Abbas: We won't recognize Israel as Jewish state
Elior Levy
Published: 28.08.11, 07:01
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1. Options
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.27.11)
2. Abbas!
MOSHE ,   israel.   (08.27.11)
3.  The " refugees" are the Arab"winning card"to destroy Israel
PETER SM ,   Australia   (08.27.11)
What the Arabs could not achieve through war,genocide and terror they are trying get by ongoing demands. They refuse to go to the negotiating table, refusing to negotiate borders peace and an end to further demands.
4. How about just a country?
reubenr ,   Cornwall, NY   (08.27.11)
So, are we talking about rye bread or a country? Shouldn't we be focused on legitimacy and boundaries. Religion is not nationality.
5. You Don't Recognize Us....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.27.11)
we won't recognize you. Period.
6. Throw them out in any way
Meir ,   Itamar   (08.27.11)
How many more smacks, insults, threats, zilzolim must israel take before we wake up to understand that the only solution to peace is to throw them out in anyway.. to anywhere..
7. Arabs
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.27.11)
All arabs living east of the Jordan river must be repatriated to their arab coun try of origin . The first on to repatriated should be Abbas
8. elior levy- "abbas we...."
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   lifeland   (08.27.11)
it is to be hoped/wished, that after a conflict/crisis/war-like situation, which already lasts more than long enough, i thought, that in an eventually future state/land of "israel" or a state/land with another name, if this is agreed/settled,(with a/the settled territory of about 20.000 km2 to 26.000 km2 in asia/in this world, if it is also recognized by the palestinian people, by the other arab people and by any other land/people, that except the zionist-jewish/the jewish/zionist people, also the non-zionist/jewish population/people can stay to live in an eventually future "israel" and that the right to/of "return"/return/to go to an eventually future "israel" will be/has been settled, for any people, within an eventually future "israel".
9. #2 Moshe - Great comment!
Devorah   (08.27.11)
10. To 4, Actually recognizing it as a Jewish state is part of
NewMan   (08.27.11)
legitimacy. The explanation is very simple. By recognizing that Israel is indeed the Jewish State, this ends all these claims about flooding Israel with millions of (non) refugees*, in attempt to demographically destroy the state. The fact is that part of the process of recognizing Israel is that we put to rest each sides claims. If they do not recognize Israel as a Jewish State then they can claim that as the state has no specific character, it doesn't matter who is there, in essence just doing a pseudo recognition. *I put the non-refugee's because in reality the definition of palestinian refugee is so broad and unfair as it specially treats one group while ignoring everyone else that it cannot be legally or morally accepted in any case. Sorry but the UNRWA definition that allows for refugee status to be passed onto the next generation, so even if great grand kids are from Brooklyn, they can demand palestinian refugee status, if at least ONE great grandparent was someone living in the mandate from 1946-48... If the UNHCR definition is good enough for me, Tibetans, Afghani's, Burundi's, and all other people who come from regugee families, then it's good enough for them.
11. Abbas (headline- pic)
Bernie ,   Paris   (08.27.11)
Don' t he look like (once) nazi conductor Herbert Von Karajan?
12. These greedy people have only one goal
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (08.27.11)
to steal the land belonging to the Jews, in time though. Does Abbas actually think Natanyahu will negotiate with him, without declaring Israel will be a Jewish State? Keep dreaming Abbas, you are going to fail again because of your stupidity. Israel will Anex everything soon and the only thing you will have is a Jordanian Passport.
13. abbas Is A Coward Thats Why He Can't Face The
Truth, Israel Was Is and Always Will Be. arab/bedouins aka pali's NEVER existed, will not exist And Don't Have A Chance In Hell. So abu mazen You Will Never Have A country YOUR Animals, who hide behind Women And Children. Good luck in September, I Hear The Door Closing Fast. Yella Baruch Hashem
14. Annexation
Don ,   Poca, WV, USA   (08.28.11)
If Israel had annexed Judea and Samaria like they did the Golan Heights, they would not be facing this problem. It's not too late. Judea and Samaria are part and parcel of Israel. Annex Judea and Samaria. Tell Abbas and the Palestinians to like it or leave it.
15. to no.2-abbas
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.28.11)
Abbas is only being honest, moshe, because he is not afraid of Us. He kows, he'll be rewarded for his lies.. When will we all understand, that what he and all of his so-called people really want are not empty words, that could be negotiated ? Do you remember the first arab refugee camps in Gaza over 40 year ago ? That is how they started their road to nationhood: as refugees, not as palestinians...We allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees from arab countries into Gaza, we enabled them to have an arafat and his plo and there is not a soul on our end, who is interested to remind the world, the real origins of this fictional, non existing nation, anymore. Too bad.. Instead, we help them to boost their confidence and resolve, because we are not showing Ours..Where is our P/R work, advocacy and teachings of the truth on such a vital sibject, to the whole world, especially to the young generation of Israelis ?
