Mideast rules must change
Guy Bechor
Published: 01.09.11, 10:50
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1. So true
Ashdodi ,   Ashdod   (09.01.11)
2. Not one gram of sand to Arabs who according to their
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.01.11)
religion/political doctrine stand for everything that is repulsive & unacceptable to our way of thinking and living. We have to find an alternative planet for these Islamo-spiecies to inhabit and send them there ASAP. I am willing to pay a great deal of money to finance that and so should every member of the civilized society!
3. Guy
Ted ,   London, UK   (09.01.11)
Guy what nonsense is this that you write? After '67, Israel made clear that it would not relinquish any of its capture land. That is why you annexed everything. When the Egyptians fought back in 73, you realised that you are not invincible. The war was so bloody that it costs the Egyptians a mere fraction of their population. Whereas it was 5% of yours at the time. You returned the Sinai to them for peace and no further attacks. That is what you got. No contract lasts forever. You want a new one, you got to return back to '67 borders. That is what your neighbours want and that is what the world wants.
4. Deterrence is the sole doctrine against the Arab World
Joseph.E ,   Givatayim-Israel   (09.01.11)
Calibrate deterrence per ratio/country. That is how you get respect , political-socio-economic stability-prosperity and peace without signed agreement .
5. Oh and Guy?
Adam ,   Israel   (09.01.11)
We did offer to return the lands after '67. In a recorded diplomatic letter to America, we offered to return the land immediately (both the Sinai AND the Golan) for peace agreements with Egypt and Syria.
6. #3 Ted
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.01.11)
The Arabs want half of Israel now and the rest later. Everyone who thinks different is just plain stupid.
7. To #3
Isaac Storm   (09.01.11)
#3, if you are claiming that no contract lasts forever, then by logic you must be advocating a return of the Sinai to Israel. Thanks for the advice!
8. land for land-peace for peace
moron ,   galut   (09.01.11)
reciprocity in short
9. To#3
Troy ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.01.11)
What kind of nonsense are you sputtering? Israel won hands down in the Yom Kippur War,having lost FAR fewer people than even one of the countries it fought against. Moreover, Israel has always been OVERLY generous in it's negotiations with it's bloodthirsty and cowardly neighbors.
10. It's the sand that's blinding you all
Pinhas Bayit ,   Bet HaKerem   (09.01.11)
But that's OK, stay there with all your heads stuck in it.
11. Author is spot on correct. Yehuda and Shomron is ours.
Tomer ,   herzeliyya   (09.01.11)
All of it and forever. The arabic-speaking muslim people living there already have a country called Jordan. It is not our fault their king disenfranchised them in 1988.
12. The chosen people
Samira ,   Jerusalem   (09.01.11)
13. Israel must have courage to claim ALL our tiny land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.01.11)
"Land for peace" is a lunatic concept. That is why, in all of human history, it was never adopted by any nation except Israel. It amounts to slicing apart one's nation in exchange for worthless paper. Israel must have the courage to claim ALL of our tiny land. Judea and Samaria belong to us legally and by every historic right.
14. An author in La La land
John R ,   NYC USA   (09.01.11)
Why does the author ignore the fact that Israel effectively annexed Jerusalem, expanded it with further appropriations, and illegally built settlements throughout the corridor leading to Jerusalem? There are 9 UNSC resolutions going back to 1968 which say that violates the Geneva Convention, a 2004 World Court ruling which says it and even Israeli courts say you are a belligerent occupier. If you want peace everything is on the table except right of return. The only precondition to talks is that both sides respect the Geneva Convention. Don't expect Hamas to respect it when Israel doesn't. Every peace treaty ever offered by Israel includes land gained from the 67' war. That violates international law and only a moron believes you need the land for self defense. Your purpose is to restore a 3,000 year old biblical land grant and you don't care what the rest of the world thinks.
15. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.01.11)
16. "Left/Right", 1 option left, right:BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.01.11)
17. Only BIG ISRAEL can bring balance and freedom to ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.01.11)
18. Only BIG ISRAEL can stop Totalitarian Islamism.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.01.11)
19. Only SHALOM can bring true SALAM.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.01.11)
20. clearly state the realities
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.01.11)
- Arabs co-operated with the Nazis. - Arabs killed many Jews and committed many pogroms against their former Jewish population. - Arabs displaced their Jewish population and turned their countries to be almost free of Jews. - Arabs started numerous wars against Israel, lost them and didn't compensate Israel for these wars. --- I find no reason, why Israel should make a deal "land for peace" as Arabs continuously proof that they are not interested in a lasting peace. They are only interested in land!
21. #20 You forgot to mention
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.01.11)
Arabs main intent is not just land, read the Koran, it is Genocide.
22. True that
JI ,   US   (09.01.11)
23. #14 John
Observing ,   Middle East   (09.01.11)
Only a moron says they need land for self defense. What of the situation in Aza (Gaza)? Seems like we could use a buffer zone of LAND there methinks. Or Sinai...that is LAND that is now being used by your favorite people- terrorists- whom you dont need to bring 9 United Anti Semite pro Oil resolutions against bc there havent been any either to them or to the arab countries hosting them. Perhaps the moron is the one using the term to deface logical thinking. Yes a narrow Israel is suicide. Thats a distance going from one side on NYC to the middle of NYC. Thats not a country Johnny, thats a suicide pact.
