Man injured during rocket attack dies of his wounds
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 04.09.11, 23:23
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1. Baruch Dayan Haemet
VK ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.11)
May Hashem punish those responsible for the death of this fine man
2. Rest in peace, Eliyahu!!!
AJ - Raalte   (09.05.11)
May your memory be for a blessing.
3. report
hanan ,   maale michmas   (09.05.11)
My guess is that it was originally reported as no damage or injury as they do with most rockets completely disregarding all of the fear and psychological damage to our citizens.
4. Condolences to Mr. Naim's family and friends.
Devorah822   (09.05.11)
5. This is what the BDS movement supports
DavidM ,   USA   (09.05.11)
The murder of a 79 year old man is the true face of the boycott Israel movement.This movement tacitly and openly supports the terrorists who boast of killing a beloved family man. When these BDS activists flitter around in their guerilla costumes they should be reminded of just what they stand for.
6. Prayers fior the family
Ron ,   oc, us   (09.05.11)
The cost of a tepid resonse to terrorism.
7. force hamas to apologise, and
Alex ,   UK   (09.05.11)
give them ultimatum to extradite killers of two recent Israeli civilian victims of rockets from Gaza. unlike turkish "activists" on marmara, these unarmed civilans didn't endanger any lifes in Gaza. and if there is no sensible reply, put personal responsibility fully on hamas leadership. Sue them for murder in international court of justice, murder is what they do. why is it, that turks can press others this way, and Israel doesn't.
8. to #7 I can't believe I am saying this but good point
ghostq   (09.05.11)
9. Oh Pleeeease...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (09.05.11)
This man must have died of old age...
10. Unacceptable that we sit back and take all this!
AB ,   TheRock   (09.05.11)
Barak get off your butt and do what you are paid to be doing, you imbecile!
11. cannot
Eliyahu   (09.06.11)
Israel cannot bring him back but can can show the murderers a heavy hand , until now all the responses are too weak
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