700 medical residents resign; court rules move illegal
Neri Brener
Published: 04.09.11, 16:22
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1. This is...
Z ,   Israel   (09.04.11)
Awful. Time to wake up Knesset! You have a bunch of domestic problems to take care of while you argue over nonsense and go on vacation during the country's biggest calls for domestic change ever.
2. This is Distrous!
sean ,   jersualem   (09.04.11)
It's bad enough that they all quit, but for the court to come along and say that people can't quit? What is this fascism? Anyone can quite their job if they want, as long as they're willing to pay any penalties written into their contract, if any. What difference does it make if they do it collectively? What a bunch of BS the Israel judicial system comes up with. Unions can legally strike and blackmail the entire country for whatever they want, but people try to quit and the court tells them they can't? It's about time we replace the judicial system.
3. Warning to the Jewish antisemites.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.04.11)
Don t send the Haredi to Iran.You might need them as volunteers in the hospitals.
4. resignations
volin   (09.04.11)
The time for the corrupt selfserving politicians is coming to an end. Shortly there will be an unrising as in Egypt and the parasites in the knesset will be ousted. The system of elections will be changed and Israel will be free of these untruthful lieing backstabbing swine whom do not give a damn for the population
5. #2 an answer and some questions
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.11)
It has to do with running a civilized society. A normal person quits with a required warning so the employer can find a replacement. The Residents are supposed to give 30 days warning, but if you have a collective resignation, the employer can't compensate. Considering all the Residents chose this profession knowing the conditions, the judge can't allow mass resignation that will lead to the deaths of innocent people. But answer this, if the deal signed between the government and the doctors' representatives is so bad that the Residents want to quit, why aren't the representatives named, shamed and blamed? I really don't understand. Also, in Israel everyone pays the same tuition, but medical education costs millions and social workers and lawyers a fraction of what they pay. Future social workers and lawyers are subsidizing the future doctors. Should Israel universities charge different tuition for different faculties, so that the Residents could quit or emigrate with a clear conscience?
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