Poll: Most American Muslims satisfied with Obama
Published: 30.08.11, 16:13
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1. He sees himself as the Muslim Messiah
Well DOH! ,   USA   (08.30.11)
Has Obama paid any attention to helping non-muslims in the world or anything but American muslims. NO. Osama is living his dream......
2. NO wonder, as he is one of them...!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.30.11)
They are all worshipping the "holy" Koran...!
3. he is a muslim himself so of course they like him
zionist forever   (08.30.11)
Obama will always be able to count on the support of the Muslims ( provided he isn't forced to veto the creation of a palestinian state ) and the Jews of New York and Florida The people who care about the economy and actually solving America's problems have no love for the Muslim president.
4. Surprised? Hardly.
Claudia USA ,   Tampa, FL   (08.30.11)
Everyone else should take note and boot this Muslim out of office. But then I said that before he was elected. Told you so suckers!
5. These figures are truly frightening.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.30.11)
Ignoring the Obama bit, 1% of 1.8 million American Muslims think "suicide bombings and other violence against civilians to defend Islam" is" justified. That's 18 000 potential terrorists, and all are Americans.
6. So do American Jews......
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.30.11)
Obama is a fair President. Just because he doesn't kiss Israel's a$$ doesn't mean he is an Anti Semite. Obama has a mandate that every elected American President has and that is to look out for the American people. He was not elected to look out for Israeli's, Egyptians, Chinese or Russian. If us AMERICANS don't think he is doing a good job then he is gone but it is up to us AMERICANS to decide.
7. Well...
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.30.11)
No surprise. Birds of a feather flock together.
8. Response to#5
John R ,   NYC USA   (08.30.11)
Approximately 1% of the entire US population is in prison for criminal acts. I'm certain their are more than 18,000 skin head neo-nazis in the US as well who commit significant anti-Semitic acts. There have been 1,700 hate crimes committed against Muslims in the US since 9/11. There have also been substantial hate crimes committed against Muslims in Israel by right wing extremist settlers. I'm not questioning your math only your one sided conclusions.
9. Al Haj Obama
Yehiel ,   Teaneck, NJ   (08.30.11)
Muslims stick up for Muslims and this president takes the cake. Next, he'll go to Mecca and be named Al Haj Obama
10. Stupid Article
shlomo ,   USA   (08.30.11)
A majority of US Jews also support him, so what? This is just an angle to fire up the Israeli Right. Yellow journalism at its finest . Where did Ynet learn its reporting, from William Randolf Hearst? And no, 'zionist forever' he is not a Muslim no matter how hard your racist ideology wants him to be. The facts are irrelevant to your brain.
11. Number 5 Rebecca
Avram   (08.30.11)
1% is about as insignificant a response as you are going to get on any survey. Take a survey among Israelis on equally controversial issues like collective violent punishment against Arabs after terrorist attacks, expulsions and denying minority rights and you will get hatefilled responses in the double digits. Is not equally frightening? American Muslims are a relatively middle class well integrated population. Google the word Palestinian and the first suggestion that comes up is Palestinian chicken - thanks of course to Larry david.
12. Of course, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farahkan calls him
Rivkah   (08.30.11)
the Muslim Mahdi. Impeach the Indonesian usurper now!
13. Why do you allow this?
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (08.30.11)
This article seems to be included in order to provide a vehicle for morons among the population to spew their hatred against a US president who is even handed and doesn't favour either Muslims or Jews. Just because Obama doesn't satisfy every Israeli whim appears to be reason enough to unjustly assassinate his character. Those that do maybe don't understand they are showing the world that in fact it is their characters that are flawed. The hateful posts against Obama are contrary to the terms and conditions of posting here but are nevertheless allowed. I wonder why?
14. Nice to see AMERICAN first lady in practically a BURKA!!!
15. Of course they do
Emma ,   London   (08.30.11)
He is the most anti-Israel pro-Arab president the US has ever had. Why the Jews there can't see it and still insist on voting for him, I will never understand.
16. # 15....
