'Turkey not interested in restoring ties'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.09.11, 20:44
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1. Talk about a temper tantrum....
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (09.02.11)
...It's time to put Erfdogan and his gang on "time out" -- just like any six year old.
2. since when liberman became senior?
David   (09.02.11)
light weight junior is tops for him..
3. Turkey decides to cut ties. So what?
Observer1 ,   Chrangbegbo, Ghana   (09.02.11)
Israel must start standing up and calling its enemies bluff. Let Turkheads cut ties and even more. Only Obama and his clowns think that Turks are somebody to work with. Even the spineless europeans have decide to keep these thugs, sorry turks, away from europe. Bullies don't back down because you give them what they demand of you but because you give them tit for tat. Israel stand up and fight.
4. The picture at the top of the story...
Rob ,   Orangevale Ca.USA   (09.02.11)
Please tell me that the scum terrorist swinging that bar on the downed soldier, was one of those killed. If some one swung something like that at one of my Marines, after a peaceful non aggressive boarding, him and his whole crew would be fish food. Every one that got hurt / killed on that foul cruise deserved it and more. Only the stupidest Israel -hating bigots in the world cant see this. Next time you board a 'peace' flotilla, do it a little more authoritatively. Shalom. Rob
5. It's Beyond Just the Principle
Dallas ,   Canada   (09.02.11)
Israel's stance is correct at many levels. A child can figure this out. Brainwashing and bias does a terrible thing to the human mind, and this whole incident shows us how badly the morals of Turkey have slipped. History has duly recorded this diplomatic idiocy enacted by Turkey and will not advance their respect among those in the world with a clear understanding of right and wrong.
6. This is a Joke, Right?
Ron ,   Boston, MA   (09.02.11)
Is Turkey a country full of whiny crybabies or is it just the leadership? I guess I shouldn't expect much from a country that still gets upset when you remind them of what they did to the Armenians.
7. turkish mistake
mehrdad ,   germany   (09.02.11)
tuekey has much more to lose (israeli tourists and hightech in vicilian and military sector and also the totaly pro- jewish public opinion in the US) then israel. israel dont need to take any steps to delegetemize turkish positions in NATO and with the US. sultan erdogan is doing it better then israel could do it.:) to the jews. do NOT apoligize before islamists for defending yourself!
8. an apology
"Setting a precedent in the Middle East" is actually irrelevant to the matter. An apology for what happened is very simply inappropriate. There is much more to this whole story than meets the eye, so let's call a spade a spade and move on in to the new era...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.02.11)
No big deal really, if you look at the photo in this article. As I described in a different article. Here a terrorist with both hands raised above his head, ready to slam a steel rod down with full force (deadly force) on to the IDF soldier. with at least 6 other men standing around in the process of beating what appears to be the same person. Gee, I wonder why he used his gun to defend himself? After all I'm sure all the anti-Israel writers would never have tried to save their own lives, They would have let the mob beat them to death. Makes sense? Because in the heat of battle while being savagely attacked they of course would have calmly taken out their gun to picked and choose their targets carefully (without any panic or urgency), and I have a bridge for sale too.
10. Turkeys strange erdogan #7
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.02.11)
I totally agree with you. And as always it shows that any agreements with islamic countries turns out to be just...air..
11. Turtkey's Loss
max ,   washington dc   (09.02.11)
Erdogan has lost face in the free and democratic western world, with his demands for an Israeli apology for enforcing the legal blockade of Gaza and exercising its right of self defense. The Palmer report identifies the Turkish IHH as contributing to the confrontation at sea. Erdogan is moving Turkey toward Islamization with Iran and is losing western and Israeli toursts as well it's hope for Nato and EU participation.
12. I apologise dear Turkish friends
Ehud Barak ,   Western Al-Quds   (09.02.11)
That stupid Booboo and right-wing extremist Lieberman won't apologise BUT I DO WITH ALL MY HEART, I love you Turkey and also all my Poopystinian friends, hugs and kisses, Uncle Ehud
13. Good For Israel
k ,   US   (09.02.11)
no going back to the gas chambers, better to stay strong then to be someones bitch
14. Good Riddance
Terry ,   GLENDALE, AZ, USA   (09.02.11)
Israel's relationship with the Turks was a marriage of convenience. Turkey is a Muslim country, many of whose citizens adamantly oppose Israel. Let Turkey cozy up to its newfound friends Syria and Iran. Let the U.S. and Europe shun these traitorous people. Israel should stop arming Turkey and instead send assistance to the Kurds, who could use their help in their struggle for a homeland, something the Jews can understand very well.
15. Livni and Barak already apologized
The Mad Zionist ,   SF, CA   (09.02.11)
Livni went off on the Netanyahu administration a couple of months ago and went all around doing live appearances saying that if she were PM than she would apologize to turkey and even pay compensation. Everyone please remember that Livni or any Kadimites and lefties I'n general would bow down to these countries that want to destroy israel. A couple of years ago I would have went nuts saying that Lieberman would destroy israel as PM but now I see clearly who would destroy israel. I would keep Netanyahu as Minister of Treasury though, Netanyahu keeps israels economy strong, Lieberman would keep israel strong and would stand up to those countries that want israel destroyed. Lieberman for PM! We need koach at a time like this! Jake
16. Official is SPOT ON: Turkey is Full of it
Turkey has indeed deteriorated into islamitization and an Unmanagable former friend. They initiated and cooperated in AN ILLEGAL act against a sovereign nation and should be held accountable. Israel already agreed to compensation so Turkish 'demands' are a dead issue. Israel was responsible and above all, honorable and can walk away from these goons with their heads held high. Turkey, on the other hand, has shown the west they are backstabbing liars and spindoctors. Turkey will pay dearly for this blunder: good riddance.
