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'Netanyahu acted against attorney general directives'
Ynet reporters
Published: 31.08.11, 22:11
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1. netanyahu and wife
sas ,   israel   (08.31.11)
should BE FIRED. never a quiet moment when they are in the PM 's residence. sara is a sick woman................ she is always in the spotlight with her house hold help. A VERY SICK woman.........let them go.......better off for the country. Bibi is unable to do anything.......and what he does she RUINS. Israelis have SHORT memories. Sara is a dangerous woman who has influence on her husband on his appointments and his actions.
2. Let Yishai do his job
Rachel ,   US   (08.31.11)
And send home the illegals, maybe Sara would not have so many problems.
3. Dump the Prime Minister's post or dump wife...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.31.11)
4. in response to #1
israeli ,   israel   (08.31.11)
The media has really gotten to you ! There is not an ounce of truth in your nasty statements.
5. #1 SAS - Who are you calling sick?
Mark   (08.31.11)
It has been reported that that Nepalese nurse has the habit of throwing herself on the floor and thrashing whenever she's enraged. Whatever happened between her and Mrs Netanyahu, that hysterical nurse is not fit or qualified to care for any patient.
6. bored out of their minds
yoni ,   tel aviv   (09.01.11)
If you are so bored that you have to nitpick the fact that the prime minister used a spokesman who is being paid in any event by the state to make a statement about his personal life then you are pathetic. there is no substance to this article other than the headline- typical
7. I think Sarah N. stereotypes alot.
Israeli 2   (08.31.11)
She thinks getting someone from the Phillipines or Nepal or any other third or fourth rate country is a good deal. She must be watching too many old British movies about India and Sri Lanka where everyone bows down to the occupier. "Yes Maam and Yes Sir!" It doesn't exist anymore. A teeny bopper from the Solomon Islands would be as much in love with Justin Bieber as one from Beverly Hills California. The world is today exposed to every caveman in the world. Sarah N. should treat her next worker from Machu Picchu as her honorable may turn out best for all involved.
8. If Israeli's Think He's So Bad Then You
should run for his office, I'm sure You think you would be a Better P.M. Well YOUR ALL WRONG. Bibi HAS THE HARDEST Political in the WORLD. May Hashem Keep Bibi safe, and give him Wisdom, Truth and Knowedge. Baruch Hashem
9. Sara didn t do anything wrong!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.31.11)
10. they are just jealous.
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (09.01.11)
iI this in the national interest. Definitely no.
11. y just last week they were at the movies...
what? that didn't pacify Mrs. Netanyahu? really? why not?
12. y is my tax shekel paying for this she-et? WTF?
WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot that's what Mrs. Netanyahu needs...a bit of whiskey followed by dance therapy!
13. Ref. to #7: Having said that.....
Israeli 2   (09.01.11)
I would like to add that I am not accusing Sarah N. of having done anything wrong. The opposite is what I am trying to say. Many of these "foreign workers" have learned very well how to accuse their employers and sue them for anything they don't like. They are not what we stereotypically think of them as needing employment at any cost and being greatful to their employers. Be aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls when employing them.
14. atty general office
joel ,   usa   (09.01.11)
why is the atty gen of israel is concern so much on 'small deal' in israel. are there no big deals that is more important than netanyahu's father in law, too pitiful?
15. Bibi learning from Obama
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.01.11)
Obama uses US State apparatus for his own political use all the time. Bibi is just copying him. That being said, I think Bibi could/should be teaching Obama what is right, not copying what he thinks he can get away with.
16. ag not doing their job
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (09.01.11)
enforcing antimonopoly legislation, throwing out hundreds of illegals and closing up the sinai border..... now we see what you're doing instead.
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