Rocket fire on southern Israel continues
Ilana Curiel
Published: 29.08.11, 19:17
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1. Ceasefire What ceasefire Just Because
hamas says they told their Terrorists Not to continue Firing, Rockets, and the like, Looks Like Their Word Amounts To Camel Dung. They (hamas) Can't and Won't be able to controll Their Terrorists from doing what they please!!! Just think IF which they WON'T get a country, there would be ALL OUT Follies from who knows who and Rocket, missiles and IED's Raining down ON INNOCENT women and children and the WORLD would Still have their fingers up there asses and Saying what to do oh me oh my. B.Gantz and ALL Sections of the IDF should be preparing a Can Of Whoop ass for these Despicable arabs and give them the ONLY language they understand Operation CAST MORE LEAD !!! Baruch Hashem
2. Rocket fire contines
Rene   (08.29.11)
Our Govt is a joke, not too funny as yet, until .............!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.29.11)
Here we go again with the shell game, remember? One group declares a ceasefire, while another group attacks Israel. Then when Israel fights back, Hamas accuses Israel of breaking the ceasefire? So the new group name "Tawhid al-Jihad" shot a rocket. But it wasn't Hamas, so that's cool. Israel now loses its right to shoot back, right? Wrong!! They are all the same groups, or Hamas cannot control Gaza, either way it doesn't really matter, does it? The rockets keep flying in at innocent civilians. Will the PA condemn this attack as they did the other (the club attack yesterday), we'll see? Or just condemn the IDF response. I tire of this shell game, who cares where the pea is. I say break all the shells, then you'll find the pea.
4. Same old headlines again, again and again
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.29.11)
Rocket fired at Southern Israel. Boys, when are you going to give these terrorists a real good hiding and show them who's who in the zoo.
5. Cowardly Israeli governments
RAYS ,   USA   (08.29.11)
The governments of Bibi and previous recent PMs deserves the contempt of all nations. The PRIMARY duty of every government is to protect it's citizens and it's territory. The Arab evemies sneer at the morallyweak Israelis. It is no wonder that respect for Israel amongst young Jews in the diaspora has collapsed.
6. By the rocket's red glare, baby!
Cameron ,   USA   (08.30.11)
Cannot believe you let this go on day after day.
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