WikiLeaks: Israel irked by West Bank protests
Published: 03.09.11, 19:19
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1. This makes perfect sense
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.03.11)
For decades Israel has dealt with wars, intifadas and violent protests, that is what we are used to and what we expect from Palestinian protests. The use of non-violent protests is a tool to show that you can achieve your goals without violence and it is a good way of doing things that makes it so your the people you are protesting against cannot respond with violence without seeming like the aggressors. It is good that the Palestinians are starting to use this as their method of protest. Maybe it will help them.
2. False statement
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.03.11)
There aren't any 'non-violent' protests. They are very violent with rocks and fire bombs. Yet the leftist media and idiots claim that is non-violence.
3. one way to deal with protests
Aryeh ,   Bat Ayin   (09.03.11)
The same way one deals with Flash Riots
4. The Israeli non-violent way.
S. Kamera   (09.03.11)
Any AK 47 with rubber bullets shot to the upper body, real bullets shot all over the body, tear gas cannisters fired to the head or chest, grenades, mortars, rockets, laser guided missiles, anything shot from atanl, F-15, F-16, ship, boat, PT Vessel, sub, or nuclear weapon, or an amoured CATERPILLAR...etc, etc,etc BDS.
5. "ynet"- "wickileaks....".
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation/land   (09.03.11)
the (revisionist) zionism/zionist movement has to stay out of the gaza-strip, lebanon, the westbank etc. or possible otherwise a wished peace-agreement with the palestinian people, via mediation by the un will give permission/permit to do so.
6. inventive please
Tell ,   nowhere   (09.03.11)
Spraying over them a bunch of assorted pages from Swedish porno magazines would do the dispersion trick
7. #4 s.
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.04.11)
These answer the "Palestinian" "nonviolent" way of bombs, rockets, stones, etc. They are also used when the "Palestinians" fire rockets, immediately declare a cease fire afterwards, and then blame Israel for breaking the "cease fire" when they retaliate. Your eyes are shut tight.
8. #5 sjoerd
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.04.11)
Israel WITHDREW from Gaza, parts of the West Bank and South Lebanon, remember? And all they got it return was murder, suicide bombers and rockets. The devil is in the "details" (aka facts) that you so assiduously ignore because they are inconvenient for you.
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