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Defense establishment to simulate strike on nuclear facility
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 04.09.11, 13:02
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1. Here's an idea...
Chaime ,   NYC, USA   (09.05.11)
How about hitting Iran BEFORE they hit Israel?
2. Strike Iran first?
Elmo/Anechoic Room ,   Los Angleles, Calif   (09.05.11)
You must be joking/April Fools. Laughing ... I'm laughing all the way to Gehenna.
3. No need to access the fallout.
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.05.11)
Legally Israel has every justification to bomb Iran. The dead toll should not even be considered. Israel is the only country alienated enough by the collective deteriorated nations, Islamic and European, that it is the only country moral enough to rid the earth of the growing filth and impurity coming out of Iran.
4. Puzzled
Mark ,   USA   (09.05.11)
I'm puzzled..who wil strike Dimona, Iran? Iran isn't going to openly strike Dimona, at least not yet. It'll be one of Iran's surrogates-either Hamas or Hezbollah. So, my point is why in the world did Israel allow such a threat to not only grow but continue to grow. It's now a safe bet that Gaza will strike Dimona.
5. Reactor Use
Brad ,   duluth, USA   (09.05.11)
I don't hold out much hope for peace in the next couple of lifetimes in the area. I hope. for the sake of the survival of the Israeli state, that Israel has been vigorously expanding its 'non existent' nuclear arsenal.
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