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Netanyahu, Livni meet after months of silence
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.08.11, 18:43
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1. months of silence.....
les ,   canada   (08.29.11)
dear tzipi. just what is a "political process? giving the golan to syria? giving the 1000 vicious murderers to hamas for shalit? or just agreeing to everything the enemy wants? no! labour allready shown what they are made of. it is time for lieberman and his comerades to take the helm.
2. Can you blame him?
Rachel ,   US   (08.29.11)
Why would he want to waste time with this whiny woman.
3. No other nation would tolerate likes of Livni in leadership.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
Livni is nothing if not consistent. She consistently takes the side of Israel's enemies over Israel's democratically elected leaders and the clear interests of Israel. Livni's blasting of Israel's government, in front of foreign audiences, is dangerously close to treason. If it is not indeed treason. No other nation would tolerate the likes of Livni in leadership. It's way past time to end the disgrace.
4. You don't have the right to say it
Yonatan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.29.11)
You're living in Canada, so it's not you bussines anymore! Who talked about Syria? And what is your offer, from the place you live and telling us what to do? Kadima is not Labor, and what's the connection? Liberman will kill us all and lead us to the bottom of the world.
5. #4
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.29.11)
What does living in Canada have to do with the issue. Reality, a lot of the problems Israel faces in the south stem from kadima's decision, Mofaz and Sharon 's decision to leave the Phisdelphia corridor allowing the terrorists to bring in tons of arms from Sinai into Gaza unabated. If Livni and kadima ever take power you will wish you lived in Canada. Fasten your seatbelt israel's war with the arabs and muslims, iran has jutst begun.
6. possibly a good thing
william ,   Canada   (08.29.11)
Somthing is going to happen ,about time,shalom.
7. dear Mrs. Livni ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.29.11)
NOTHING can prevent Palestinian spring in September. No need to wear a coat there will be NO storm.
8. meeting opposition leader?
IRV ,   USA   (08.29.11)
Why? Israel's form of government where the opposition sits in the cabinate and are awarded various power positions in the Kenesset is the TRUE problem. Can you readers imagine being the ceo of a company and your 10 member board of directors include 5 members of competing banks? No one would do that. It is a recipe for failure as half the board is doing their best to undermine the ceo(prime minister). Besides Livni already has her people in the cabinate,aren't they informing her? Get with it Israel.
9. meeting opposition leader?
IRV ,   USA   (08.29.11)
10. Who the after all
CC   (08.29.11)
his coming out of the closet as being a paid hack for Livni and a fanatical Netanyahu-hater in his positions many times, reportes and opinion column takes this man seriously to report on anything happening in Israel?
11. First meeting between Bibi & Charwoman
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.29.11)
The subject is the first meeting in months. The primary question is WHY? There is nothing to say to Obama surrogate Zipperette, the Charwoman of the Kadimacrats. I can hardly wait for Happy Babbler's reportage.
12. #5 history lesson
eitan ,   Kfar Veradim, israel   (08.29.11)
You talk about reality? Reality, almost ALL the problems we face today stems from the catastrophic decision that Menachem Begin made, NOT insisting that Egypt take Gaza with the rest of the Sinai when "peace" deal was made. Imagine how many lives would have been saved? Palestinian terrorism may never have been born. West bank arabs would still be living in harmony with us as they did in the 70s. Sadat was a genious, leaving the Gaza "cancer" to grow in us.... Chaval!
13. TO #4
David ,   On this planet   (08.29.11)
# 1 Les lives in Canada and you live in Safe Ramat Gan not in the south where your country men are catching hell daily Your wish for your favorite leaders will turn your life hellish and worse than the ones living in the south of Israel
14. #7 Where Are You From? No Place In
the world with that name, oh yea You Live In ISRAEL and Jersulem Is The Eternal Capital Of YOUR LANDLORDS. Now and FOREVER my little desert flower. Yella
15. Bibi You Have The HARDEST JOB IN The
WORLD, you know and so do a LOT of People. But It doesnt matter what people think? May Hashem Bless You and Give You Strength and Wisdom for the end of this Chess Game. If I personally Can Help You, you know where to find Me !!!!!!!!!!!! Baruch Hashem
16. to 7
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (08.30.11)
I bet that you will squawk more than ever in September.Yella indeed.
17. to Eitan #12 history lesson
Harry ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.30.11)
The reality is that Begin erred terribly in not having returned Gaza but it pales in comparison to the crime of Oslo in 93...two blunders don't make anything correct. Given the complexity of our sitation the history lesson you fail to acknowlege is the foolish retreat from Gaza by the Kadima party (father of this sin being S Peres again)....not completing the Lebanon War in 06 and their NOT having finished the Gaza war in 2009. That is the history lesson for you which you should accept. Kadima is a party of hot air not representing anything but rhetoric.
18. #17 read your history book!
Eitan Kfar Veradim ,   Kfar Veradim, Israel   (08.30.11)
Harry - check your timeline, the blunder I mentioned (Begin not giving away Gaza), and the blunder you mention (leaving the Gaza strip) were both made by leaders of the Likud. move on from oslo....
19. #4, your party lost
Danny   (08.30.11)
accept it. It lost because the Palestinian leadership is perfectly happy with the status quo. As for the claims about Lieberman, the decline in Israel's status in some circles has been ongoing since 1993. The difference is under Lieberman, belatedly, Israel has starting fighting back.
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