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Rabbis withdraw support for gay marriage
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 29.08.11, 14:39
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1. The idea could work.
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.11)
I for one thought it was a good idea to be able to match a homosexual (male) with a lesbian, especially if they have tried to change their same sex attractions. If we are taking about love, I would like to know how in the Charadi world it’s any different when a boy and girl gets married only meeting after five times, you can’t tell me these couples are in love. Halacha, Jewish law says that it’s a mitzvah in the world to produce children. Even when a brother dies childless Jewish law says the dead brothers sibling marries his wife and if not she has to perform a ritual by spitting in his direction. So if its to be that a homosexual would like to bring children into this would he does not have much options, that’s why I thing this would have been a good idea, who knows love could happen after just like in the Charidi world.
2. what a misleading title...
nadav   (08.29.11)
these superstitious, medieval "rabbis" never supported gay marriage, but rather a fake marriage between gay men and women. By the way, lesbians are homosexual as well, why does Ynet use "homosexual" when referring to gay men, but Lesbian" when referring to gay women? who is your copy editor!!??
3. What A Screwy Article.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.29.11)
Tartei Mashma.
4. No. 2 Nadav
NYC Girl   (08.29.11)
I'm glad it wasn't just me. I thought I was going crazy when I read that headline. Also, in this country there's a tendency to use the term "gays and lesbians" as if somehow lesbians weren't gay. Frankly, I don't know why that's the case unless these people think that male homosexuals are more gay than female ones.
5. I didn't read this article because
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.29.11)
it is totally irrelevant what rabbis think or do. It might sometime be interesting to know what rabbis think along with knowing what anybody else thinks. But why waste time on them? It is more interesting to me to know what Margalit Tsenani thinks about skimming promoters of entertainment in Israel. Why not, one entertainment kind is as good as any other.
6. absolutely misleading poorly written article
david ,   new york   (08.29.11)
these rabbis never supported gay marriage as the headaline states. what they were considering was matching up male homosexuals with female homosexuals to prevent homosexuality. probably the worst written and misleading article i have read in quite some time.
7. I'm with #6. Trying to make Rabbis appear flaky. Not so.
You would never get any religious Rabbi to deny any part of Torah for even a moment. --and to PUBLICLY pronounce the treif to be kosher? I don't THINK so. Somebody kept hocking them about some rediculous idea and they didn't want to seem disrespectful, so they nodded politely and said they'd "consider" the matter and some wishful thinker got carried away and started plastering their names about without the Rabbis consent! Of course they would insist that their names be removed as "approving" Rabbis. I also seriously doubt the authenticity that: "Ynet has learned (FROM WHERE??!?!) that they have not ruled out matches between homosexuals and lesbians," and pressuring, bad-guy-making statements:"The plan will likely suffer a heavy blow as the two were the most senior religious leaders linked to it" (linked mistakenly by WHOM? --whomever "linked" the rabbis should publicly apologize for jumping the gun. Also, I'm sure that Rabbi Burstein of Puah Institute would be surprised to find that he "supports the initiative". Get your sources straight and fact -check before defaming people, Ynet!
8. nadav #2
Abie Dee ,   New York, U.S   (08.29.11)
It's not just ynet who makes the distinction between gays and lesbians. In reality you are correct since both are gay but even here in the US the terms 'gay' are usually for men and 'lesbian' for women.
9. If people wanna be gay then let them be gay! SHEEEZ.
david ,   uk   (08.30.11)
10. rabbis withdraw support for gay marriage
Sam ,   new york, usa   (08.30.11)
I am Jewish, Gay and proud. I find what these rabbis in Israel are doing is reprehensible and against all that is good. How can you ask for acceptance in the world community and discriminate. You can not convert someones sexual orientation. One is born that way. It is in our genes. If this travesty of justice continues I will renounce my own Jewish heritage. You are perpetrating falsehoods and lowering peoples self esteem and self respect. STOP THIS NOW!
11. #10: homosexuality is genetic??? -i don't think so
david ,   new york   (08.31.11)
i have read the research articles on this topic and, my dear friend, there is NO evidence that homosexuality is a predetermined genetic condition. in identicle twins separated at birth where one twin was homosexual - only 1 in 16 was the other homosexual (close to the baseline rate). things that are genetic include: gambling and infidelity. not homosexuality.
12. @ 10
RC ,   USA   (05.10.12)
You imply that being homosexual is a genetic condition, so out of curiosity; are your parents bi-sexual?
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