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Hamas official: Palmer Report 'biased'
Elior Levy
Published: 03.09.11, 14:40
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1. Yes, biased against Israel-again
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.03.11)
2. hamas has shown itself
marcel   (09.03.11)
hamas as shown itself to be more transparent than fatah which is rotten and weak to the core. However, like all the arab tirbal groups, they are limited by their belief in lies and conspiracy which is brainwashed into them with the mother's milk. They understand asymmetric beating, not the goldstone law of proportionality which only favours the more numerous side. For t his, goldstone's retirement will be that of persona non grata, not only him, but his wife and daughter and her children. In due course, galant will be brought back, along with eitam, yaalon and ahronovitch will handle security from barak who in over his head and is the most failed general israel has had next to eli zeira. He is a disaster which led to the killings on the marmora because of his weak nature. If the idf commando had gone welll armed and whacked the deck, there would have been probably no killings which were purely self defence as idf was being lynched as you saw on film. hamas and all such terror groups need to be lynched.
3. hamas says report is biased...
RichInBostonh ,   Boston USA   (09.03.11)
....hahahahahahahahahaha. A lying mouth piece for a group that has no moral compass. Hahahahaha.
4. It was Turkey that requested, and received, a UN...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.03.11)
... of the flotilla, a year and a half ago. And now that the investigation is over and Israel was found to have acted lawfully in maintaining the sea blockade of Gaza, and legally preventing ships attempting to break the lawful blockade, the Turks are still not pleased. The Turks, it should be noted, actively participated in the attempt to break the lawful blockade and have been direct collaborators of the IHH, a group recognized internationally as an Islamist terror organization and one that assists regularly similar organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. If anyone needs to apologize here is Turkey of course and no one else.But, Turky's interest is neither Gaza nor the flotilla. These have been excuses, pretexts in advancing Turkey's strategy of spreading its hegemony throughout the Muslim and Arab Middle East, eager to recreate the days of the Ottoman Empire, and siding with the Muslim-Arabs against the Jews, Israel that is, is a way to promote Turkey's position in the eyes of those eager to see Israel's demise. P.S. It is of some interest that during the past year and a half thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered by their own brothers from North Africa to Egypt, to Yemen, to Syria yet the Turks, instead of directing their energies to prevent the mass slaughter in the Muslim-Arab world focus on nine people killed by the Jews who legally policed the seas to prevent the deliver of weapons of mass distraction to Gaza, a territory in armed conflict with Israel. Isn't it a bit of a cynical picture....??!!
5. disband the UN. they're biased if they do, biased if they
Dan ,   Leeds   (09.03.11)
don't, so whats the point in it all?
6. baised against israel maybe. cause common sence says that ..
Judge ,   UK   (09.03.11)
if the blockade on Gaza is legal than breaking it is not only reckless but illegal!!!!! turkey and the IHH thugs are criminals according to international law!!!!
7. Since when monkeys give interviews ...
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.03.11)
Is he the Monkeys Iranian- ahmedinebab wants to' send in space to' see the globe??
8. bias bias bias...
wiz of iz ,   montreal canada   (09.03.11)
Mr Zahar,your slant on events is "perpetuate the lies , distortions and untruths" to gain power and opinion. Weeding out facts that support Israel is subjugating you and your cause, May I suggest that you take up home vegetable gardening where weeding and upright planting are all positive. Listening to good music while you are in the garden would make this passtime complete. Listen to me, you will be happy. Get out of the crosshairs soon when push comes to shove in Nasrallahstan when the four accused killers of Harari will be in demand!
9. Palestinian Terrorist and War Criminal wants justice
Ariel   (09.03.11)
10. yes it is biased
fad egypt   (09.03.11)
but it is biased against israel the report failed to say that turkey must apologize to israel and must pledge to cut its ties with the terror organizations IHH the reports also accused israel of being agressive in dealing with the activists while , they acted in a self defense after issuing warnings to the flotilla and they used non lethal paintball guns and despite that israel is the one who must announce its regert over the loss of life and pay a compensation !!! this report mentioned only one point which is right and that is the legality of the blockedge i believe that the behaviour of turkey is due to the policies of Hussein obama who for two years didnt open his mouth against her or against any muslim country but he directed his policies to be against israel is it a coincidence that turkey has turned to be a hostile country against israel and the west after obama became a president ?? of course not what should be done now is that israel should stand firm , no apology , no compensation , no regert , i know that obama will pressure israel to make concessions to turkey and he will use the september card to push israel but israel must stand firm also what should be done to turkey , it must be isolated and punished by the US , EU and the Nato all the economic and millitary cooperation must be stopped but i dont think that the US will do anything as long as the idiot obama is at the helm shalom
11. LOL at Hamass
Seth ,   South Carolina   (09.03.11)
Do these demons realize that they are a joke and no sane freedom loving person takes anything they say seriously?
12. Biased?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.03.11)
Actually, the UN report was, for a UN report, reasonable and balanced. Indeed, given the ambient circumstances, Israel's blockade would normally be regarded as legal under international law. But because that state itself exists illegally, any moves it makes are illegal, and that includes defense. The escort by Turkish warships for any future aid flotillas to Gaza will render the Zionist blockade a nullity.
13. this is shocking!
David ,   America   (09.03.11)
I was certain hamas would side with Isra'el on this one! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
14. the demise of a boatload of scorpions
renaldo   (09.03.11)
Al zahar. lke it or not, no one gives a sh..t if you do like or not. The UN report biased?. Legally, the 9 gangsters aboard the marmara were dispatched rightfully so. What you should do is make an arrangement for them to receive a few ' whores ' as consolation prize ( youre overflowing with them). The mass slaughter of the " beloved brothers" by other not so " beloved brothers " doesn't distub the Turks the least. Only the 9 thugs they send aboard in order to brake a lawful blockade was important, and these bums failed. And now you want to get paid? Erdogan you're a " schmock ". To you Graczek # 12, I think that you were born illegally. Check with the authorities or your mother?
15. Turkey finds itself in good company that objects to the...
JBI ,   Israel   (09.03.11)
Palmer report: Hamas, IslamicJihad, Syria, Hizballah, Iran... Need one go any further in order to begin to appreciate the company that Turkey keeps...?? And, as an astute observer noted: tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are...!!
16. A Categorical "No."
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (09.03.11)
The terrorists made a fatal decision; now they are dead, and deservedly so. A categorical no to apologies and compensation. I
17. Half breed
Sam M ,   UK   (09.03.11)
What a retard! This unfortunate looking specimen al-zahar really does looks like the missing link! Primitive or what? I wouldn't be suprised if i saw him swinging from a tree!
18. #10 fad
marc   (09.04.11)
you should read the full report or a decent summary of it before claiming that it is only correct on one point. In fact it supports Israel's position on many different and very important points. It is not biased agaisnt Israel. It is the most comphrehensive vindication of Israel's stance on Gaza ever published by an independent body. By emphasising the relatively minor findings on ''excessive force'' you do Israel no favors. Please read the full report.
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