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Report: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border
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Published: 30.08.11, 17:28
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1. Dancing with Egypt
Israeli 2   (08.30.11)
Reminds me of Bach's 5th symphony.
2. Please leave the troops in the south..
Yochanan ,   Y'layim, ISRAEL   (08.30.11)
They can act as border-guards. To prevent any infiltration! African infiltrators or terrorists! Be save IDF!!
3. Fight on
Eric ,   Oklahoma, USA   (08.30.11)
We are praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the people of Israel. We in Oklahoma are for you.
4. Evolving Islamic attack on Israel
ObamaIsAllahAwful ,   Marion & USA   (08.30.11)
I do so hope Israel dispatches Iran's 15th fleet to the sea floor to join bin Laden.
5. Iran is trying to cuase escalation?
Sid Fein ,   Atlanta, Ga, USA   (08.30.11)
From what I've read here, there seems to be no reason for Iranian warships to patrol that close to IDF ones. This is a clear provocation. The IDF has a clear mission and Iran is there for one purpose, to disrupt that operation. Get ready for war #4 America.
6. To # 5
Mattan ,   Merritt Island, FL   (08.30.11)
I 100 % agree with you that Iran is looking for trouble, nothing new from those bearded monkies. But I disagree that America will go to war for Israel, they never have in the past and I am sure they never will. I have heard many anti - semetic americans say 'no more wars for israel' (i heard that one at an anti- war rally in ny) and other ignorant comments, but the truth is all the young men killed in action were purely to serve american interests. Maybe history is just that,history, and the future might show an about face in american policy, but i doubt it. Thank god Israel is strong enough to kick *ss on their own.
7. The Iranian 15th Fleet
Dan S. ,   USA   (08.30.11)
Is composed of a submarine and a few inflatable rafts, and maybe a couple of wooden rowboats filled with jihadist fighters armed with RPG's and some shoulder fired missiles....
8. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.30.11)
9. Praying for Israel. . .
David ,   Bristol, IN U.S.A.   (08.30.11)
We support you. . .we pray for your country.
10. Israel
Rob ,   Tampa , FL   (08.30.11)
Unfortunately Israel will be on their own. The USA and this administration with be of no assistance to Israel. Most likely the opposite. Will someone please explain how the Jewish community in the USA has and still does support this President? Obama highest approval rating is among Muslims 70%. Keep that in mind as we approach the next election.. May God Bless Israel!
11. Israel
Sarah ,   Flint, USA   (08.30.11)
Praying for Israel's protection and peace of Jerusalem.
12. Learn Geography
FItzgerald ,   Joliet USA   (08.30.11)
The Gulf of Aden and the Israeli / Egyptian border are not the same place. The Iranian deployment is unrelated to the headline of this story other than to serve the narrative of warmongers and paranoids.
13. USA fighting for Isreal
JR ,   Denver, USA   (08.30.11)
won't happen as long as the Anti-semites are in power in Washington...
14. That is a Turkish frigate
Daniel Breslauer ,   Gateshead, UK   (08.30.11)
That's the Turkish frigate F-494 TCG Gökçeada, after some quick research. The Israeli navy only has much smaller ships. The biggest are the Saar 5 corvettes, which are at most 2/3rds the size of that one, and much newer. That one is a former US Navy Perry-class frigate - it was the USS Mahlon S Tisdale (FFG-27). The stupidity of mainstream media in military affairs, especially navy-related, is so shocking I can't even begin to describe it. An ISRAELI newspaper, as well as an AP photographer, both identify a Turkish frigate as being Israeli - when Israel doesn't even have anything even remotely similar?
15. Iranian imperialism
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.30.11)
No other term fits like imperialism. Maybe expansionist. Definitely evil.
16. IDF Navy
Timothy ,   Canyon Lake USA   (08.30.11)
Best wishes to the sailors & Israel itself. Don't let those Iranians give you any nonsense!
17. From the accompanying photo...
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.30.11)
I didn't know that Israel was in possession of an old US built Perry-class frigate.
18. So long as the Iranians behave themselves
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.30.11)
They can live. None of their ships have any sort of air defense systems.