24. Been saying this all along
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.01.11)
The Arabs only 99.93% of the land in the Middle East. Israel does not even have one tenth of one percent, no we have seven one-hundredths of one percent. The idea that country with the smallest amount of land and has NEVER attacked their neighbors and has been attack by EVERY one of the neighbors and most of their non-neighbors as well should be the one to give up land is totally moronic.
25. Peace
Zvi ,   Istanbul Turkey   (09.01.11)
Good Arguments But you are going to do with a million and half Balestinians Givng them citizenship?
26. Greater Israel
John Prophet   (09.01.11)
Israel, your only hope for a secure future is in "Greater Israel". The barbarians are trying to squeeze you down to a bite size chuck then chew you up and spit you into the sea. Your only course now is to push back and out to a "Greater Israel". When the next war comes, retake and annex Gaza and West Bank. You must utterly destroy Hezbollah while warning Iran intervention turns them into a glowing parking lot. Let the world howl if it wants, it will soon settle  down and deal with the new facts on the ground.
27. Ted #3
Shmuel ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (09.01.11)
Ted, you're wrong on the facts. Israel offered immediately after the 67' war to return ALL the lands won in the war in exchange for peace. The Arab response was the three NOs - no recognition of Israel, no talks with Israel and no peace with Israel. Next, you claimed that Israel "annexed everything". Wrong again, nothing was annexed with the (big) exception of what used to be the Jordanian part of Jerusalem. You imply that Israel lost the 73' war. Not true, the war ended with a decisive Israeli victory over both Egypt and Syria. Many people claim that the 73' victory was bigger than the one in the 67'war. The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt happened when Egypt realized that it can get the Sinai back by force. The 73' war was very costly for Egypt who lost many of the elite class's sons. Now, I agree with you that no contract lasts forever, hence if Egypt wants to cancel the peace treaty with Israel then we should go back to the pre-treaty situation and Israel should get back the Sinai. Your last claim that Israel's neighbors want a return to the 67' armistice lines (these were not borders, mind you) is only half true. They want Israel's destruction but will accept a return to the 67' lines as a first step.
28. When these agreements are broken
BH ,   Iowa   (09.01.11)
It's up to Israel to take its land back.
29. Johnny La La, #20
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (09.01.11)
It's so typical of libero-fascists to try to invoke Geneva Conventions and UN Resolutions, ignoring what they actually say. Israel has complied with UN resos by withdrawing from Gaza. The resos don't say all land and Lord Caradon who crafted the language said himself that '67 is a cease-fire line, not a permanent border. Geneva Conventions don't apply because Israel did not take land from "Palestine" because Palestine has never existed as a sovereign state. Just a typical libero-fascist that whines about Israeli occupation while he occupies what is rightfully Mohican land.
30. To nr 3 Ted
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.01.11)
1)What law of nature allows you or anyone else to dictate to us what we should or should not do? Why can't we or the rest of the world put pressure on United Kingdom or the Arab world to give up land? This is nothing but plain old bullying and anti-Semitism cloaked as "peace" or "agreements". 2)What law of nature says that Israel must always offer land? What law of nature says that Arabs can always greedily hold on to their land? The "peace" agreement between Israel and Egypt meant for Israel to hand over Sinai to the Egyptians and get "peace" in return. Egypt got land. Israel got no peace. Israel kept its part of the bargain. Now Egypt should keep its part of the bargain. But since you are an anti-Semite you will always discriminate Israel and the Jewish people. Jordan has no claims on Judea and Samaria. No "Palestinians" or "Palestine" have ever existed in recorded human history - no "Palestinian" nationality or ethnicity have ever existed in recorded human history and no "Palestinian" state has ever existed in recorded human history - and since we Jews have lived in Israel - Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Golan included - for the past 4000 years and since we are the native, original, historical and ancient population and owners of the land of Israel - who exactly are we supposed to give Judea and Samaria to - and most importantly - why? 3) What guilt has Israel to the Arab world? Why do you assume that Arabs have no guilt to Israel? Why do you assume that Arabs cannot give land to Israel, but tiny Israel "must" give away land to Arabs, and that the giant Arab world can either keep or break peace treaties arbitrarily without any criticism from you whereas Israel is always expected to keep every treaty and agreement? 4) The "world" can demand anything they want. You never said that the world was right or that the world is speaking the truth or that the world is good , moral or just. You are just using the "majority" attitude as to why you have the "right" to bully and pressure Israel in making concessions. "Majority" means precisely what the word means - majority. It doesn't mean that one is right, just, honest, good, moral, knowledgable or informed. It means that one is a majority and one's opinions may be biased and may be based on extreme ideologies, Jew hatred and anti-Semitism. 5)Why did the English have the right to conquer the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish, North America, India, Israel, the Arab world, Cyprus, Gibraltar, (you are still there) Hong Kong, Africa, Australia and New Zealand? Is this how the English perceive "world justice"? Do Englishmen seriously believe they can conquer the whole world and enslave and massacre millions of people across the globe whereas Israel is not even allowed to hold on to its land in which we Jews have inhabited for the past 4000 years? Plain and simple Ted: You are an anti-Semite, a Jew hater and an enemy of Israel.
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