Gov't reexamining nuclear power plant
Lior Gutman, Tomer Avital
Published: 30.08.11, 09:12
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1. IEC should be considering smaller designs
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.30.11)
Is IEC only considering a plant in the 1,200 megawatt range? That would be a mistake. There's much to suggest multiple, smaller plants are the better approach. Smaller plants, some as small as 25 megawatts, can be factory assembled and simply shipped to the site - say, an air base or a desalination plant. That radically gets the cost down, provides redundancy, and minimizes transmission losses. There are a myriad of such new designs out there which are self-regulating, and don't require complex cooling systems. Some don't even use enriched uranium as the fuel source (they use lithium), thus reducing the risk of proliferation.
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