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Netanyahu 'kills' ex-PM Sharon
Published: 05.09.11, 23:02
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1. Let Sharon die in peace...
mark ,   ca   (09.05.11)
and not to stay in twilight zone.
2. i hope, arial sharon is getting better, that he is cared for
eporue ,   europe   (09.05.11)
with love, and that one day - maybe some new medical development - will help him to communicate again... i hope, bibi pisses off in peace...
3. sharon
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (09.05.11)
Sharon, the real Sharon died a long time ago. The day Sharon became Prime Minister, Sharon the greatest military tactician in modern times, died. Give the current Prime Minister a break.
4. I sincerly wish Sharon a full recovery, so we can try him
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.05.11)
for his crimes against his own People. In the meantime Netanyahu is "right" in making such a slip of tongue: as for now "Arik" is just a living corpse.
5. If Netanyahu gives away land he will be in same state.......
What goes around ,   comes around   (09.05.11)
or worse.
6. sharon died with the gaza expulsion of jews
pj ,   usa   (09.05.11)
7. oh for pete's sake Ynet
nva ,   jerusalem   (09.06.11)
,,,are you having a slow news day? certainly there is plenty of stuff to cover rather than this...and so what? Your headline a bit ridiculous...
8. Wonder where Yishai stole the money from
Haim ,   TA   (09.06.11)
9. Sharon made the big mistake to take Jews out of Gaza
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Israel   (09.06.11)
..and that provoked is death,unfortunately... With the Migron outspot and many west bank families house taken down,Netaniahu risk the some end..unfortunately...
10. Sharon should have been allowed to RIP long ago
zionist forever   (09.06.11)
The man is a vegetable, he has no chance at all of making any kind of recovery. Sharon's body can be kept alive by machines for another twenty years but Sharon himself is as good as dead and its time to try and find a legal way to let them switch off the machines then he can be buried and be remembered as a national hero. As a soldier he was a legend and gave his best years to his country. As a politician he wasn't so great but he took gambles some paid off. others like Gaza didn't, he does though deserve to be buried and remembered as a hero. As for Bibi's little comment, considering Sharon is a vegetable and without the machines he would die physically I think its a pretty easy slip of the tongue so lets not make to much of this.
11. Shamir and Sharon had the best goverment in the late 80s
Dan Kelso   (09.06.11)
When Shamir was PM, thats when Israel was at its best. Since Shamir left, i hear he has dementia, Israels leaders have become all left wing.
12. What about Begin?
Baruch ,   Marin County, CA USA   (09.06.11)
Arik may well have been the producer of the Eretz Yisrael hashlemah movement. However, without a doubt it was Menachem Begin, alav ha shalom, who was the director of it. If anybody deserves to be remembered, it's gotta be Begin. I loved that man. Still do.
13. Sharon was taken to his home in the Negev and then returned
to Sheba Medical Center, is what I have read on YNET without anything to negate that.
14. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Sam   (09.06.11)
fitting fate for a habitual liar
15. Netanyahu is right...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.06.11)
Sharon is costing the state a fortune. The state is in an economic crisis with social unrest everywhere. Keeping Sharon alive is costly and the money could be better used elsewhere...
16. Faux Pas by Netanyahu
Spencer ,   Israel   (09.06.11)
This was an obvious genuine mistake by our Prime Minister so why make a big thing about it. As for the comments of Tom (#4), how much lower can you go. You're a real low-life.
17. Is this an omen
AGM ,   Benin City Nigeria   (09.06.11)
Its seems the old man might die soon, i wish him long life too
18. fulvic will be good for him
Benjamin ,   Asia   (09.07.11)
we've had cases of people being revived from coma with fulvic supplements.
19. He will live for now
Theodore ,   Athens, Greece   (09.15.11)
I think there is a prophecy from the late 108 years old rabbi that said that the Messiah willcome shortly after Sharon dies...
20. Let Sharon rest
dragonbayne ,   morrilton, U.S.A.   (10.14.11)
The man is practically already dead. The human body was never meant to live in just machines. People in comas will eventually die on their own because their hearts and other organs will fail. Once you have a stroke you are done or not long for the world, thats just how it is.
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