16. madness
anon   (08.28.11)
It would be madness for abbas to reject the dream of a democratic human rights mutinational state from the sea to the river , Security would be controlled by the jews through the discoveries of the manhatten projectand huge wmd shelters with ballistic missile room built for all the states citizens who can live in peace with their neighbours.
17. Jordanian citizenship
Rachel ,   US   (08.28.11)
Doesn't he have Jordanian citizenship. He will be using it soon.
18. How can "Palestine" be the homeland for "Palestinians"???
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.28.11)
If Israel is not the national homeland for the Jewish people, then "Palestine" - a country that never before in history existed, can simply not be the national homeland for the "Palestinian people" who before 1967 were known as "Arabs" and not as "Palestinians".
19. response to #4
Dwolf ,   los gatos USA   (08.28.11)
Our legitimacy isn't in question. We don't need others to tell us what kind of state we are. Islamic states don't. Christian states don't. The Palestinian's aren't interested in an Israeli state side by side with anything. The fact that they can't even acknowledge our existence speaks volumes.
20. Lawlessness, Violence, and Terrorism: State Requirements?
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (08.28.11)
No matter how defiant Abbas is, the World should not back down. There are certain requirements that must be met in order for any State to be recognized. Lawlessness, violence, and terrorism is not among these requirements. A terrorist leadership, who threatens Israel's existence, is counterproductive to peace in the region. No sovereign country would consider living next to terrorists who are determined to destroy it. The UN's Anti-Israel stance is nothing new. Giving in to Palestinian leadership's demands at this time, however- a leadership allied with Ahmadinejad-who would like to eradicate Israel, will do nothing to promote peace in the region. Enabling Abbas and other P. leadership, who will not negotiate face to face with Israel, is irrational and irresponsible. A state must be earned, and the inhabitants of that state, must be willing to promote peace.
21. Now compare and contrast...
yitzhak ,   israel   (08.28.11)
.. remember the reaction when Bibi vetoed the '1967 "borders" [sic]' whilst in Washington? Remember the reaction? Remember the vilification, the hatred, the insults? Wanna see how anti-Semitic the world really is? Watch its reaction to this repellant animal's stubborn adherence to terrorism. And note the differences.
22. Abbas a "Statesman"? Shtuyoth!
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (08.28.11)
He, the past terrorist and corrupt to the core? He is gaining strength because of states already recognizing Palestine. But this Palestine will fight Israel wherever they can and with all possible means. Including terror.
23. okay then
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.28.11)
we do not recognize yuor right to EXIST in any way shape or form... Sept 20 we will remove you from Israel... one way or the other
24. Give me alot but don't ask me to give anything in return
zionist forever   (08.28.11)
Abbas thinks is he goes to the UN he can have it all without compromising on anything. An arab state within borders dictated by him not mutually agreed upon with Israel. Jerusalem, the PA have even talked about rebuilding the Mugrab Quater which was demolished in the 60s so the Kotel Plaza could be built in its place. Refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and it wouldn't suprise me if he demands the UN force Israel to grant a right of return. He will probably get two thirds - three quarters support in the General Assembly although without it passing the Security Council it will remain only a non binding resolution and the UN cannot create a legal state and the US has said it will use the veto. It will almost certainly lead to a mass increase in rocket attacks and possibly even suicide bombings. Bibi will have no choice but to respond with Cast Lead 2. Alot of people will be killed on both sides and there will be no way out of it because it will be considered treachery for any Arab leader to make compromises in talks in future and Israel can't just accept the UN resolution that has passed so there will be no diplomatic solution. More Israeli civilians have been killed as a result of the peace process than war and its just a shame the moronic left wing haven't learned this lesson yet.
Devorah   (08.28.11)
Please remove Catherine Ashton's beastly picture. I know she can't help the way she looks, but her ugliness inside is reflected on her outside.
26. Abbas! Israel doesn't need your recognition
Maxim ,   ISRAEL / USA   (08.28.11)
Israel does not recognize you false claim for a Palestinian state that never existed and never will. You are not a peace partner and not a man of peace.
27. the common logic would say if someone
ghostq   (08.28.11)
do not recognize Israel and the state was established by UN law, than any other UN law should not be recognized including palestinian state, there should not be selective obbey for laws, otherwise it will create criminal activity.
28. That's OK considering what else he said.
Penny ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.28.11)
Abbas also said the moon is made of green cheese, the Earth is flat and the Cubs are going to win the World Series this year.
29. The territories are without legitimate governance.
DANIEL ,   LOS ANGELES USA   (08.28.11)
Israel must govern the territories until they are divided and annexed to adjacent countries. The dream of a "palestinian state' is forever dead. RIP
30. No deal, then Abu Mazen.
b mezrithc ,   philadelphia pa   (08.28.11)
Israel is a Jewish Homeland. And by the way so is the West Bank where you are squating.
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