Hapoalim mulling sale of Turkish bank
Tomer Zelzer, Calcalist
Published: 05.09.11, 12:46
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1. I read with disgust what is happening in Turkey
Johan Fourie ,   Johannesburg   (09.05.11)
I would just like to let all you Israeli's know that I no longer purchase Turkish machinery for my production plant. 2 years ago we started buying the German equivalent of the machines – the price is a little more expensive (4%) but the happier customers are priceless. I will have nothing to do with a racist Turkey even though I am not Jewish (many of my customers are Jewish)
2. Turkey's Soul Still a Frightening Mystery
TheTurkishTribes ,   Jeruslem Israel   (09.05.11)
While Turkey has made over the last century some progress towards becoming part of the western world much of it's soul still has a dark and barbaric side to it. It would be hard to find any country in the world that is so fanatically natinalistic that has laws called "anti Turkish offense" that allows no criticism in pblic of anything "Turkish" one feels while there a dark brooding violence may erupt at any moment. The Turks have still a long way to go to maturity.
3. # 2 Turkey's soul
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (09.05.11)
Still has a dark and barbaric side to it,does this have somthing to do with Islam ?.
4. I have created 10's of billions of dollars for Turkey
Beny ,   North America   (09.05.11)
over the years. I am an international diplomat who corrected many "diffficulties" for the Turks over the decades because of their positive evolving, reaping for them huge bounties.. Now they are recidivicing to nazi islamofacism and will bring about their own annihlation. I have reversed my efforts and they are consequently losing billions in liquidity and face worldwide. I am from Aman originally and was anti-zionist, but since zionism has turned on itself and only washed-up socialists/marxists remain from them, I am certainly not anti Israels people and am disgusted by Turkeys evil machinations under the new fanatical regime. Pity.
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