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PM: Israel will not apologize to Turkey
Ronen Medzini
Published: 04.09.11, 11:59
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1. Keep it up, will need your
Israeli 2   (09.04.11)
constituencies strong. Lieberman is right behind you checking up on you.
2. Stand tall, Israel
Standing Tall ,   USA/Canada   (09.04.11)
The Islamists that have taken over Turkey show that they have nothing but hostility for Israel. Ataturk must be spinning in his grave seeing what has happened in Turkey. STAND TALL!
3. the blockade is legal than breaking it is illegal!!!!
Israel we are ,   with you 100%   (09.04.11)
and breaking the blockade by a terror group backed by a country is very illegal and breaking the blockade by a terror goup who uses knives, guns, clubs ect. is very very illegal and an act of war. TURKEY IS A TERRORIST STATE!
4. Why should he apologize?
rune f ,   oslo   (09.04.11)
The same week as the the flotilla.Turkey killed 100 or more kurs.Turkey should apologize to the kurds.Israel defended itself and that is not aginst international law
5. We ALL stand with the IDF !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.04.11)
The Turks got what they deserved...
6. Kol hakavod to Benjamin Netanyahu!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.04.11)
7. Well say,Israel Has nothing to apologize
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.04.11)
..and if turkey would have not approved a terror Islamic organization to go against Israel with the porpoise of arming the IDF soldiers,they would not have lost none of the marmalade flotilla.. In fact Israel can take turkey and the Turkish man that died,in court for incitement of violence... Israel should alway defend his soldiers,especially when they defend themselves and his people from Islamic terrorist
8. With you 100% (Idem)
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.04.11)
9. Turkey to win, Israel to lose soon or in the end
Sue ,   US   (09.04.11)
10. Turkey has plenty to applogize for
David M.   (09.04.11)
"as far as Ankara was concerned, the Palmer Report was "null and void." Denial seems to be a standard Turkish response. They have treated the same way the Turkish genocide against Armenians, killing and subjugation of their Kurdish population, conquest of Cyprus and their bloody history of atrocities in the Balkans. Being an ostrich doesn't work. You may cover your eyes, but your numerous crimes are still visible.
11. Time to tell Turkey
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (09.04.11)
to go to hell. Let us stop all Israelis from visiting Turkey, Let us stop buying cars and other products produced in Turkey such as Toyota cars. Let us stop them drugs from Teva. I am proud of Bibi; Full steam ahead
12. apology
Sam M ,   UK   (09.04.11)
Quite right there is no need to apologise and the turks will just have to eat their humble pie. They are rapidly turning into a regional bully boy and losing international credibility big time. Hopefully (though i'm not holding my breath) there will be a change of government in due course and turkey will take a more moderate course.
13. You did what you had to do
Cameron ,   USA   (09.04.11)
They went out of their way to force your hand. To Hell with the Turks.
14. Right on Netanyahu!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.04.11)
Turkey is behaving in a petty way unworthy of a nation with a great history. The western world agrees with Israel and the UN with respect to the need for the blocus and the fact that IDF soldiers had to defend themselves against thugs and terrorists on the Mavi Marmara.
15. #6 is fake Salma
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.04.11)
I hate Netanyahu....
16. #9 Sue
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.04.11)
Not even in your dreams!
17. Of course there is no reason to
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.04.11)
apologise so ignore all the international absurdities, especially Turkey and just move on
18. Marmara part of Islamist (Turkish) stance, NOT the cause.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.04.11)
19. Salma @ 15, everyone knows @6 is not yours.
leo ,   usa   (09.04.11)
20. Get the feeling that Davutoglu is a diplomatic disaster?
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.04.11)
No one it seems perhaps least of all Davutoglu knows what Turkeys true position really is... His speeches and interviews are full of contradictory comments - so no one knows Turkeys official position on the issue because some of his demands are quite simply outrageous and as he knows full well are totally out of the question..Yet word from my Turkish circle of friends is that overwhelmingly Davutoglus views are NOT that of the Government and especially NOT that of the majority of the Turkish people What is so breathtakingly stupid and criminal is that man Diddy Davutoglu. Many in Turkey see his behaviour simple designed to enhance his macho image to promote his political ambitions whatever the cost to the region What angers all of us is to see him fanning the flames of division between the two countries when above all what is needed more than ever in the region is Turkey and Israel to act as models of stability and cooperation.
