Turkey to challenge Gaza blockade at ICJ
AP and Ynet
Published: 03.09.11, 17:44
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1. islamic yossi beilin dovotogolu
alexi   (09.03.11)
go ahead - you are stuck with the palmer report and hague won't reverse it. Your islamic code of truth =lies doesn't cut mustard with the hague. Like yossi beilin, an academic who was in over his head like barak at defence and didn't know he was playing with fire, concessions on land, apologies with islamic ambassadors are worthless. Erdogan has met his match. Assad told him to drop dead. And israel as small as it is, if pushed against the wall, will wipe out any foe if its life is on the line. So far, that attitude has not been in the air because for starters, olmert was afraid of guns and bullets and was trying to appease his machsom watch wife. Beilin is in the same class as olmert and add to it delusional. ehud barak has failed at landwarfare so m any time at sultan yacoub and chinese farm, then he appeases whethter for apologies or concessions to abbas or assad because he is afraid of losing. Turkey's one main hope is that bibi for all of his ambition to be PM, is nervous and hesitant and leans onbarak as his commanding officer. And of course barak will appease turkey much as israeli intelligence accused barak of costing israel 8 lives near eilat as he ignored their critical warnings.
2. Turkey's 0 conflict with neighbours an absolute failure...
Ariel   (09.03.11)
Syria- bloodshed Irak Kurdistan- War Cyprus- occupation European Union- rejection Israel- provocation These are no Cero Conflict policy but allarround troublemaking to stablish a new ottoman caliph (erdogan)
3. Erdogan is Desperate
Michael ,   USA   (09.03.11)
Turkish hypocritical cowards have the nerve to criticize Israel while you bombard the defenseless Kurds on a daily basis! How dare you try to prevent Israel from defending the lives of it's citizens. The blockade is legal. And now you threaten Israel with your warships?? Erdogan and his lapdog FM are cowards!!!
4. Turkey layin ground work for WAR
Gary ,   Los Angeles   (09.03.11)
WTF, Turkey has no place in NATO, EU or ME...time to take the gloves off Isr.
5. Way to go!
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.03.11)
To Turkey: Way to go. Maybe we shall have the exquisite pleasure of seeing Zionist leaders and military bullies behind bars.
6. Turkey Arrodogan like to be the next King of ME
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.03.11)
I have say some weeks ago "to keep an eye" to arrogant Turkey government,and there we go... Turkey is enthroning herself has the new king of the ME and is setting "her law" not only to Israel,but to NATO members,meaning NATO. Tame has come to face turkey and tell her clearly that has a member,some duties and rules to respect . Turkey is now taking the International Law in her hands telling us what we should do; in fact it is Turkey that must obey to NATO rules... Turkey escorting boat to Gaza?who they thing they are?turkey arrogance is a threat to Europe too,we must stand against this arrogant man of Evil Israel should take turkey to the Hage and obligate Turke
7. At first it was Hamas that objected to the UN Palmer Report.
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.03.11)
Now, "Erekat condemns Palmer report as 'purely political'". Turkey finds itself in good company that objects to the Palmer report: Hamas, IslamicJihad, Syria, Hizballah, Iran, PLO/PA... Need one go any further in order to begin to appreciate the company that Turkey keeps...?? And, as an astute observer noted: tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are...!!
8. If Erdogan wants an investigation let him have it
DavidM ,   USA   (09.03.11)
Turkey's leaders have alot of gall to bring their case to the ICJ.The same government that invaded and occupies Cyprus,routinely attacks Kurds, and refuses to apologize for the genocide against Armenia will not fare well in any court.If Mr. Erdogan wants an investigation let him have it.
9. Another windbag threatens
A ,   Belgium   (09.03.11)
"the Arab spring will give rise to a strong Israel opposition " "(Israel) risks alienation among Arab nations by resisting an apology." Like DUH, Davu, is there an arab country that isn't opposed to and that doesn't alienate Israel? And what if the ICJ finds the embargo perfectly legal? Who you going to cry to then? And which luxury hotel in Gaza is Erdogan planning on staying at, where he can observe first-hand the poverty caused by the hamastan thieves? And when is "Turkey" going be renamed "Hypocrasy"?
10. The vibrant Israeli economy is more than
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (09.03.11)
capable of funding a crack team of lawyers, well versed in international law, to obtain only the finest justice that money can buy.
11. How Long still belonging to NATO
Dr.Meyer ,   Germany   (09.03.11)
Turkey under Erdogan is a danger for NATO.With His incredibil arrogante He whant to make points in die Islamic World.NATO can't Trust such a "friend".
12. Hmmmm
Miao   (09.03.11)
Is this about Turkey's desire for regional hegemony and greater influence in the Islamic world on the one hand, and control over the gas fields Israel has discovered and is developing on the other? Is that why a Turkish ship shadowed the Mavi Marmara for part of its voyage last year? And why Turkey 'didn't do enough' to stop it? One of the things I noticed in the report is the Turks claim that the IHH said the ship was going to the port of El-Arish, but that it's documented intended destination - at its Turkish point of departure - was Gaza. Lies, lies, and more lies. So Turkey is threatening war, and has stated its intent to provoke just that. Time for NATO to either bring the bird into line or throw her feathered a$$ out.
