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Is BDS campaign working?
Giulio Meotti
Published: 31.08.11, 10:30
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maurice clebert ,   judea samaria Israel   (08.31.11)
these european boycotters are completely silly...who do you think is working in the greenhouses growing flowers??? who do you think is building the houses in Jewish Judea and Samaria??? yes sir,arab workers ! you think you hurt the jews?...well go on...
2. Unbelievably sad !!!
aline silverman ,   Israel   (08.31.11)
3. boycott is a form of violence!!!!
anti- boycott ,   WWW   (08.31.11)
4. This is the time....
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.31.11)
...when Israelis should put aside their differences and stand together in the face of these insidious boycotts. Somehow we have to show the world that it hurts the Palestinians almost as much as it hursts the Jews. We have to try and become more and more self-sufficient, stop whining about every little thing and work at making our wonderful little country succeed, despite the hatred of the West.
5. boycott
Daniel ,   Rimonim, Israel   (08.31.11)
If a counrty wants to boycott Israel's products, Israel should impose a high levy/tax on their products sold in Israel. Want to boycott us, don't buy our medicines, don't buy computer processors developed here, etc. Try buying buying medicines and hi tech products developed buy the PA.
6. Yellow Star?
Philos ,   Herzliya   (08.31.11)
That's offensive. Comparing this to the Holocaust is yet again another one of Meotti's demagogic and bombastic rhetorical devices. This charlatan Christian Zionist is making a tidy profit feeding off the insecurities of Jews. It's not the Jews it's the occupation stupid! Read into all of these boycotts and you'll see they are linked to the West Bank and Green Line. The rail project, for example, was because part of the line cut through "occupied territory." You want to end the boycotts? End the occupation amicably as possible with the Palestinians. Simple. For all I care the settlers in Ariel can stay there if its so important to them but they'll be Palestinians and have to live with the fact that Palestinians will be able to live next to them. Something I doubt they'll be able to stomach....
7. #1 American boycots too. But Ynet doesnt really go into that
in any detail for whatever reason.
8. Stupid minority of Euros and Yanks do this, not all
Gary   (08.31.11)
I love Israeli produce, always have and always will. The average person could care less where the food comes from as long as it tastes nice. I think this article is sort of, well actually, garbage, and made to just fire up the right wing American Jews/Israel lovers. There is an agenda in articles like this but sadly people are too stupid to see it. I do not think a bunch of flowers or apples cripples an economy. My local store shopping buying French flour for baking and authentic Dutch tulips from Holland, they werent out crying boycotts. Stop giving the BDS more ego boosting headlines than they deserve, because that is ALL this article is about, sadly.
9. Useful Jews now and then
Leo ,   UK   (08.31.11)
I won't be surprised if I realise that among those who initiated labeling Jews with a yellow star in 1930 th were Jews as well.It could be truth because in 2070 one would hardly believe that those who initiated current BDS campaign were Jews.
10. Those countries are the racists
Marco ,   Ashkelon   (08.31.11)
Those european countries or organisation are the one who are discriminating the jews for racist reasons. They think they are better than the average, but they are similar to their civilized grand parents who elected Hitler and took part passively or actively to the killing of jews.
11. Funny
autochthon ,   Jerusalem   (08.31.11)
These strange people will however continue to buy petrol for their car despite it comes form the most discriminating countries of the world (Saoudia, algeria, syria, emirates...). They will continue to buy products from turkey (they even don't know what a Kurds is) or from China (but maybe they have bought a tshirt "free-tibet"). Theywill travel soon to Egypt without caring for the christian coptes and don't see problem to buy gas from algeria (occupied kabily and discriminated berberian minority). After all, middle east is only muslin and arabic, right? other communities are not existing or have no right to live independant...
12. A civillised answer to the occupation
Free thinker ,   Europe   (08.31.11)
Must say your Mr Liberman works wonders to - LOL
13. horrible dates
Nahum ,   IT   (08.31.11)
Such a devastating campaign against the Jewish State
14. Deep Purple did not endorse the boycott...
Evan ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (08.31.11)
They played a concert in Israel.
15. @1, True!
Rick ,   Earth   (08.31.11)
And when the Arab workers lose their jobs because of these European BDSniks, they will cry, "OOOH these evil Israelis stealing jobs from the poor Palestinians!" DISGUSTING!
16. There is a solution
sarah ,   the netherlands   (08.31.11)
stop the occupation, killings and agression
17. To single out a liberal democratic state, the only one in...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.31.11)
...the region, and to attempt to bring its society down to its knees makes one wonder: what is unique about Israel? The only logical answer is the fact that Israel is unique in that it is the only nation-state of a singled out people, the Jewish people...!! Such an act, therefore, is a form of racism, anti-Jewish racism at that, despite the fact that the boycotters consider themselves "progressive"...!!
