Turkey expels Israeli ambassador
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Published: 02.09.11, 15:06
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1. Heres a solution...
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.02.11)
Last night at my usual Turkish Restaurant in London the discussion was inevitably Turkey Israel relations Every Turkish person there urged Israel NOT to apologise because this would be exploited and manipulated by Davuto─člu to Israels detriment As for Davuto─člu - his obsession with Israels apology is seen as quite farcical and ludicrous and only done to attempt further his status and political ambitions So the answer? Invite an honest broker..seen as Germany or India or even Japan or China to broker a form of words about the Report and move on
2. Davutoglu reminds me of a young
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.02.11)
3. Defending Turkey's rights and whitewashing its wrongs
Ilan   (09.02.11)
This posturing doesn't play well in the adult (non-moslem) world.
4. Turkey apologies
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (09.02.11)
And when will Turkey apology for the 800 jewish victims, who drowned into the Black Sea ? The refugee ship STRUMA was denied to let in to Istanbul, without explanation by turkish authorities in 1942.
5. Davidorglue needs apology
zorba ,   Athens   (09.02.11)
The man needs a victory soon. Germany secured Europe at Lisbon, decided that enough Islam already in Europe and Turkey's 70million more was surplus to requirements Turkey might otherwise have got in if it had remained secular; he knows it He then backs losers siding with Iran, Syria, Hezbulla, Hamas . Likely to soon give up a chunk of Turkey to the Kurds, he is in a mess. Of course he must have an apology from Israel.
6. Israel should help
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.11)
Turkish citizens if Kurdish extraction are subject to racism and cultural genocide by Erdogan. Israel should help these Turkish citizens regain their rights.
7. The Turkish economy is in big trouble.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.02.11)
Erdogan is presiding over a failing economy, similar to the debt crisis now occuring all over Europe. Many supported Erdogan & his Islamist party because they perceived an improved economy. This was a false impression. Erdogan desperately needs to distract attention away from his considerable failures. Israel is always a good distraction in a Muslim country. In addition, Turkey is facing a major demographic disaster. Put simply, Turks don't have enough children. But, Kurds do. By 2038, according to a study I read recently by Spengler in the Asia Times Online, Turkey will find itself a majority Kurdish country. This means, quite simply, a lot of young Kurds & a lot of old Turks.
8. where is the ambiguity in the word 'NO'?
jonathan ,   london/ israel   (09.02.11)
9. Turkey will protect 'citizens rights' - unless you're a Kurd
Charles   (09.02.11)
Ask Turkish Kurds being brutalized by the Turkish government about how Turkey protects citizens' rights.
10. turkish apology
alan bamberger ,   johannesburg , south   (09.02.11)
they are deflecting the attention away from what they are doing to the is an arab game they play. turn up the heat on 1 side while you burn the other
11. Pathetic and whining Turkish regime
Menachem ,   Israel   (09.02.11)
It is time Ankara realized that the Ottoman empire is dead and that Israel never has and never will apologize for defending herself against Jihadi aggression. Israel is a democracy seeking peace but also has one of the strongest military defense forces in the world ready to defend her ctiizens so the Turkish regime should be careful what they wish for.
You are sinking in the sea of LIES You invented !! More you youspeakmore you will become guilty because your incompetent international policy !!
13. DavutoGooLoo - looks a bit like Stuart Little?
14. This guy needs a better day job!!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (09.02.11)
He keeps asking and embarassing the heck out of himself. You should apologize to UN for wasting lives, money and time of everyone. STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!!!
15. turkey is just a big chicken
rashid ,   palistinian   (09.02.11)
ive seen it in the zoo believe me
16. Don Quixote De La Mancha
Zorba ,   Athens   (09.02.11)
Defend all you want boys. Nothing else to do now Assad is Going west and the Kurds have their battle for statehood practically won.
17. dovotogolu can go to hell
marcel   (09.02.11)
dovtogolu can go to hell with his political prescriptions for israel.The turks will have to repair the damages caused by the buffoon erdogan who is a loud mouthed lout from kampisi who is racist to the core. he spends his whole life catering to the brotherhood and hiis islamic wife emin who rages bs about gaza like tony blair's sister-in-law. Turkey should give back all the lands it took from greece and make amends to the armenians for butchering them along with many kurds.