Mattan ,   Merritt Island, FL   (08.30.11)
to answer you question, my father I believe said it best, he was a wise man.......'there are idiots in all walks of life" even among jews. I did not vote for obama, nor did any member of my family. I believe his wife wearing a burka shows the beliefs of the obamas. perhaps michel would love to live in saudi arabia where women are second class citizens. Extremely unamerican for a first lady to wear such a demeaning thing.
17. John, your claim of 1,700 crimes against Muslims is bogus
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.30.11)
It appears John is using CAIR's bogus numbers, which they use to promote their "Muslims are victims" agenda. But FBI reports show about nine times as many hate crimes against Jews as those against Muslims, while Jews outnumber Muslims in the US by less than 3:1. Want more proof? See how many US mosques and Islamic centers require video surveillance and on-site security. Not many. Yet lots of synagogues (my own included) have both. It's even worse in Europe where almost every Jewish site - even a Jewish eatery in Berlin - has security. (Apropos, in Europe Muslims outnumber Jews some 20:1.)
18. ONLY 7 out of 10??
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.30.11)
Obviously one Muslim knows another at least most of the time. Obamination apologizing to Muslims. This is a big DUH!
19. My Goombah Louis Renault said
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.30.11)
...that he was Shocked. SHOCKED, to find that barack HUSSEIN Obama, has the support of the Muslim/Islamic population. I mean, really, who knew? Who could have predicted such a thing? (Sorry, but my sarcasm monitor is stuck in the maximum detent position. However, your generous contributions can help solve this tragic problem. Give until it hurts.)
20. dumb question
david ,   new york   (08.30.11)
if you ask "do US moslems support extremism", then people who answer "no" are the extremist because they view it as normal. that means that 79% of US moslems are extremists. anyone who answers "yes" to such a question is clearly NOT an extremist.
21. Self-hating American Jews voted for him, too bad.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.30.11)
22. Really?
Rickey ,   NY, NY USA   (08.30.11)
A total shock! What a surprise!
23. Muslims support Obama. Why not ? He
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.30.11)
is one of them
24. of course..he is one of them !
Robotic   (08.30.11)
25. #15 & #16
norm t ,   L.A.....USA   (08.30.11)
I agree you both...I don't understand for the life of me how any Jew can vote as a Democrat.
26. to 23
Ishmail ,   Gaza   (08.31.11)
You know noting obama is cristinian becaus he said so.Why he lie.Hm.He want pease here.
27. 9/11 10th anniv. coming, American, pl remember!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.31.11)
"one-third said US Muslim leaders had spoken out sufficiently against extremism"? US Muslim leaders are mostly SILENT when come to condemn the terror acts and against extremism. they need not speak out against, they just need to keep Silent! silent is endorsing! est. 1.8 million muslim and a 300000 increase since 2007, with two-third born in other countries. so much for fighting hard to create jobs for Americans!
28. two-thirds born in other countries? their hearts lies where?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.31.11)
"only one-third said US Muslim leaders had spoken out sufficiently against extremism" see! American muslims are not doing enough to condemn terror / extremism. Silent to extremism is as good as approval / participating in terror. Majority were educated and satisfied with their career and lives? remember it 's always the intellectuals / educated with a nice family that engaged with terror acts. it's not the poverty driven that commit terrors. two-third born in other countries, a 300000 increase since 2007? wow, no wonder Obama Husein in the Muslim's poster boy in "Islam World conquests" project. mr Obama, don't worry about Perry or Teaparty, Muslims will quote you in.
29. Response to #17
John R ,   NYC USA   (08.31.11)
If you read my response it says since 9/11 there were 1,700 reported hate crimes. That is over a period of 10years. The Anti-Defamation league lists teacher's not getting a day off for Sukkot as anti-Semitic. I was putting a perspective to an overly alarmist readers comment. Since you don't offer a single numerical figure from any authority I wonder what your purpose is other than to blow meaningless smoke.
30. Response to#21
John R ,   NYC USA   (08.31.11)
Approximately 78% of the Jewish vote went to Obama in 2008. Hence your logic is that more than 3/4 of the voting Jews in the US are self-hating. Lucky we have an astute Rhode scholar like yourself to point this out. Before your learned comment I was totally in the dark.
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