NIS 70M poured into smart electric grid
Assaf Gilad, Calcalist
Published: 31.08.11, 08:10
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1. taxpayer money
Andrey ,   Israel, haifa   (08.31.11)
The question to ask is what taxpayers receive back on the money taken from their pockets and poured into the proect. Will prices of electricity go down? By how much? Without this simple number the article is empty of content.
2. Cool. Israel Electric Co workers to get free phones/internet
Brian Cohen ,   JudeanPeoplesFront   (08.31.11)
We already pay for their electricity, so let's take another 70 million of our tax money and figure out how to give the 100,000 Israel Electric Company workers free internet and phone calls too. Well, not free, of course, since the rest of us suckers pay their huge above average electricity bills already. Sure, let's pay for them to get free communications too! In the meantime, our electricity rates will go up, IEC debt will also go up (currently they've racked up something like $20 billion in debt that our grandchildren will be paying for), and IEC workers will continue to laugh all the way to the bank while giving us substandard service.
3. Why worry?
jerri i ,   NYC   (09.01.11)
An effective electricity net could be programmed to turn itself off instantly if an electronic surge caused by a nuclear explosion is detected so as to minimize damage. Worrying about cost to ones self is therefore small thinking.
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