18. #7 by your logic, Israel is already facing demographic disas
observer ,   Egypt   (09.02.11)
half the population in Israel are Arab Mizrahi Jews. Sephardi & Ashkenazi Jews are minority.
19. Will Turkish voters allow their govt to sink even lower?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.02.11)
One wonders how thick the skin is on the Turkish voters. Their economy is going down, their attempts to join EU are stalled, their military is being purged with trumped up charges, and the Islamist government is showing that it is great at delivering what all the other Islamist governments in the world give: rhetoric. However, hot words does not make jobs, nor pay salaries, nor put money in the education budgets. Turkey's stupidity with the boats has already cost them hundreds of millions in lost Israeli business. Leaders badmouthing Israel looks great in the local press. My bet is that the rhetoric against Israel gets even louder the closer we get to the next Turkish elections, in order to divert voters' attention away from all the other failings.
20. Proud of Israel
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (09.02.11)
I am proud that Israel finally stood up and refused to allow herself to be blackmailed into an apology. Where is the Turkish apology for allowing a ship to leave its' waters knowing that it was heading towards breaking the law. Where is Turkey's apology to the families of those killed, after all Turkey had in its' power to stop them. And then....Greece. Greece and Cyprus are reaching out. Israel is doing military exercises with Greece. For Israel to have bent a knee to Turkey would have been the biggest insult to the Greeks. Israeli tourists are not going to Turkey but going to Greece. G-d willing, I too will one day visit.
21. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.11)
As if Hezbollah alone is not enough, now we have to contend with Iran and Turkey as well... Stupidity and lack of vision is and has been the trademark of our politicians for some time now... Apologize now idiots...
22. #5 Zabra, Athens
Turkish ,   Turkey   (09.02.11)
You forgot to take your medication idiot...
23. Thank you Netanyahu & thank you Lieberman.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.02.11)
don't ever apologize for anything. Only Real Men Do Apologize .
24. Apologize or Not to Apologize
mba ,   Israel   (09.02.11)
It's all a matter of interests - usually this is the case, but here both sides are dictated by hubris and false pride. When their is a lack of statesmanship and good will nothing can be accomplished. In business a good deal is when all sides benefit from the transaction, yet in our local politics (Turkey/Israel) it seems to be a question of "who has the biggest". A sorry state of affairs for all concerned. As usual, both sides will just let the cards fall and then react to the outcome.
25. #2 If you wanna see himmler
Emre ,   Istanbul   (09.02.11)
Check your Foreign Minister !
26. Turkey
bg ,   jerusalem israel   (09.02.11)
27. #18 You should worry about Egypt.
Menachem ,   Israel   (09.02.11)
Israel is a strong first world high-tech power with a solid and increasingly homogenous Jewish majority coupled with a dramatic decline in Arab birth rates and rapid westernization of Israeli Arabs. Egypt on the other hand is a corrupt third world failed state unable to support its expanding population. The only thing the Cairo regime can offer its population in abundance is cheap anti-Jewish propaganda to divert attention from Cairo's failures.
28. What a pity...!!! lollll
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.02.11)
29. Kick Turkey out of NATO
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (09.02.11)
Terrorist supporting Turkey is no longer an asset to NATO. It uses NATO weapons to murder innocent Kurdish civilians in Iraq - a war crime committed with NATO weapons. Kick Turkey out of NATO now
30. #18 Observer, Egypt.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (09.02.11)
You'll have to pick another name, you're not very observant . Israel is demographically strong. There are no ''Arab Jews'' - Mizrahi or otherwise. Whatever our backgrounds, Jews are Jews. I'm originally from an Arab country. I can assure you that aside from some dietary preferences, I'm not an Arab. Of course, if you're an Egyptian, you're probably not an Arab either. In all probability, you are a descendant of people conquered & forefully converted to an alien ideology which erased your original language & culture. Copts, of course, have kept some of their original culture which is why they are persecuted. Now, what the hell does this have to do with Turkey's economic woes or it's demographic future? Do you think that Israel is like your primitive tribal societies? For all of our differences, Israel is an excellent example of a successful melting pot. You could only wish for a society capable of peacefully absorbing so many from so many places.
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