Will Palmer Report lead to legal onslaught?
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.09.11, 14:49
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1. "Excessive use of force?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.11)
Oh, give me a break. The United States has bombed Afghanistan and Iraq to hell and gone, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Some claim, perhaps a million or more. Lawsuits over the deaths of nine tererorists who deliberately ignored Israel's repeated requests to respect its fully legal and internationally recognized blockade? On a vessel which purported to be attempting to be bringing "humanitarian aid" to Gaza which turned out to be a couple of boxes of expired over-the-counter medications and some mouldy blankets? It won't take much to trash any lawsuits brought against Israel in court. I could do it in about 15 seconds. Maybe less. Actually -- probably less. Here's a news flash: Terrorists have no legal standing ANYWHERE. No jurisdiction will tolerate terrorism. Especially Turkish government-sponsored terrorism, as the Palmer Report has disclosed. I understand the total humiliation that Turkey is presently experiencing -- hey, I feel their pain (no, really!) -- but you know? Life is hard; then you die. Heavy emphasis on the "die," imbeciles.
2. That report is antisemitic garbage, because
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.02.11)
it declares that a legal action by Israel is wrong...THIS IS ANTISEMITIC DOUBLE STANDARD....!!!!
3. Israel will win most of those lawsuits
William ,   Israel   (09.02.11)
Kuwait pulled out of a lawsuit because they believed Israel would win. Any lawsuits based on this report will have to prove that the IDF came in with intent to kill, which any military expert will testify was not the case considered how under-manned and under-armed the soldiers were. But the report would place Turkey squarely in the crosshairs for lawsuits and countries would be in their right to drag Turkey to the ICJ.
4. Bring on the "legal onslaught"... Israel's economy
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NJ   (09.02.11)
is in excellent shape and the current surplus will provide the funds needed to obtain the finest justice that money can buy.
Robert Levine ,   Springfield,MA.   (09.02.11)
Why is Turkey not being condemn for slaughtering Kurds in Iraq?Also the Armenians?
6. Turkey vows legal action against Israelis ?
Observer1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (09.02.11)
Come on, bring it on! And let us get down to some brutal crushing here. Turkheads, the humiliation you are feeling right now from the leaked report will be a child's play compared to the outcome of any stupid legal action you'll unwittingly be taking in any court anywhere around the globe. This is time to get brutal, man. Meet you there!!
7. No legal basis
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.02.11)
The Palmer Report and their claim of 'excessive force' is based on nothing but opinion. There is absolutely nothing in any single international law that supports that statement. The fact is the exact opposite. This yet another attempt by leftists to impose their belief in the face of real international laws. Military forces are not police forces. The very idea that military response needs to be proportional or not excessive is moronic and no country in the entire world would ever accept it.
8. Never has been an indictment let alone
Stephen in New York   (09.02.11)
a trial of any Israeli for so-called "war crimes" and there never will be. It doesn't matter what they say, it only matters what Jews do.
9. #4 You Moved From arthur kill?
erie basin ??? Save Your Pathetic Comments you CRUMUDGION!!! Shabat Shalom/Baruch Hashem
10. #3, they will never bring them
Danny   (09.02.11)
They will issue press releases about bringing them. Remember it is about feeding the media not about "justice"
11. #1 - The report cites Israel didn't offer enough warning
William ,   Israel   (09.02.11)
I guess Palmer didn't listen to the IDF's audio interaction with the Mavi Marmara which repeatedly told them to turn back or they will be which the terrorists responded with curses, especially about Jews, and stated Gaza was their goal no matter what. Then the captain gave an interview where he said the terrorists refused to let him turn the boat around and basically commandeered it. Videos of these terrorists gathering knives, cutting the ship apart to create pipes (which were used to repeatedly hit IDF soldiers) are all over the Internet. To me, it sounds like they had plenty of warning...and knew what was coming next.
12. I find it funny, kind of
The Mad Zionist ,   SF, CA   (09.02.11)
So after everythings said and done this is what I see after the whole incident. 1. Turkey calls it a violations of human rights and a war crime what israel did. Killing 9 Turkish and wherever from peaceful actinides. And they are calling for a full apology from israel. Yet the mavi marmara is celebrated I'n turkey and a few other countries as a victory, and the actinides are called heroes. And not only that, the photograph of the Israeli soldier that we see up there won best photograph of the year at a Turkish film award ceremony. Very strange indeed don't you think. How can you celebrate something, call it a victory, make the day a Holliday and ask at the same time for an apology and say to the world that israel used excessive force? This was planned and executed perfectly. I'm proud israel did not apologize, except EHUD Barak did if anyone can remember, but I'm disappointed that netanyahu has not countered that Turkey owes israel an apology and compensation. This is what israels enemies do everytime, accuses israel of war crimes but celebrates the so called war crimes, when will the world wake up? I blame western media, and the Jews control the media huh? BS, except maybe it is true but it's the self hating Jews that do maybe. Jake
13. ATTACKED ??? How you people lie !!!
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (09.02.11)
I see somebody holding a camera with a shall tripod hanging down from it who is trying to take pictures of another person holding a woman by the breast. How do you get "attack" out of that? The person with arm raised is not warding off an attack, but is trying to block the camera from filming him. WHERE DO YOU GET "ATTACK" OUT OF THAT???
14. #9 - yes... the mooring rates are cheaper
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (09.03.11)
on a holiday weekend.
15. Turkey: Israel
Harry Light ,   Frankfurt   (09.10.11)
Sarah you are a hard woman.
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