-Zawahiri or Bin Laden, he is dead, the MO still lives.
27. Get lost you lying sob! TaTa!
Nevertrustanarab   (08.26.11)
28. #7 Boy you're cracking me up ))))
HaifaGuy   (08.26.11)
Are you really who you say you are? Are you sure you're not a Mossad-hired impersonator? Presuming you really are a Rashit the Balistinian, do you expect my dirty socks to take your bromises seriously? We give and give and give and give and you take and take and take and take. Now what? CAn you be even more ridiculous than this??? Listen up, Pal: you ain't gettin' nothin', not even my dirty socks, not even the disgusting residue they have left on my sweaty feet. OK, you can have the residue. I'll need your postal address to mail it to you. Oh, i forgot, you Arabs don't have addresses... Good luck on your bobular brotest. It will definitely turn your lousy lives around bringing beace, brosberity and jjustice for all. What a LOL!
29. Ever Wonder?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.26.11)
Why six million Israeli Jews produce more Nobel Prize winners than 1 billion Muslims?
30. To #7
Yosi   (08.26.11)
If Refugees return, do you think there will be an Israel left to make peach with?
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