18. The boycotters are not succeeding.
Zvi   (08.31.11)
While there are some specific areas where boycotters have made minor inroads, most Israeli companies that sell internationally are extremely successful, and most boycott attempts have simply failed. This is particularly true during the last year.
19. Eerily Similar to 1930's Germany
Dallas ,   Canada   (08.31.11)
Yellow star on Israeli products is next. Read Bonhoeffer. We are not far from the mentality of 1930s Germany. It is time for Israel's few supporters to be heard... Canada? Haven't heard anything from you for months. Italy? Hmmm, no other nations really come to mind.
20. Don't confuse the issues
Misha ,   Tel Aviv   (08.31.11)
The author may not think so but there is a difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli actions. Unfortunately, the boycotters are also unaware of this difference and seem to confuse the two. The situation in Israel MUST change but history shows us that changes come only through war. Someone said politics, or diplomacy, is just another form of warfare. Here we are hopelessly outnumbered, we have no diplomatic Zahal to protect us. But I prefer diplomacy to real war. The BDS movement is going to grow exponentially after Sept. 20, I hope it will force our government to make a move.
21. article has a lot of good points but proves journalist publish things without checking facts
no   (08.31.11)
Poor journalism, deep purple are very anti-boycott. They made a point of performing here and called israel boycotters wimps. Just another example of why i believe nothing that is written in the news anymore. Journalist do virtually no research on topics they publish while pretending to be experts.
22. Sell to China - they dont worry about this "BDS" BS
23. Actually, boycotts have been unsuccessful
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.31.11)
All thingws considered, the entire BDS movement is a spectacular failure. Our exports are continuously increasing. Sure, the media gives this a lot of coverage, just like they do to anything anti-Israel. Some cranks & wackos make a lot of noise & the media loves it. This is not to say we shouldn't take this seriously. Some corporations, universities, & unions will participate out of cowardice, political correctness, or because a small group of radicals have taken over leadership positions but don't have the support of the majority of members. This is especially true of churches & unions. But, we continue to attract foreign investment & our exports are strong. The Israeli economy does not depend on flowers & we can find other markets. I'd be more worried about the disasterous economic situation in Europe & the possible collapse of the Euro. Even more worrisome is the dire straits of the American economy. The author of this article is sincere & a true friend, thus his concern. He deserves our thanks but our reaction should not be one of panic & fear but increased resolve to not let ourselves be stampeded into stupid political moves. No amount of concessions will ever satisfy these anti-Semites, it's our existence they object to.
24. Boycott
Sam M ,   UK   (08.31.11)
It's not all doom and gloom. Look at the many examples of Israeli companies which have experienced rapid growth in recent years. Israel is a world leader in several key hi-tech fields and it's products are in great demand worldwide. Look at Turkey where trade with Israel has risen impressively despite recent problems and the hostile attitude of it's government. In any event europe which is full of these trolls is about to go bankrupt and will have far more important things to worry about. I hope Israel grows it's asian markets as rapidly as possible where there is a lot of goodwill and respect for Israel in countries like South Korea, China and India and indeed in other parts of the world. Finally Israel must not give in to blackmail designed to force another palestinian terrorist state on Jewish land. The best reply to these morons is to build lots of new homes in Judea and Samaria and in a worse case scenario if trade does fall i believe it will be a temporary phenomenon and a price worth paying to avoid the calamity of radical islam gaining another foothold to threaten isreal. They can get stuffed!
25. Israel will still be here when those
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.31.11)
organizations are no more
26. Boycotting people is so Germany of 1933....
Sandra ,   Israel   (08.31.11)
27. it proves who is the real nazi: "boycott the jewish propagan
Haj Amin Al- Huseini   (08.31.11)
da" is a nazi (!!!) slogen from the boycott of jews in germany in 1933!!! BDS use it when they ask book stores to get rid of their pro-israel books!!!!
28. did you know that BDS founder is a TLV Universtiy student???
George J ,   UK   (08.31.11)
he calls on the world to boycott the university in which he studies!!! in south africa they would have nover let him study with the white people...
29. BDS and thier friend will Hate more and we will LOVE more!!!
David ,   Israel   (08.31.11)
that's the answer!!!
30. "someone will always love someone, other someone will hate"
Leah Goldberg ,   Israel   (08.31.11)
another week, another month another year. viva israel!!!
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