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PM: Israel will not apologize to Turkey
Ronen Medzini
Published: 04.09.11, 11:59
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31. lol..this guy is a clown...
Sam   (09.04.11)
than he calls Hillary and begs her to mend ties with Turkey... Israerl needs to get rid of him ASAP.
32. #24 Grandpa, Israel can't hold a candle to the Arabs in that
Joe   (09.04.11)
regard. You have to fight fire with fire, as they say.
33. No apology to Ankara
Anadelfos ,   Athens Greece   (09.04.11)
If somebody or a state deserves an apology, he must have proved in the past that was able to apology for his own crimes. Concerning Turkey we cannot say she deserves it. It was the turkish police who lynched to death Tasos Isaac at August 11 1996, during an antioccupation rally in Cyprus, and 3 days later they shot dead another Greekcypriot named Solomos Solomou. During 1974 turkish invasion in Cyprus, 340 greekcypriots POW's were slaughtered like sheep in Kerynia's coast, while waiting to be transfered to Adana by turkish vessels. 1619 persons are still missing in Cyprus. During 1919-1922 hundrends thousands of Greeks and Armenians were slaughtered, thrown to cliffs or left to die of starvation. Concerning the recent statements of Davutoglu about Israel bullying the east mediterranean, we all know who the real bully is and support you 100%.Shalom.
34. #33 Anadelfos
Sam M ,   UK   (09.04.11)
I know that many Israelis will feel much more comfortable with an alliance between Greece and Israel and also between Cyprus and Israel now that they have seen how unreliable and fanatical this turkish government is. Greece is also a wonderful place to visit for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis that used to go to turkey!
35. #34, agree
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (09.04.11)
I love Greece. But Cyprus is even better. That part of it the Turks didn't occupy, at least.
36. BiBI : we heard it already. move on
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.04.11)
37. #15 salma
David ,   America   (09.04.11)
That makes us love BiBi all the more! If you favored him in the least we would all wonder about him.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.04.11)
The Palmer Report sets the record straight in that regard, Israel owes nobody an apology. If fact if you read the report you have to wonder why Turkey isn't apologizing to the families and paying the compensation to the terrorists that were killed. In fact, Even the IHH should be sued, that's the case that's a real winner. After all, the Israeli government warned the Turkish government. The Turkish government DID warn the NGO's leaders, including the IHH. It was the IHH that failed to warn or even mention the physical danger it was warned about. The IHH never told the passengers about the danger, and they planned the attack against the IDF (termed "reckless" and "violent" in the Palmer Report). The same way Morris Dees broke one of the Klan groups (Here in the USA) by winning a civil lawsuit for $7 million dollars against the Klan for inciting violence. So the passengers killed, their families would (In my opinion) win a civil case against the IHH. You could clean them out and confiscate all their cash and whatever assets they own. The Palmer Report would be exhibit "A", and puts the blame right on the shoulders of the NGO leaders. Who used the passengers as "Human Shields" to cover their attack against the IDF.
39. Today 163 people died in Turkey in trafic accidents
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (09.05.11)
as it always happen after a long holiday vacation period during the returns careless drivers who have no respect for their own and other's lives make many accidents in Turkey. Government never tales any actions to prevent or better control traffic in the highways. Basically there is no control and when ther is penalties are to small for the very rich drivers. The interesting thing is that this big loss of life is accepted in Turkey while they make a huge issue of this IHH thugs who bare at least some responsibility for the 9 lives lost in the Mavi Marmara.
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