19. Geography vs warmongers
Simon ,   Milwaukee, ISA   (08.30.11)
Recently it has been reported: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran was determined to eradicate Israel, ISNA news agency reported Thursday. "Iran believes that whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime (Israel) as symbol of suppression and discrimination," So no doubt, you are indicating that Ahmadinejad is a warmonger....right?
20. #6;Mattan, NOT WHAT HE MEANT
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.30.11)
He wasn't talking about the USA going to war with anybody. Sid was talking about Israel having a 4th War. Many people think of 48, 56, 67, 73, as the four wars Israel has had. They don't look at the Lebanon fight as a true war, because Israel only called up, at most, 20% of their army. They also don't look at "Cast Lead" as a true war because it was Gaza. On the other hand, I do consider Israel going into Lebanon twice as two more wars and the "Cast Lead" as a war. So I would say 7 wars, not including all the terror attacks for the last 60 years, which to my way of thinking is a "War of Attrition" that's never ended in over 60 years. But your right, the USA has never gone to war for Israel, that crap is to demonize Israel. But typically.just on the Arab, Klan, Nazi and antisemitic websites. They try to provoke American public anger at Israel, Only the suckers and gullible college students fall for that crap. To many leftist and Muslim professors at colleges that teach lies to the kids. Who are just getting out on their own, for the first time in their life. So they get taken advantage of by the professors, who many kids look up to.
21. #17;seadog, DOES IT MATTER????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.30.11)
It does say "(Archives)" under the photograph. I didn't see a flag on the ship, did you?
22. To: Israeli 2 at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.30.11)
23. What Israel should do concerning the Iranian ships
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.30.11)
Two words: SINK THEM. War? There will be war? Iran threatening to destroy my country - isn't that itself a declaration of war? As far as I am concerned there is already war between Israel and Iran - a cold war. Israel should show the Iranians that we show them no mercy and no pardon and that we will strike and shoot at will and destroy all our enemies ruthlessly and without hesitation. Israel's policy should be: no Iranian ships in the Red Sea. If Iran sends those ships, we will sink them. Iran will protest? Yes they will. And? What will they do? Humiliating Iran is the best way of destroying its image as the leader of the Moslem world. My message to IDF: humiliate Iran, embarrass them. Deliberately force Iran to enter a conflict with Israel because this will lead to the following: 1) It will put a strain on Iran's fragile economy 2) The Iranians are forced to go from words to action and in order to save their faces they need to confront Israel - otherwise the Moslem world will consider Iranians to be chickens. 3) It will prove to the world that Israel is much stronger than Iran. 4) If Israel, finally will cast off the gloves and deal with the Iranians in a proper, appropriately harsh manner - it will show to the world that Israel is determined to destroy its enemies and to protect Israeli/Jewish lives at all costs - even if it means that it will lead to a full scale war. And this will send a loud and clear message to the world.
24. Iran mobilizing its fleet...
Mike Sellers ,   USA   (08.31.11)
Iran can posture, but when Carrier Strike Group Two of the U.S. Sixth Fleet shows up they'll you know what in their pants.
25. Peace and friendship to all countries
Marty ,   East Troy, USA   (08.31.11)
Plesae...give me a break
26. Fruit for thought
Tom ,   Israel   (08.31.11)
he who does not strike first, he will be the first struck - Athenagoras of Syracuse
27. Pro-Israel
James ,   Colo. springs, CO US   (08.31.11)
I am a Goy and I love Israel! Israel must be supported by ALL who love PEACE! All who curse Israel will be CURSED! We already KNOW WHO WILL WIN! All who hate Israel will be ultimately WIPED OFF OF THE EARTH FOREVER!
28. IRANIAN "navy"
STEVE ,   ARIZONA   (08.31.11)
in a fleet of submarines in a harbor, how can you tell which ones are iranian ones? THE ONES WITH THE SCREEN DOORS LEFT OPEN! LOLOLOL
29. message of peace?
John in Texas   (08.31.11)
re: “The presence of Iran's army in the high seas will convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries,” he said. is the president of iran the dumbest man that ever lived? why would he make such an idiotic statement that not one person on the face of the earth would believe?
30. Egyptians
David ,   USA   (08.31.11)
Sorry Israel but we are feeling sorry for you. Egyptians could beat you in 1973 with water guns. And they can destroy your country in minutes if they like.They have their own POWER
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