17. This would have come one way or another...
Vlad   (09.02.11)
Erdogan is desperate to appease the Islamist regimes he is actively trying to court. He was desperate to get rid of Turkey's relations with Israel anyway he can. He used every opening he could to bash Israel. Sooner or later, this would have happened. I don't know if anyone knows this, but in addition to bashing Israel during the Gaza War, Erdogan also bashed Israel over the 2006 Lebanon War (calling the kidnapping of the two soldiers "the kidnapping in Palestine"), previous incursions into Gaza to end rocket attacks, denied the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, stationed air defense batteries in Iskenderun to protect Syria following an IAF attack on Assad's nuclear plant, and threatened Israel with a response equal to that of an "earthquake" if it used Turkey's airspace to bomb Iran.
18. there are only "senior officials"... what says your FM ?
eporue ,   europe   (09.03.11)
19. Here's a news flash
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.03.11)
Israel is not all that interested in restoring ties, either. We are, on the other hand, interested in establishing extremely good ties with the Kurds suffering under Turkish rule. Oh -- good luck with the Syria thing. And the Cyprus thing. Think we can't? Think we won't? Think again, turkeys.
20. long live FREE KURDISTAN!
dante ,   uk   (09.03.11)
21. #17 totally agree
Paul ,   Tel Aviv   (09.03.11)
Publicly walked out on President Peres after talking to him in non diplomatic manner Maybe we should look further East to the puppet mster, eventually they will get their strings tangled if they keep throwing to many pauppets on the stage
22. If you don't have time to read the full report
marc   (09.03.11)
please read the summary at Few newspaper articles give a decent outline of the most important findings. It is these findings which have upset Turkey the most because they directly contradict everything the Turkish government has been saying.
23. being offended
tiger ,   vienna   (09.03.11)
being offended every time when confronted with the truth seems to be a permanent state for turkish politicians neighter israel, nor the eu needs these clowns, they are not a strategic partner, they just behave like children
24. Islamic republic of Turkey goal is to submit and humiliate..
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.03.11)
...that s why Israel say NO to apology We democratic nations in EU and Israel been the only real democratic nation in the ME,should not submit to arrogant Islamic Turkey.. Turkey promotes terrorist and we say NO to terror makers Say NO to Turkey,we will not bend and kiss his ass..
25. Turkey's imperial aspirations redux
Historian   (09.03.11)
One cannot help but notice, that Erdogan and his AKP henchmen have been covertly and overtly trying for years to re-create the political glory of the Ottoman Empire in a fashion similar/identical to Mussolini's attempted "Roman Empire resurrection". One must also remember the last noteworthy Roman Emperor that is: Constantine, who was Mussolini's principal role-model. Constantine masterfully utilized "enforced christianity" as one of the means to aggrandize/unify his existing empire. It didn't work out too well though for Mussolini who utilized Fascism (in lieu of religion) to justify/prop-up his dreams of grandeur, and now it is not working too well either for "would-be sultan" Erdogan & co. who are utilizing Islamo-fascism to propel them to the fore and permit their empire-rebuilding maneuvers. Utilizing Turkey's ostensible religious unity/harmony with other Muslim countries as a means to influence/control M.E. political events viz. Syria, Gaza etc. would be nice tricks, if successful, since they would also neatly counter-balance Iran's attempts at hegemony-by-proxy. However, the minor fly-in-the-ointment is that the Jewish State is a) not Islamic by its very definition and its institutions i.e it is a democracy b) not susceptible to cave-in to Islamic blackmail, Islamic coercion nor Islamic politico-military-terroristic bullying c)it is the strongest military power in the ME and is independent of Turkey's support and commercial ties for its existence... Just as these empires, emperors and would-be emperors of the past vanished into oblivion, Erdogan et al. will also disappear from the scene...the sooner the better, to the great relief of all concerned.
26. About Turkey
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (09.03.11)
Unhappily, Turkish Republic, since the present century, has disregarded Kemal Attaturk's rules and principles. Not, of course, in order to to restore "sultanate" or "ottoman empire", but on diminishing herself as a democratic and laic State; endorsing Muslim intolerant attitudes inside and outside. Western Europe, for me, is guilty, because of refusing to integrate Turkey into the Union. Gaza's "flotilla" was a simple pretext for the rupture with Israel. But patience is necessary. Much Turkish, men and women, begin to react against that bad politics.
27. Kurds does not need isreali ties.
Batu ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (09.03.11)
i see that some saying that we should strength our ties with Kurdish etc.Hey come on, Kurds aint stupid.In the past Kurds killed by the weapons that Israel sold to Turkey.And now when Turkish-Isreali relations worsened some come up with brilliant idea of establishing Kurdish-Isreali ties.Isreal go and wash your bloody hands first then we can talk about establishing ties.We already knew your not sincere at this so called Kurdish-Israeli ties.Yeah we got problems here but we can settle it ourself.
28. Islamist Turkey OUT of NATO, asap!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.03.11)
29. Turkey wanted it this way from the start.
Norm ,   Minneapolis, MN   (09.04.11)
Turkey manufactured this crisis because it wants to go the Islamic route and is establishing its credentials with its new friends. If Israel did apologize,Turkey would find some other way to pick a fight.
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