21. Gazan People
zichron   (09.04.11)
The sooner hamas changes its name and its covenent makes holocaust denial a crime and allows the gazan people to settle in northern sinai the sooner peace and jewish islamic reconciliation arrives.
22. is it so hard?
barrack ,   turkey   (09.04.11)
i am asking you is it so hard to apologize for dying 9 people. not for another thing. just for 9 PEOPLE. in my life i didnt apologize one time for death. cause i ve killed a spider. so i cant understand what stuation is netanyahu is in. he killed 9 life. nobody can stand upon this. he will apologize whenever he will?
23. To the editor
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.04.11)
... I did not put "(end)" into my message. :)
24. Backtrack
Sarah B's Grandpa ,   Poland   (09.04.11)
This is not a matter of abstract moral argument, but of political acceptance and respectability. As the world slowly tries to emerge from barbarism, through the human rights movements Israel mockingly drags it back by sanctifying the very doctrines of racial vengeance that more civilized forces condemn. Israel brings no new evils into the world. It merely rehabilitates old ones, as an example for others to emulate and admire.
25. pm: israel will not
les ,   canada   (09.04.11)
THANK YOU MR PRIME MINISTER! in fact, israel must bring a counter suit against the turkeys for sending armed and dangerous criminals to breake a lawfull blockade. if the situation was reversed, there would be no jewish survivors on that bath tub.
26. #15
les ,   canada   (09.04.11)
HA..HA..HA..HA.. you are just too funny!
27. #22
Sam M ,   UK   (09.04.11)
Watch the video of the fanatics on the Mavi Mamara attacking the Israeli commandoes! They only used their guns when they had good reason to fear for their lives. Two Israeli commandos were seriously injured and could have been kiiled. Why didn't the 'activists' simply cooperate like the people on board the other ships who were umharmed and returned peacefully to their own countries? The turkish government should apologise to Israel for encouraging islamic fanatics to sail to gaza to breae a legal blockade. Israel has no need to apologise.
28. calculations
alexi   (09.04.11)
bibi, just as barak found out that sending weak signals to terrorists like barak did with paintball guns that ultimately caused commandos to be gutted and nearly lynched on the marmora, so do endless delays and massaging regrets and apologies saying that coalition members are blocking such statements. Stand resolute all the time, not just at the end. defend your position and then you will get a compromise. the neo ottomans, the yossi beilin dovotogolu whose prescriptions have no reality to them, and erdogan, a loud mouthed rugby islamist from kampisi whose goal in life is to make nice to his gaza screeching wife, and gul, another pillar and bs artist from the justice party have been told by assad to drop dead and go to hell. And that is what you ought to tell them as well. In the meantime, get rid of eli zeira barak, the worst land general israel has had, only slightly better than peretz and on a par with halutz.
29. barrack from Turkey - No it is not hard
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.04.11)
However in this case it is not warranted. Israel has already expressed regrets for the loss of lives and offered compensation. Based on the Palmer report Israel was within the legal rights in defending the legal blockade. Those regrets are the proper response. Anything that your government is asking from Israel is not necessary, it is intended to humiliate Israel and score politically with the Islamic voters. This is not friendly behavior Please read Faruk Logolu's co0mments in this matter. He is a seasoned Turkish diplomat who was Ambassador to Washington DC.
30. The Jewish Churchill?
John Prophet   (09.04.11)
Netanyahu, you've talked the talk, but soon you'll have to walk the walk. History will then decide!
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