Israel insists it won't apologize to Turkey
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.09.11, 17:00
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1. It is time to ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.11)
... close any consulates or the Turkish embassy in the Jewish state. Send them all packing. Turkey is of absolutely no benefit to Israel. We don't need their "trade" -- their economy is circling the bowl, by the way -- and they are on the way to being kicked out of NATO. Their bid to join the European Union is long dead. Turkey is about to go the way of the woolly mammoth, Israel is strong, and has a successful economy. No need to tie ourselves to the Turkish dinosaur. If expelling the Israeli ambassador was Turkey's "Plan B," it was pretty pathetic. Wait until they see what we can do to them.
2. No fight no love
Roanda ,   NY / USA   (09.02.11)
I believe they will get along again. Ottoman saved Israel in the past and they were friends for centuries. Both are just so conservative and one wants to have louder voice over the other. Come on, make it up guys
3. In league with Jihadis, Turkey's NATO membership must end
GZLives   (09.02.11)
4. Why Dosen't Israel release oll the vidio they
ben   (09.02.11)
confiscated on the Turkish ship if what they say is true
5. Shame on the U.N.
Israeli 2   (09.02.11)
Their report is rubbish. Let them make a similar report when next time Israel will blow the entire ship and anyone in it to smithereens.
6. superr
zzz ,   tr   (09.02.11)
7. Mr Netanyahu stood up to Obama...
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (09.02.11)
...and he stood up to Erdogan. At last,a PM who puts Israel first. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
8. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.02.11)
"Kiss and make up" with a Turkey that is linking up with Iran? You know, Iran -- the country whose "leadership" threatens Israel existentially? I don't think so. Turkey can go to hell. It's halfway there already. I think Israel should help the Kurds. If we do that, then Turkey is toast. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of complete idiots. Apologize? Oh, no. Not in this -- or any other -- lifetime.
9. This is great
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (09.02.11)
Finally, one country stands up to Israel and says that you are not above international law. Despite the UN cowardice, Turkey will not accept this illegal siege on the people of Gaza. Thank G-d for Turkey. Now we must send more flotillas.
10. Gee and Israel worked so hard to deny the
ben   (09.02.11)
Armenian Genocide Please google " Israel Turkey and the politics of genocide"
11. Sara B USA # 1 the reason Turkey
ben   (09.02.11)
Was not allowed into the European Union was because of the Cyprus issue and thier refusal to adress the Armenian Genocide. Israel has worked verry hard to deny the Armenian Genocide Please google " Israel Turkey and the politics of genocide" and read. Another good article on the subject is " Never again means only if your Jewish " I believe that one is on Muzzlewatch
12. Turkey broke the law
Naor ,   USA   (09.02.11)
The only one breaking international law was Turkey by sending a ship to run a legal and recognized blockade!
13. Israel is right not to apologize!
Maurice ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.02.11)
First, the blocade is LEGAL as the UN report just confirmed. Second, the Mavie Marmara by trying to break a LEGAL blocade was committing an ILLEGAL act. Third, the terrorists on the boat attacked Israeli soldiers with various arms with intent to kill. This is clear from all videos. The soldiers had to defend themsleves. Israel is 100% right here. Erdogan and Davutoglu are 100% wrong. And according to comments on Turkish papers such as Hurriyet, half of the Turkish population is also against their support for Gaza terrorists. Turkey will pay dearly for this as it will be further isolated from the western world.
14. Best response...
Vlad   (09.02.11)
Expel the Turkish consulate in Jerusalem, which calls the city "Jerusalem, Palestine" and deals with the Palestinians. If the Turks refuse because they recognize "East Jerusalem" as Palestine, expel them by force.
15. How much does Turkey worth?
sam ,   Nigeria   (09.02.11)
Do you not think ,Turkey is massaging her ego too far? I, want to know whether ISRAEL lives because of TURKEY's sustenance? Some body please answer.
16. Sarah
Savvy ,   China   (09.02.11)
Lets see Sarah wht you gonna to do Turkey. Give your best shot, Turkey is not like Arabs Sarah and never forget that. And also please do not forget that if Turkey did not open its door to the Jews on the Second world War maybe millions of people would be dead and maybe you were not living now saying this bullish words.
