Glenn Beck: Hurricane Irene is a blessing
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.08.11, 12:06
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1. maybe less US money available now for terrorists?
Gur2   (08.28.11)
The USA and the EU are the biggest donors in supporting the poopystinian terrorists, so let's hope and pray they will be kept too busy with their own affairs to continue their terror support.
2. hurricane blessing?
moron ,   galut   (08.28.11)
almost as dumb as mayor bloomberg telling millions the law requires them to evacuate as if the jails could hold so many offenders
3. Beck
aline silverman ,   israel   (08.28.11)
Is this man insane? When is a disaster a blessing?
4. What's controversial about being prepared?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.28.11)
Just another attempt to slander Glenn Beck & make him out to be a crank. The way the world is going these days, being prepared isn't such a foolish idea. This is called ''prudence'' - once considered a virtue. The fact that he phrases things in religious terms is because he happens to be religious, nothing more. If he said the same thing without the religious connotation, people might call it wisdom.
5. a warning for whom pls ? he just returned to the east coast
eporue ,   europe   (08.28.11)
god didnt want to damage the holiest sites, for their desecration by this slandering guy, who at leasts hints to be the messiah... so, god waited until glen beck returned to new york, his home, to pass him a note... all, what he is taking out of it, is stockpiling hotdogs... sad...
6. Beck the clown looking for cheap publicity
Haim ,   TA   (08.28.11)
Naturally the hero of the right-wing to follow an insane jesus preacher.
7. Trust Ynet to Twist a Story
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (08.28.11)
Or should I say, trust Yitzhak Benhorin to take a quote out of context to twist a story and create spin. Just the same, I prefer to focus on a different quote that can stand on its own: "Be prepared and be someone who can help others so when disaster strikes, God forbid, you’re not panicking."
8. Benhorin: the perpetual libelious Anarchist!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.28.11)
The very fact that Benhorin hates something or somebody, is a card blanche to LOVE that something or somebody. This is the level of credibility Benhorin has achieved with his pathetic distorsions of facts and militant "journalism". Benhorin's anarchist views are a stain on ynet's reputation. This is not even "freedom of speech" - this is rather "freedom of libel" and Benhorin uses that "freedom" to the full, poisoning the news and atmosphere with his racista and hateful garbage.
9. If God really wants to send a message another one 20 Sep
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (08.28.11)
If God really wants to send a message to the world then there will be another hurricane around the 19th or 20th of September to prevent the PA bid.
10. Israel too stupid to heed warnings ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.28.11)
Israel was given the warning of Hamas rockets after their retreat from Gaza in 2005. Israel keeps going down the same doomed path with no peace in sight. How did Israel get so stupid that they can't see and HEED a warning right under their nose ?
11. "GET THE POPCORN READY... disaster is coming"
eporue ,   europe   (08.28.11)
...says it all, really...
12. Glenn Beck - one sick dude !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.28.11)
13. Not controversial, intelligent
Yael ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
Anyone remember after the Second Lebanon War started and we were told to have a stockpile of bottled water? There was such a rush on water that I had to go halfway across town before I found a store that still had any. Since then, I've always kept 'emergency supplies' on hand because G-d forbid, you just never know and you certainly don't want to be caught out.
14. Beck is giving excellent advice
Eric ,   Bet Shemesh   (08.28.11)
Beck advises people to be prepared for emergencies, and not to assume that the government will do it for you. Sound advice. Now will someone please tell us why his statement is controversial? I am not a leftist, therefore my brain is not wired to understand illogical leftist thinking. Thank You.
15. This man is 'ducked in the head'!
a 'Quaker' ,   USA   (08.28.11)
Beck knows diddly about blessings and curses from G-d. Beck should really review the relevant sections in the Bible about blessings and curses from G-d. If he is open-minded (can Beck be open minded?) he might learn something. In the meanwhile he should practice the Quaker (Friends) Christian Religion virture of silence!
16. @10 Israel knows we r under G-d's wing!
the rest is your ridiculous stupid showing.
17. #15 Oh please spare us your lame preaching brotha!
18. he means well but he makes himself sound like an idiot
zionist forever   (08.28.11)
What he says about teaching people to stockpile and prepare for disasters has a little bit of logic to it but there are easier ways to teach people to be prepared than this. Glen Beck might be a good friend to Israel but he can say stupid things even if he does mean well which I am sure he does. Best to ignore him, this is just typical wacky Glen Beck logic,
19. Wish I'd gotten out of the stock market & bought gold
Claudia USA ,   Tampa USA   (08.28.11)
when Beck began warning about the US financial collapse!
20. stay safe everybody. and don't listen to him!
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
21. GB is lunatic!!!
Liron ,   Jerusalem, lsrael   (08.28.11)
22. after 1 week with beck, we feel sorry for you guys
Alison ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
you stuck with him for your entire life!!!
23. we pray for you in israel. GB is crazy don't listen to him!!
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
24. I love NY, I don't love GB
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.28.11)
25. stay safe everybody. we're praying for you:)
Carmel ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
26. beck lost his mind long ago....
Victoria ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.28.11)
27. i pray the storm will carry beck to Oz...
Guy ,   Israel   (08.28.11)
the wizard is waiting... maybe he should ask for a brain
28. Bravo Eric #9
August 29. 2008   (08.28.11)
29. Barbra @ 12
Moragh   (08.28.11)
You won't be calling Glenn Beck a sick dude once the bombs start dropping on Haifa!
30. # 10 Israek knows we're under G-d's wing
Moragh   (08.28.11)
If you're another Qua(c)ker, forget it honey!
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