Ancient rebel caves, a hidden adventure
Published: 27.10.11, 09:31
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1. is this a joke ?
eporue ,   europe   (10.27.11)
..."These tunnels are an amazing secret that tourists unfortunately don't know about,"... ...and after reading this brainless lengthy boring article we still dont know... ...ah...there are also caves in afghanistan, in germany, in france, in morocco, in niger, and lots of them in nearby gaza with even two exits, one of them even in another country... amazing... maybe its time that the romans come back, everyone goes into their caves, and there will be peace ?
2. to #1: these are not caves
golan ,   modiin   (10.28.11)
these "caves" were carved in the rock. Yes they started out as caves but were hand carved into underground villages. They had a system for storing (and in case of a broken container) saving cooking and lighting oil. They were affixed with air and smoke ventilation. They had lamp niches carved in and a tactical room entrances that allowed only one man without armor to pass through. These are not "caves" like the ones in Afghanistan or German, o even France... they were a secret bunker for rebels fighting for the lives of their families.
3. JOSEPHUS "ROMAN"? . . .
Bob ,   Waimea   (10.28.11)
Re the words, ". . .Roman historian Josephus . . .", I'd thought he was a high-born, well-educated Jew who led an army against the Romans -- lost, of course -- and talked his captors into not executing him in exchange for his writing the history of the Jewish people. So we have Jewish Wars, or Wars of the Jews, History of the Jewish people, and more; and his name Flavius Josephus or Josephus Flavius, resulted from his adoption by the Flavian family, related to the family of Vespasian, the conquerer of Jerusalem. Hope this is helpful. Any other thoughts, anyone?
4. #1 Ingorant Would Be A Compliment To You
The Point of the article is to show that for MILLINIA HEBREW/JEWISH People have had to Battle For Their Very Survival. Just as they do right now, almost 4000 YEARS LATER. The Military Tactic's Used in 70 ad. just go to show you The IDF has True Ancient Roots. But eurotrash like you are Very narrow minded, you would be expected to understand!!! Shabat Shalom
5. Very interesting article BUT I take offense using BC not BCE
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (10.28.11)
Jews do not believe in human divinity. We were persecuted for some 2,000 years and forced into Christian conversions and burned in Auto de Fe in Europe, subjected to Pope-inspired inquisitions and Crusade-massacres, etc., because we do not believe Jesus is or was divine or G-d, or a "Christ" in any way. So for respect for Jewish values and justifiable sensitivities, the term BCE (Before Common Era), should be used, as opposed to BC (Before Christ). There is an excellent book entitled, '26 Reasons Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus', which supports Jewish reasoning.
6. @1
Ber ,   Yahud   (10.28.11)
I've been in sone of the caves they r amazing. As for your comments they reveal the revulsion and disrespect that the left in europe and else where have to ancient Jewish culture and the Jewish ppl's Gd given right to live here, which is more than we can say a out European history given current demographic trends. Haves nice life bc ur grand children won't :) shabbat shalom.
7. #1The joke's your reaction to this article, eporue
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (10.28.11)
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