17. International Waters
jews frm hell ,   izrael   (09.02.11)
Does the term International Water mean anything to these Jews... this was a ship with aid, and gunman and mercenaries dropped from the helicopter in the middle of the night, killing innocent civilians, not only from Turkey but all over the world including Japanese aid workers. So plz.... all this jew loving has to stop, there is no difference to what happened to Jews in Germany and what is happening to Muslims in Palestine.... same history, the victim from Germany has now become a new monster in front of us... and still play the victim game, its just like playing a race card over and over again. Israel supports terrorism, has nukes, has built walls around themselves.... guess what, its the 21st century, we all have seen the torture videos, so it aint CNN or BBC where we only know half the truth....
18. A Responsible Democracy?
Steve Adams ,   U.S.   (09.02.11)
People can understand being surrounded by 'enemies', but playing dirty politics like Israel's been doing doesn't help.
19. Huge blunder by Turkey
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.02.11)
But did we really expect anything else? Turkey will look like Pakistan in a couple years- and Pakistan is lost to the psychopaths and grifters. Israel was in the right and has no need to apologize to anyone. Ahmet Davuto─člu and ilk are playing to the mob- the mob they helped create by steering Turkey into the lap of Islamic hard-liners. Ataturk is rolling in his grave, weeping.
20. friends and non all depends
sam ,   gibraltar   (09.02.11)
what friendship is the guy talking about.friendshi is two way traffic if one cuts the route then there is no point to the route. best now is to move on and to move away from so called friends who do not behave as such. it would be more armeniable to greece away from the turkies and feed them Kurds and i hope that down will come the spider and shove ole miz mufturk away
21. first I've paid attention to this
chris ,   usa   (09.02.11)
So, I'm just curious, this report states that the jewish military that boarded the ship had no weaponry....but responded in self defense after being attacked by dozens of turks on board with weapons.The implication is that the jewish military was outnumbered on the ship. I am curious how a group of unarmed men overtook a bigger group of armed men.
22. @ no. 2 What are you on, girl???
AJ- Raalte   (09.02.11)
When did the Ottoman(s) save the state of Israel, do you think? The Ottoman Empire did not exist when Israel was an ancient kingdom and it was long gone before the modern Jewish State was born.
23. UN report
John ,   TBay / Canada   (09.02.11)
If the Israeli blockade is legal then so are the efforts to breach it, that is what war is about no matter how one sided
24. Israel Apology to Turkey
John Amser ,   Chicago, USA   (09.02.11)
Turkey sponsored the terrorist flotilla from their ports, using their ship. Yet they want an APOLOGY? This is the ultimate in blackmail, deception and CHUTZPAH!
25. Turkey/ Israel
danny ,   durban, RSA   (09.02.11)
Who needs turkey, Isreal was, is and always be the apple of Gods eye, and Israel will live fore ever.
American ,   Los Angeles   (09.02.11)
Both are islamic fundamentalist regimes based on anti-Israel ,anti - Semitic principals
27. Its about time!!
Julie ,   Los Angeles CA   (09.02.11)
At last, Israel is standing up for the truth instead of worrying about world opinion. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't!!
28. Turkey too important for the West!
Atomino   (09.02.11)
Turkey is located in a very important geostrategic area. The ABM radar in Turkey planned by US is a cornerstone to monitor russian military installations and provide missile defence. Turkey has a big military and is a stabilizing factor in the region. Too important for NATO, US and the EU. Israel did a very big mistake to piss of the latest ally in the region. The US will never let Turkey kicked out of NATO never. In fact the west fears that Turkey will leave the NATO. You know that Turkey could form and lead a major economic and military block with the turk states Turkemenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azebajan...?
29. Accusing, accusing, accusing ! Turkey
This time, no ,   Turkish delight.   (09.02.11)
is trying very hard to hide their terrorist activities, or at least their helping hand to the Turkish terrorist organization who set up the flotilla last year. Turkey is also helping out Hamas in so many ways although they know perfectly well that these criminals are not accepted by the majority of the civilized countries, let alone recognized. If this is Turkey's way to cover their criminal support of illegal activities and violence by accusing Israel, by threatening and by downgrading the Embassy in Ankara, then it is really deplorable and pathetic. The real loser here is and will be only Turkey. Pity though for the Turkish people who are generally open and friendly towards Jews and Israelis.
30. Turkey
Eli Minoff ,   Safed Israel   (09.02.11)
First the Turks have to apologize to the Armenians, the Cypriots and the Kurds for the genocide they have committed and then we can begin to think about apologizing to them. Till then they can go to @##$!$#
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