13.  International Court of Justice for Mavi Marmara
rojin ,   diyarbakır   (09.03.11)
Israel must pay price for its kurdish bloodshed. 7 Kurdish Participants were killed in Mavi Marmara Aid Flotilla İbrahim Bilgen from Siirt Ali Heyder Bengi from Diyarbakır Çetin Topçuoğlu from Adana Fahri Yaldız from Adıyaman Cengiz Akyüz from İskenderun Necdet Yıldırım from Malatya Cevdet Kılıçlar from Tunceli
14. ICJ may summon Palmer as a witness, only if
observer ,   Egypt   (09.03.11)
the ICJ sees him credible.
15. What an idiot! The ICJ will...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.03.11)
...also find the blocade LEGAL, just like the UN report did. And then this other monkey (the first one being Ahmadinejad) will be even more embarassed than he is now. I can't wait!
16. Thanksgiving is soon
Kevin ,   Las Vegas America   (09.03.11)
Sounds like the Turkey is almost ready to be cooked. Its chest is sticking out.. since its soo full of pride. Perhaps Turkey will swallow its pride before its rammed down its throat!! Gobble Gobble
17. Turks will lose this.
David T ,   Canada Israel   (09.03.11)
Although Turkey has a strong army, they are no match to Israel's Air Force. Israel is the strongest Air Force in the region and 4th (in size) in the world, but have the best pilots in the world. Turkey better be careful not to start a war they can't win.
18. Turkey and The ICJ
Adam ,   London   (09.03.11)
This is how far the PM and FM will go to keep their dwindling popularity in Turkey, what a dangerous game they play. I hopefully smell a coup/intervention from the frustrated Turkish Military soon.
19. And what happens if you lose at the ICJ?
NewMan   (09.03.11)
Also I hope they realize that by rejecting this report, they've basically justified Israel's rejection of UN decrees...
20. Palmar commission is not Judicial
observer ,   Egypt   (09.03.11)
One wouldn't have attacked a commercial or passenger ship with armed Zodiac boats and armed commanders, without proper warning, and expect no resistance in self-defense. Turkey's report submitted to the UN panel that Israeli commandos used live fire before landing, leading to death and injury; the Israelis said they had not. That wasn't addressed the least by Palmer report, unless Palmer believes that Israel always tell the truce. do not test his beliefs. have you forgotten the edited Israel's radio message which was withdrawn shortly after publication.
21. Finally
Tim ,   Moscow,Russia   (09.03.11)
Someone with enough balls to stand up and say Israel is committing crimes against humanity and must stop
22. time to become friends with Armenians, Greeks and Kurds
Ruben ,   Erevan, Armenia   (09.03.11)
23. #5 Graczek, SHOW THE WAY !
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.03.11)
Volunteer for service withTurkey or board one of the AID boats they're talking about, we have a body bag just your size in which to send your carcass home
24. Legal Blockade
Max ,   Washington DC   (09.03.11)
If Turkish Ships or any other ship interferes with the legal blockade of Gaza they run the risk of being stopped by Israel Forces. Erdogan should not think the United States will sit idly by with his threats and bullying of our ally, Israel.
25. Act of War
Mary Snow ,   USA   (09.03.11)
Does Turkey realize that Israel is a floating aircraft carrier. It would be no problem with the Israeli Air Force knockout the Turkish navy within minutes. Breaking the blockade would be an act of war under international law. Is this really what Turkey wants? Israel cannot be subject to blackmail for every aspect of her life and must resist any attempt to compromise any further on this affair. This is my opinion.
26. Standing
Sid ,   NY US   (09.03.11)
Does Turkey have any standing on this issue? ('Standing' is a legal term which basically means the party is part of the issue and not just a meddling third party) Is Turkey a party to the blockade? If Turkey has standing to sue on the issue of the Gaza blockade can Israel sue Turkey on the issue of the Armenian slaughter?
27. Time to tell the turkeys to get stuffed!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.03.11)
Atleast the the warships of the turkish navy will make nice reefs at the bottom of the Med.
28. Would you ?
Sidney ,   Miami, USA   (09.03.11)
He looks like a used car dealer, would you buy a car from him?.
29. what a foul bird
ex-frummie ,   johannesburg, S.A.   (09.03.11)
Turkey is in contravention of the UN re:moving its military out of Cyprus - if ever there was a need for a coup in Turkey it is now
30. not comparable
observer ,   Egypt   (09.03.11)
in 2008, the Knesset didn't recognize the Armenian massacre. It was Great Mistake regarding the recent conflict with Turkey. Young Turks who perpetrated the massacre were Crypt-Jews. Kurds are Sunni Muslims like the majority of Turks, no racial discrimination in Islam, no such thing like goyim. Ali Haidar, a Kurdish man from DiarBakakr, was killed by Israel's army on the Mamvi Marmara. Half Israel's population are Arab Mizrahi Jews.
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