VeriFone Israel: We can't give up on Turkey
Meir Orbach, Calcalist
Published: 06.09.11, 09:06
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1. Better!
DrDave ,   NY USA   (09.06.11)
Better to be RICH than free!
2. Trade with Turkey
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.06.11)
Apparently you Zionist government and business folks didn't get the message. It's all over. You've been completely dumped. And by this time next year, almost the whole world will have ended all relations with you and instituted solid boycotts.
3. Transfer your business to another land,
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (09.06.11)
where you can do business more freely and leave us alone.We want to be a free nation not slaves to money , kapis?
4. Do not bow to Erdogan
Emeka ,   Nigeria   (09.06.11)
I am really dissapointed by what these men are saying on the crisis rocking the relationship between Isreal and Turkey. This not because of my support for Israel on the events that culminated into all this but, Finds it hard to understand why a country could be under great threat as this and some people will be talking making and loosing money so loudly without shame. to hear these men talking of their money money money, everything money makes one sick. Turkey does not want nor like Israel not because of the Palestinians but because of the fundamentalist nature of Erdogan. Mr. Fischer and Yanai, does mean that without Turkish busuness Israel will come to ruin? no and no. And everyone need to also understand that Erdogan works not for the good of his people nor even the moslem world or else he would not have been murdering his own countrymen and fellow muslims the Kurds as if they are no humans. he is only a bully seeking for self-glory and not that of the good people of Turkey. he must be stopped by not yielding to his abnormal thirst for praises. may God save and help the Kurds as the world has abandoned them.
5. yanay only makes two mistakes:
dante ,   uk   (09.07.11)
yanay makes only two errors but these errors render irrelevant everything else that he has said. the errors are: 1. it is not a dispute over a "foolish" issue: the issue of culpability for the violence that resulted from the attacks on Israeli soldiers attempting to enforce a lawful blockade is not a foolish issue. 2. the dispute over the flotilla is NOT the cause of tensions between Israel and turkey. THOSE TENSIONS HAVE ARISEN SOLELY AS A RESULT OF A DECISION MADE BY erdo. EVEN IF ISRAEL COMPLETELY AND ABJECTLY ABASED ITSELF before the wouldbe sultan, that little man would find another subject for dispute. yanay, don't you understand anything? DON'T BE STUPID.
6. graczek
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (09.07.11)
Dream on graczek! By this time next year there is a better chance of a new smarter Government n Turkey than even a reduction in our trade. I do have to admit though, that you do type really well for a guy wearing bedsheets and a hood.
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